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Monday, May 31, 2021

Love Notions Willow Wrap Dress

 I loved the Willow Wrap dress I made for Easter so I decided to use the bodice for another dress.  For the skirt I just used a rectangle larger than my waist and gathered it into the bodice.  I used my new favorite zig-zag over floss method and sewed up this dress in a little over an hour.

The fabric is a polyester jersey knit from FabricMartFabrics.com.  It's not the best quality but I love the print and the colors.

Our cucumbers are growing good!

Cucumber plants
The first cucumber of the season!

Happy Sewing!

Until next time........................


Friday, May 28, 2021

New Hair Do, Patriotic Dress & More

 I have been frustrated with my hair.  When it's straight people ask if I'm not feeling well.  And curling it every other day is a huge hassle.  So my wonderfully talented hairstylist said a perm would help give me body.  

It's been over 20 years since I've had a perm.  It hurt! Those curlers are torture!  But I love the outcome!  So worth it!  I hope that it will be easier to fix and keep up with.

On the Sewing Front:
  I made another Love Notions Summer Basics dress with a 3-tier skirt.  Something a little patriotic?  I guess I can wear it from Memorial Day thru July 4th?

Patriotic Dress

Back View

I have been wanting a solid black jersey knit dress for a while.  This version I just made a simple gathered skirt, no tiers.

Wardrobe staple

I'm making progress on the bathing suit, even though it's slow.  I had to order some poly laminate foam for the bra cups.  

Butterick 5795 Swimsuit

I have to put the swimsuit in time out..........again!

Swimsuit progress

Happy Sewing..........

Until next time.................


Monday, May 24, 2021

Love Notions Summer Basics Tiered Skirt Dress

 This may be my most favorite dress yet.  It's so comfortable and the skirt is swishy when you walk.  The only downside it that it's been very windy here in Florida and this skirt can catch some air!  LOL!

I made the Love Notions Summer Basics bodice with a 3-tier skirt.  I found using dental floss and a zig-zag stitch makes gathering so easy!  Doesn't this dress say "Summer"?

I used a cotton/lycra jersey knit fabric from my favorite FabricMartFabrics.com.  It only took 2 yards!

Summer Dress

3 tier skirt

Tank style bodice

Back View

Summer is almost here!

Happy Sewing!

Until next time..............


Friday, May 21, 2021

Designer Stitch Ariana Knit Dress

 I found a fabric more fitting for the Designer Stitch Ariana dress pattern.  The purple version was a double knit and it was recommended but it just was too stiff for my liking.  I found a puff print ITY knit fabric that had a little more drape and it turned out lovely!

With the print being so busy you can't see the waistband.  But the fit is much better with a B cup.

Sunday selfies are quick on the way to the car but I love them!

Sunday Selfie 5/16/2021

I had an extra minute so I asked Dear Hubby to take a few quick photos of the full length of the dress.  I give this patter an A+!  It was so comfortable.

Back View

I may eventually make another version with the skirt ruffle but I really want to make some tiered skirt dresses for our upcoming Beach trip.

Until next time..............


Friday, May 14, 2021

Weekly Update: A little Bit of Sewing & A Lot of Pictures

 I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.  My kids really spoil me.  I am happy with a little handwritten card and a nice visit but they usually bring me a token of love and they are the best gift givers.  Our oldest son and Daughter in Law gave me a kitchen towel a beautiful necklace with a cross a coffee mug.  Boy F. and his sweet girlfriend gave me a Yeti cup & a jar of Giardiniera pickled cauliflower.  (I LOVE Pickles!) and Girl M & Boy AJ gave me a dozen beautiful roses & candy.  See....I told you they spoil me!

Sunday Selfie (Mother's Day) 5/9/2021


I'm putting this towel in our camper for travels in tight quarters!

On the sewing front:
I made a muslin of the Designer Stitch Ariana Dress.  It turned out nice but I had a few alterations to make.  I sewed up a size 6-D cup bodice grading to a size 8 waist and hips.  On a scale of 1-10 I give this muslin an 8.  I could wear it but I'm not a fan of solid dresses and the double knit fabric I chose is polyester.

Bust looks a little big

Looks better on my dressform!

Back View

Last year I made Little Lizard King Cannes dress and hacked the pattern with the Love Notion's Summer Basics tank top to make a knit tiered skirt.  I really like the fit of the dress and thought I needed more.  I did make two in solid colors trying to work getting more solids in my wardrobe.  I think these dresses will be in my weekly wearing rotation.  Cool & very comfortable.

Little Lizard King Cannes Dress

Magenta Jersey Knit

Midnight Charcoal Jersey knit

I got the tripod out to work on more photos

Hair grow out & actually fixed!

My poor fingernail.  It is only attached on one side by a very small piece.  I keep a band-aid on it most days to keep it safe.

Way less painful than it looks!

Scary nail

Boy T had a call about an alligator walking around a hotel parking lot.  He was a big one! 10' 2"!  

Boy T. kneeling in the back

Girl M. wanted to braid my hair..........almost long enough.  My hair is thick and from the front it looked like a mohawk!  LOL!

Braided hair

It's been very humid and hot here this week and Dear Hubby & I have been enjoying the pool!

View of pool

Maxx came for a visit and a swim!

Girl M & Maxx

Swimming will wear you out!

My nail has turned almost every color now!  Ewwww!

Cucumber plants

I'm thinking of trying to sew myself a swimsuit.  View D?  Measuring myself it looks like I am a size 18 at the bust and a size 22 at the waist/hips.  Talk about making you feel horrible!  I'll cut that size and we'll see how it fits.  I sure like PDF pattern sizing better! LOL! It's just a number, right??

Until next time...................


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

A GREAT BIG THANK-YOU! & Sewing Room Pictures

A GREAT BIG THANK-YOU to ALL my friends who sent words of encouragement & well wishes to  Dear Hubby for his pacemaker replacement.  The surgery went well and he is home, bored & ready to get into projects. He was up and walked a half mile the evening of his surgery.  He's my SuperMan!

Sunday Selfie 5/2/21 2 days Post surgery

Not a great photo because it was HOT and HUMID already before we left for Church.  My hair didn't hold a curl and we were almost late.  Some days are like that.

Love Notions Olympia Dress Maxi length So Comfy!

My sewing room was finally cleaned enough to take a few photos.  I love having a work room and a fabric room.  Now just to find time to get in here and sew!

Work room/dress forms & shelves

Work room/machines

A peak of the fabric room

The walk-thru has storage on both sides.  I love how organized it is.  

Walk-thru right side storage

Walk-Thru left side storage

This is what recovery/retirement looks like!  He bobbed in the pool for a bit on Monday after his surgery.  Really, he's bored!  But it's a great picture of him!


I hope to show something I've sewn soon.

Happy Sewing! & Thank you again.  My heart is FULL!