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Thursday, August 27, 2015

"BIG" TO ME NEWS.................I'M MOVING...........MY SEWING ROOM!

Our oldest son has bought a house and has moved out.  I should be crying and sad but I'm NOT!  I'm  happy for him buying his first house at 22 years old.  It's a beautiful home.  The reason I'm not sad is because I am moving my sewing into a REAL room!!!!!!

Dear Daughter is moving into the oldest son's room and I'll be moving into dear daughter's room.  It's not a big room but it's 9' x 14' of pure loveliness! Two windows, French doors, a closet, my own mirror, and a ceiling fan!

Sewing Room Before

Sewing Room Before

Sewing Room Before

I have always wanted my own sewing room, but my space in the dining room has worked for a long time.  I'm going to miss being in my little corner between the kitchen, front door, and dining room.  But with my own room I won't have to clean up to eat dinner.

Dear Hubby has had to listen to me ramble on about my new sewing room for the past few weeks. Really the past 10 years!  I value his opinion since he can see things from the practical side, while I just want to sew, organize, look at my fabrics & patterns and sew some more.

I'm in need of storage ideas for my small pattern collection.  I have about 200 patterns.  They are currently being housed in a 4' tall  5-drawer dresser.  But I don't have room for the dresser in the new area.  Maybe a two filing cabinets, or some type of system for in the closet.....?

Stuffed FULL of Sewing Patterns
I'm planning on painting the lamps I bought at the thrift store.  Maybe a glossy white or a bright red.  Keeping everything in the color scheme with my Joel Dewberry Sparrows fabric.

Dear Hubby made an extension to my sewing table since I lost a side of the table having to have it up against the wall.  I am giddy with excitement having all three machines in a row.  No more getting up and moving to the other side to serge!

I was able to get all 10 boxes of fabric out of my bedroom!  8 of them were knit fabrics.  The ITY knit was a booger to try to fold so I just rolled them.  It looks like I could do some knit shopping!

The top row is Ponte Knits, second row is ITY knits, third row is Jersey knits and the bottom is a mixture of double, bathing suit, terry and miscellaneous knits along with a basketful of lace & mesh netting fabrics. 

Knit Fabric Storage

Woven Fabrics
 I have an area now for my "other" job and a little peak into the closet.  I stored the other three boxes of thrift store bed sheets I use for muslins on the left and my patterns fit for me hang on skirt/short/pant hangers on the right.  Craft supplies stored on the shelves above. 

The French door on the right is the opposite side of where I always take my photos from.  I just moved to the other side!

I plan on removing the paper on the door windows one day.  I decoupaged tissue paper with school glue and water to give Dear Daughter some privacy.  I hope it comes off!

I know this isn't sewing but it was exciting news to me!

Until next time..................


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fall Sewing # 5 McCall's 6844 Cardigan in Pink Black Pearls Chain & Leopard Print ITY Knit

Another McCall's 6844 cardigan!  I love the print of this fabric.  I can see wearing this cardigan with a black dress, my raspberry matte ITY knit drape neck dress, a camel colored dress,  a white dress, I can go on and on and on!

Pink Pearls Chain Leopard Print ITY Knit Fabric

I made view C with the peplum style bottom.  I serged all the seams, added clear elastic to the shoulder seams, Steam-A-Seam 2 to the bottom hem and the sleeve hem & used a walking foot on my machine.  I could have finished the cardigan in about 2 hours if life didn't get in the way!

McCall 6844 Pink Pearls Chain Leopard Print ITY Knit Cardigan

McCall 6844-Side View

McCall 6844-Back View

McCall 6844-Front View

McCall 6844 Sleeve

McCall 6844-Collar View

McCall 6844 Pink Pearls Chain Leopard Print ITY Knit Cardigan
I liked this version so much I had to wear it to Church.  I wore it with a black tank and skirt and a leopard beaded necklace.  It's so comfortable and easy to dress up or down.  A great addition!

McCall 6844 Cardigan Black Pink Pearls Chains Animal ITY Knit

You can't go wrong with this pattern.  It's so easy to sew up.
Not too bad for a cardigan for $7.00!

Fall Sewing:

Sewn So Far:
  • Drape neck tank top in midnight blue ITY knit.
  • Regular tank with neck/arm band in midnight blue ITY knit
  • M6844 Cardigan Fuschia Abstract Wavy Stripe ITY Knit
  • M6844 Cardigan Pink Black Chains Pearls Animal ITY Knit 
  • Drape neck dress in Raspberry matte ITY knit
  • Nightgown in blue rose bouquet cotton sheets
Still Want to Sew:
  • Sweater Wrap Top
  • Denim Skirt
  • Sleeveless Button Down Top
  • Princess Seam Sheath Dress
  • Stripe Vest
  • 3/4 sleeve Maxi Dress-Solid Color
  • Something with fringe
  • Red dress with Animal Print Cardigan
I have some "BIG to ME" news coming up.................

