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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Butterick 5649 Eggshell Corduroy Skirt & Pattern Storage

One more Butterick 5649 skirt.  This version is with an eggshell colored corduroy fabric.  I finally fixed the pocket pattern, then had to remove 5/8" from the waist side seams.  It's an easy sew and I really like this version of the skirt.

Butterick 5649 Eggshell corduroy Skirt

Live Model
I store my patterns in these 6 drawers.  All 746 of them.

I have them sorted by by knits and wovens, then by catagory of  dresses, wardrobe, shirts, skirts, misc.  They are then farther sorted by maker and numerical.  Sounds like a lot but I have to keep all these patterns as organized as possible.

Pattern Storage

Lots of patterns

Can you ever have too many?
Until next time........................


Monday, January 28, 2019

TNT Princess Seam Dress Houndstooth & Black

At Church there is the sweetest 8 year old girl whom I share a Birthday with.  We are always daydreaming of donuts for our shared Birthday.  Well, a few weeks ago she wore a dress to Church and I realized I have the same fabric in my stash.  So we decided that I would make myself a dress and we would wear them on the same day.

After making my TNT Simplicity 7106 Princess seam dress up it was too big in the bust, waist and hips.  I worked on the fit and when I tried it on, it fit the waist and hips but was a little too tight in my chest area.  So I talked Girl M into trying the dress on and it fit her pretty good, it just needed a little taking in at the back waist area.

S7106 Roses Houndstooth Dress
 So now my matching idea was a little out the window until I thought I had some double knit fabric with just plain hounds-tooth design.  So the second go-around I made myself a dress that fit much better and now the three of us have matching dresses!

S7106 Houndstooth & Black Dress

Side View

Back View

$8.00 Dress

Until next time................


Friday, January 25, 2019

Gala Event & Sunday Photos

Dear Hubby and I attended a Gala last Friday night.  It was a last minute invite (as usual) and we were told about it the Tuesday prior.  On Wednesday we were informed it was cocktail attire.  On Thursday we were told it was cocktail/evening wear attire.  Then on Friday we were told the event had a masquerade theme.

I'm so happy I love dressing up for Church.  Having something to wear on hand for a last minute event sure relieves a lot of stress.  I knew from the beginning that I wanted to wear my silver & white McCall 5668 jacket with a simple black dress.

They took a formal photo but I'm unsure how long and if we will receive the photo so all I have at this time is a selfie.  I didn't like the mask since I had to choose either mask or my glasses.  I'm blind so my glasses won most of the night.

Mask & Hair Matching?

I am happy I got to wear the jacket again and that I was very comfortable.  Win-win for me!

Dear Hubby and I usually take a selfie every Sunday or at least have Girl M. take the photo for us.  I do it to send my Mom a picture every week and to remember what I've worn to Church.

I finally got a chance to wear my McCall 5668 gray tweed jacket with a McCall 6074 in a fuchsia ITY knit fabric that I don't think I blogged about since I made so many I probably didn't think you wanted to hear about another one.  But after cleaning out my closet I found the dress and thought it was perfect match with the jacket.

McCall 5668 Gray jacket/McCall 6074 Dress

On Sunday mornings, I lay my dress out on the bed while I'm getting ready and Dear Hubby does a pretty good job of matching his shirt with whatever I'm wearing.  He's good like that!

Sunday Selfie
I'm off to sew something...................

Until next time................


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Butterick 5649 Black Denim Twill Skirt & Lighting

I made another version of the Butterick 5649.  The fabric was purchased back in December.  Twice.  That's when you know you order too often, when you order the same fabric two times.  The fabric didn't have any stretch so I did not make any adjustments to the pattern like the lavender version except I did make the two additional back waist darts.

Butterick 5649 Black Denim Twill Skirt

Back View

$4.99 Denim Skirt
It seems that my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be and when I sew I have to have ALL the lights on.  I saw a YouTube video that someone mentioned these little LED lights for your sewing machine and I thought why not.   They are the BEST!!

