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Monday, January 27, 2020

McCall 7975 Twist Front Knit Top

This is the first pattern out of the package that fit me on the first sew!  Unbelievable it was a little big! This wearable muslin I sewed in a tan/cream mystery knit from a Fabric Mart Fabrics fashion bundle.  It's maybe a sweatshirt knit, not really sure but Girl M loved both the color and the fit so I've lost this top already!

McCall 7975

McCall 7975

Back View



Girl M. is requesting a black version.  How could I say no?

Happy Sewing!

Until next time.......................


Friday, January 24, 2020

Butterick 5526 White Button Down Shirt

I have wanted a crisp white button down shirt in my wardrobe for years.  I finally made time to make one.  I made a muslin first from a tan printed cotton fabric.  I used Butterick 5526 View D.

Butterick 5526

Butterick 5526

I cut a size 16 and ended up having to take in 1/4" from all the seam allowances.  I also made a sway back adjustment after making the muslin.


The sleeves seemed a little large so I trimmed them an additional 1/2" at the seam allowances.  Matching up to the pattern to the original, my sleeve size was less than a size 14!

Side View


Button Placement

Slee ve & Cuff

My final shirt was made from a white rayon/cotton/lycra stretch sateen suiting fabric from, of course, Fabric Mart Fabrics.  I like the stretch of the fabric and the thickness keeps modesty in check but the thickness also made sewing the collar very tricky!

Butterick 5526

Front Placket

Princess seams

Sleeve & Cuff

Back View

I am so happy to finally have a white button down shirt in my wardrobe but more that it fits!

Until next time..................


Monday, January 20, 2020

Pattern Interest: Angela Wolf's The Linda Tunic

I have had my eye on The Linda Tunic by Angela Wolf. 

Pattern Interest: Angela Wolf's The Linda Tunic

Reviews on Pattern Review are good and I think that this style works good on me.

Any suggestions?

Until next time...................


Friday, January 17, 2020

Dress Alteration: Jungle Green Ponte Knit

Last year for Easter I made this Jungle Green Ponte Knit Dress and I've worn it a few times since.  But it is way too big, especially the  hips.  Alterations are not my favorite sewing to do.  Most of the time I would rather just make another dress.

Dress Alteration: Jungle Green Ponte Knit

Back View

I lost my hips!
I basted new seams to get the fit correct before I serged all 9 seams!  Why so many seams Bonnie?

Seams basted
I had to remove 2" from the hip seam allowances.  That's 8"  total!  Wow!  From the waist up I removed 1/2" from all seam allowances.

Dress Alteration: Jungle Green Ponte Knit

Lots of seams
I shortened the dress by 1" to make it below the knee length.

Fit is much better

Side View
Overall I'm very happy with this dress alteration.  I love the color & the fit of the dress.  I do hope I'll get to wear a few more times before anymore alterations.

Final Fit
Until next time................


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Lunch & Thrift Store Finds

I had Lunch with my Mom & Girl M before she started back to school and I remembered to take a photo!

Mom & I

Three generations

Girl M & I stopped into a thrift store before having Lunch and found a few good items.  It's been a long time since I've been to a thrift store. I feel there was a larger selection of clothing size choices.  If I thought it might fit, I tried it on. 

I found these jeans that were a size 14!  I haven't worn a size 14 since about 1992!

Size 14!?!

Not my best side

The pleats caught my eye on this size 12 jacket!  I tried it on and it fit!

Pleated jacket

I found a hounds tooth jacket , size 14!

Houndstooth jacket

I love polka dots and this wide legged knit jumper is sooooooooooo cute!  The fit is perfect and I can't wait to wear it!

Polka Dot Jumpsuit

I also found this "date night dress".  Knit, crossover front.  It sucks in all the right places and makes me look curvy!

Date night dress

Back View

Crossover/wrap  front

I also found a floor standing Ottlite for $5!

I have to get ALL these patterns organized and entered into my computer.  I am a sucker for a pattern sale!

Pattern Sale finds
Until next time......................


Monday, January 13, 2020

Christmas 2019

I felt overwhelmed after the holidays and I'm just now getting the sewing room organized again and cleaning things up.  My family was very thoughtful with gifts this Christmas and I am so amazed at what I received that I don't know where to start.

Dear Hubby got the triple star award for giving me such a wonderful gift.  Him & Girl M didn't wrap the box, but put it in a huge garbage bag with a bow.  He drug the package through the kitchen acting like it weighed 100lbs!  I was curious!  The box was shaped like a vacuum cleaner, I hoped it wasn't!  Then I thought maybe it was a new sewing chair........nope, box was too small!  I was truly puzzled!

It was a size MEDIUM dress form!  My size?  I'm not a medium am I?

Medium Dress Form 

Large next to my new medium

Then Dear Hubby had Boy T & Lady K bring over a HUGE flat box for me.  It was heavy!  It looked like it could have been a new TV.  I didn't need a new TV.  Maybe it was more cubical shelving for fabrics.........but where would I put that.  Once again, I was puzzled.

It was a folding cutting table on wheels!  I used to have one but it was donated a few years ago because it became so unstable.  The screws just wouldn't tighten enough.  I didn't know I needed another one but Dear Hubby said he saw me cutting a large pattern out on the floor one day and thought another table would be helpful

How thoughtful! My aching bones thank him!

Folding table

I'm always curious WHY a gift.  What made the gift giver decide I would like the item.  Did I mention it, would it make my life easier?  Why?  I'm always appreciative, but just curious.

Girl M. and Boy AJ gave me a real tripod for my camera so I can try to take better photos.  Just what I wanted!  It had been in my Amazon  cart forever but I never hit buy!


Boy T. & Lady K gave me the cutest sign.


Boy F & Girl K gave me a vintage Simplicity tin, a camper ornament and devotional guide book for Women.

Vintage Simplicity Tin

My sweet niece gave me a mason jar pin cushion filled with the sewing related pins that you wear.  I can't wait to wear one or ALL of them to Church!

Mason Jar Pin cushion

Fashion Enamel Pins

My Mom gave me a pair of Kia scissors (I've never had a pair!).  They cut beautifully!  A Joann's gift card that I've already bought some patterns with on their Butterick Sale!  Some rotary cutter blades, which you can never have enough and a coffee cup that says "I have an oil for that"!  Too cute!

Oily Mug

I hope to get back to sewing soon.

Until next time!