Until next time..................


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fall Sewing #4 McCall's 6844 Fuschia Abstract Wavy Stripes ITY Knit Cardigan

The McCall's 6844 cardigan was just as easy to sew up as the last two times.  It's a favorite go-to pattern.  I decided to have the waves go horizontally to trick the eye into making me look taller & thinner.....Ha! Ha!.  I need all the help I can get.

McCall's 6844 Fuschia Abstract Wavy Stripes ITY Knit Cardigan-Back View

McCall's 6844 Fuschia Abstract Wavy Stripes ITY Knit Cardigan
 I did serge all the seams.  I've always stitched  on the machine first with a 4.0 length to make sure that all my seams are smooth, no little darts or tucks.  Then I serge.  I know it's two steps but it's helpful, especially when sewing the sleeves.

McCall's 6844 Cardigan with Drape Neck Dress

McCall's 6844 Cardigan with Drape Neck Dress
 I increased the width of the neckband by 3" for a total width of 8".  I like that it gives a little more of a shawl type.  I also didn't interface the neckband pieces.  You can't see the band since the fabric print is so busy.

McCall's 6844 Cardigan with Drape Neck Dress

I didn't have the original tag from the fabric purchase in May 2014 so I had to look it up from www.Fabricmartfabrics.com 's website.  It's a great thing except when I see what I spent over the years! YEOWZER!  I'm not telling my dear, sweet, hubby!

CSA0154ET Fuschia/Taupe/Multi Abstract Wavy Stripes ITY Knit 58W $3.89   2.00 $7.78

Easy & Fast to sew up.  I do love this pattern!

Fall Sewing:

Sewn So Far:
  • Drape neck tank top in midnight blue ITY knit.
  • Regular tank with neck/arm band in midnight blue ITY knit
  • M6844 Cardigan Fuschia Abstract Wavy Stripe ITY Knit
  • Drape neck dress in Raspberry matte ITY knit
  • Nightgown in blue rose bouquet cotton sheets
Still Want to Sew:
  • Sweater Wrap Top
  • Denim Skirt
  • Sleeveless Button Down Top
  • Princess Seam Sheath Dress
  • Stripe Vest
  • 3/4 sleeve Maxi Dress-Solid Color
  • Something with fringe
  • Red dress with Animal Print Cardigan
I can't wait for cooler weather here in Florida.  It's soooooooooo hot!  Too hot to go outside to do yard work so I stay inside and sew!

Until next time..........................


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thrift Shop Finds!

Last week Dear Hubby took me to a few thrift shops on our way out to lunch. I came home with an armful of sewing patterns, two yards of a sweater knit, two lamps and a handful of sewing notions from Hobby Lobby that were 1/2 price!

Thrift shop finds!
 Two of these patterns I bought from Hobby Lobby for $.99 each, the rest were just $.25 each.  What a find!  I really needed more patterns since a few hundred isn't enough!

Thrift shop-pattern finds

Half price notions from Hobby Lobby

2 yards sweater knit fabric

Lamps-Need some paint!

I am going to repaint the pink lamps.  Not sure pink is my color!  They came with shades too but I put them away so I wouldn't damage them.

I'm working on more McCall's 6488 cardigans to match my raspberry drape neck dress.  I'll post soon on these.  My camera kills batteries like crazy.  I would just use my phone but, Oh yeah, I don't have one!  I'm going to buy batteries!

On the last episode of Project Runway I would have had a heart attack if I had to use greeting cards to make a dress!  I do not do paper: no card making, no scrapbooking, no paper cutting for me!  I've tried, I don't like it!

So glad Ashely has immunity!  Not feeling her cape.
Drama between Blake & Swapnil is not necessary.  I want design not drama!
David's design is CONSTIPATED!  Too funny Tim!

My Favorites this week was a tie between:
Edmond's wedding dress, just Beautiful! (Congratulations on being the Winner!)
Swapnil's dots, stripes and 3-D flower dress was Cute

My worse pick:
David's hoodie jacket with words on it.  I don't think he used enough of the card elements.

Kelly's funny little outtake about fanny packs cracked me up!  I still don't think it's a trend that going to catch on again.