Industrial Sewing Machine 30 LED Magnetic Flexible Mounting Light Lamp US

Light on my Brother

Light on my serger

Light on my "New" Toy
I've been practicing on my "new" Brother industrial machine and I'm feeling better about using it.  I'm trying to figure out how to change the stitch length.  We finally got the knob on the right front of the machine loosened and there is no stitch length change no matter what I change the dial to.  I've been researching it but have yet to find anything.

Until next time..................


Monday, January 21, 2019

New Addition to The Family

I bought a Brother industrial sewing machine!  I have wanted one for a while and after finding one on Facebook Marketplace I found one for $300.  The gentleman selling it said it was his late Mother's who was a professional seamstress.  He also included 12 presser-feet, a gallon of oil, a box of miscellaneous sewing notions and TWO boxes of patterns!  Now that was a deal!

Brother Industrial Sewing Machine DB2-B781-4

Isn't she a Beauty!

Additional Feet
I didn't take any photos of the patterns but it was so amazing that I loved EVERYONE of them and they were all my size or really close.  There were at few patterns from the 60's but most of them were from the late 90's early 2000's. 

I'm learning my new machine and had to order the upper pre-tension assembly.  I can still play with it and I'm learning how sensitive the foot pedal is.  I am unable to find the exact owner's manual online but I've found two that were pretty close. 

I'm off to play with my "new" toy......................

Until next time..............


Friday, January 18, 2019

Butterick 5649 Lavender Stretch Denim Skirt

Trying a different pattern with the start of the "New Year".  I thought the Butterick 5649 would be a good start in a denim/twill fabric.

I used 2 yards of lavender stretch bottom weight fabric.  It could be denim?  Since I had 7+ yards of it I had plenty to muslin the Butterick 5649 skirt pattern with. I'm making View "C".  I'm also liking view A & B but I'm worried since I'm hippy that the buttons will pull when I sit.  I'll have to think about these versions.

Butterick 5649
I added to both the waist and hips for my measurements and tried on the skirt before adding the waistband.  The skirt was HUGE!  It could have been from the stretch of the fabric.  After making two additional 1" darts in the back, taking an addition 5/8" from the center back seam, and 5/8" from the side seams the skirt fit is much better.

Side View
 I'm trying to learn to use my tripod for "real" photos in place of my usual dress form photos.

Front View

With a Top

I've made this skirt years ago.  I didn't remember the pockets.  They are nice and deep and lay flat.  The front fly and zipper sewed up nice.  I did shortened the skirt 3" and made a nice 1" hem instead of the 5/8" suggested.

After wearing the skirt I really like the fit.  The skirt didn't ride up or twist during the day.  I loved the pocket depth and I am thinking of making another version.

I found two pieces of jersey knit fabric that coordinated with the lavender.  A simple raglan sleeve shirt, short sleeve, basic.
Simplicity 7122 Top
Sewing is slow since I've been doing a little New Year's organization and clean-up of the sewing room.

Until next time.......................


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

2018 Sewing Recap & 2019 My Make 9

I'm not much of a Quilter but I love these:

Every year I love to look at other Bloggers year in review and sewing recaps.  I always say I'm going to do my own but never get to it.  This year I took a few hours to look back and chart items I made.  Most pattern muslin are not posted about unless there is something major that I needed help with.

This is soooo me!

For 2018 I made 116 items not including muslins, slips and slip-shorts.  (I usually left them out since skin was sometimes exposed!)

I made 31 items for Girl M.
  •   1 Coat
  • 24 Dresses
  • 2 skirts
  • 3 tops
  • 1 Vest
I made Boy AJ  7 Dress Shirts

For Myself 78 items:
  • 12 skirts
  • 1 vest
  • 23 tops
  • 3 jackets
  • 38 dresses
  • 1 Cape
More me!

Common sense people!

I'm intrigued by the Make-9 challenge.  I do have things I would like to work on in the upcoming year, not necessarily specific patterns but more toward techniques or items in general.

  1. Woven Tops
  2. Woven Dresses
  3. Enter into a Sewing Challenge
  4. Shirts with Snaps
  5. Covered Buttons
  6. Welt Pockets/Buttonholes
  7. Jeans for Girl M.
  8. Handbag
  9. Waistband with facings (probably on woven skirts)
I don't do Instagram so I don't understand all the # and stuff but this can be my own 2019 sewing challenge to myself.  

I have about 99% of these already!  LOL!

Happy Sewing...........until next time...................


Monday, January 14, 2019

McCall's 5668 Silver & White Metallic Floral Jacquard Jacket

Have you ever had a fabric & pattern that were meant to go together?  This silver & white jacquard fabric was destined to be a New Year's Eve Eve Church service Jacket.

While making the jacket I had the off-white double knit dress on the dress form and it seemed to be a perfect match to wear together!  My original plan was to wear the jacket with a black dress.  Maybe if we have an event to attend.

I used the McCall 5668 jacket pattern that has recently become a TNT favorite pattern that sewed up quickly.  I put new needles in both the serger and the sewing machine to make sure the needles didn't snag the silver metallic part of the fabric.

McCall 5668 Jacket

Fabric close-up

Back View
I made sure while pressing the fabric I used a pressing cloth to not melt the fabric.  My wooden clapper came in handy when pressing the seams flat. 

$17.00 fabric

$1.00 lining

 The pattern changes I made on this version were to make the ties narrower and longer and to lower the armhole 1/2" so that the sleeve cap didn't have too much ease.

$18.00 Jacket
I made this jacket just for New Year's eve eve Church Service.  Well, it was 80 degrees that morning!  The jacket was perfect in Church but from the house to the car it was hot!  Happy New Year in Florida!

Quick photo before Church
Until next time......................


Friday, January 11, 2019

Simplicity 7106 Off-White Textured Double Knit Princess Seam Dress

I wanted an off-white/ivory colored dress to go with a few of my cardigans and jackets for Church.  I loved the texture of this double knit fabric.  2-1/2 yards was enough to allow for elbow length sleeves on this version of my TNT pattern.

I am starting to have to take in 1/2" extra from the shoulder to above the apex in both the front and the back.  Must be loosing some weight in those areas.

S7106 Princess Seam Double Knit Dress

Textured Double Knit

Back View
Even though this needs Spanx under the dress, I love it.

$13.00 Dress
Until next time..............


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Simplicity 7106 Cherry Red Ponte Knit Princess Seam Sheath Dress

During the Christmas holiday I wore my green version of the TNT Simplicity 7106 Princess Seam Sheath Dress to Church and it reminded me of  how much I LOVE the fit and look of this dress.  Not too tight, not too loose, fits in all the right places and goes with so many cardigan & jackets in my closet.  What's not to love?

After purging my closet I noticed I did not own anything red.  Nothing, not a shirt, blouse, cardigan, nothing.  I remedied that by making my favorite Simplicity 7106 dress in a Cherry Red ponte knit.  Not only can I wear the dress for Christmas, but also Valentine's Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, etc.  I think this dress will be a wardrobe staple too.

Simplicity 7106 Cherry Red Ponte Knit Princess Seam Sheath Dress 

Bob Mackie Sweater Cardigan

Black Pearl Quacker Factory Sweater Cardigan


Black Gray Polka Dot Sweater

Short sleeve sweater

Gray Black Leopard Print Sweater

McCall 5668 Black Boucle Jacket

$5.98 Dress

I sewed this dress before January so I am not counting this towards my fabric stash use.  This was the last item sewed in 2018.  Now my countdown fabric stash can begin!

Simplicity 7106 Cherry Red Ponte Knit Princess Seam Sheath Dress
Sunday Church Service

Thought of the Day

I purchased some beautiful pieces of Silk Dupioni fabric from Fabric Mart Fabrics last month  and thought I would make them into the McCall 5668 Jacket.  The fabric is thinner than I though but I think if I interfaced the pieces it may work.

I've never worked with Silk Dupioni so I will have to do a little research on how to handle it, ei., wash, dry clean, press, and treat.

Do you have any tips or tricks?

Until next time.........................