I can't wait until next week's episode of Project Runway!

Until next time..............


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fall Sewing #3 Raspberry Matte ITY Knit Drape Neck Dress

Searching through boxes of knit fabric I found this beautiful raspberry matte ITY knit I purchased from www.fabricmartfabrics.com .  I also found three print ITY knits that will be perfect for cardigans to match. 

Boxes of Knit Fabrics

Box Jersey Knit Fabrics

Box Solid Knit Fabrics

Box Print Knit Fabrics

Box Miscellaneous Knit Fabrics
I am hoping to get all my beautiful knit fabrics out of boxes and onto shelving one day soon.  I can't see it all in boxes on the floor!
Raspberry Knit Fabric Wardrobe Choices
I love the top three knits to make cardigans.  The print on the bottom right didn't make the cut this time. Maybe next time!
There wasn't enough fabric to make both maxi length and sleeves so I opted for midi-length and elbow length sleeves. Life if full of compromises!
I would consider this dress pattern a self drafted pattern but it's really a mix of my drape neck tank top and my usual knit dress skirt pattern.  I am in love with the dress so far. Elastic waist, blouson top with drape neck, swingy full midi-length knit skirt.  What's not to love!
Raspberry Matte ITY Knit Fabric
 The knit fabric cut smooth.  It's soft and draped beautifully, and didn't stretch while I cut it out.

Raspberry Drape neck

Bust dart

Raspberry Matte ITY Knit Drape Neck Midi Dress

Back View

 This dress was $9.75.  Not too bad for a basic type dress with a lot of possibilities to add to my wardrobe.

Neck View

Sleeve View
Raspberry Matte ITY Knit Drape Neck Dress

Fall Sewing List:

·        Drape neck tank tops (2 done)

1.     Midnight blue-sleeveless

·        Midnight blue tank top

·        Sweater wrap top

·        Cardigans

·        Denim Skirt

·        Sleeveless Button down shirt

·        Princess seam sheath dress

·        Liz Claiborne stripe vest

·        Solid color maxi dresses ¾ sleeve

1.     Raspberry Matte ITY knit-SS

·        Something with fringe

·        Nightgown with matching robe

1.     Blue rose bouquet-thrift sheet

·        Red dress with a leopard jacket/cardigan

I am thinking of purchasing a Teflon presser foot for my sewing machine.  I have read on other blogs that it's a great all purpose foot, especially on knits.  I have also used the walking foot in the past with a good outcome.

Any suggestions on presser feet for knits?

PS.  Dear Hubby is doing great! He's off for another week with me.  In 23 years we've never spent this much time together.  It's like a honeymoon!

Until next time............................


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Where do you get your inspiration?

My sewing inspirations range from one end of the spectrum to the other. My sewing blogs are one of my biggest inspirations.  All of my favorite blog ladies are very talented sewers and their versions of a pattern are beautiful.  Pattern Review is one of my favorites.  Once I see a pattern sewn up on a real size person, (not a model), it comes to life and I get inspired.

  One of my other favorite inspiration is QVC and HSN.  I don't buy too much from either, but I love seeing what's in season. Isaac Mizrahi's designs are very wearable.  I like that he incorporates florals into almost anything.  Cardigans, dresses, scarfs and shirts.  I love floral prints!  I am also a fan of Liz Claiborne New York.  Their designs are classic. 

Watching Peggy Sagers from Silhouette Patterns and Fit 2 Stitch on YouTube gives me a million ideas. I like that she will take a pattern a make a few different versions from it.   Since I only own two Silhouette patterns at this time, I'm a little limited.

Another inspiration are catalogs I receive in the mail.  My most favorite is Serengeti Catalog.  They have very wearable items!  When I look through their catalog I can see sewing up almost every item............There's so much eye candy in there! 

I find many items I like in Catalog Favorites.  They have a lot of accessory items in there, and funny t-shirts, but their dresses, paisley tops, crocheted cardigan and flowy cardigans get me every time.

I also get Roman's Catalog in the mail.  They have a lot of jeans, pant suits and work wear pants (which I do not wear at all) but I do love their ponte collection and their sheath style dresses are very pretty.

Once in a while one of the Big 4 pattern companies will send out their season's newest patterns and they will catch my eye.  This year's fall winner for me was from Butterick.  I have already posted my favorites from them here 2015 Fall Favorites.

Where do you get your inspiration for sewing from?

P.S.  Tonight is Project Runway!

P.S.S. So glad I'm all done sewing the culottes.  I'm a greedy sewer and I want to sew ME something!

Until next time...................