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Monday, February 29, 2016

Butterick 5778 & McCall's 5006

After a new Serengeti catalog came in the mail this past week I noticed one of the dress looked just like the Butterick 5778 dress I had made!  Just add a little cardigan and I could save myself about $65!

I used my Butterick 5778 pattern I had previously made a wearable muslin with and the McCall's 5006 cardigan pattern in View "E".

Inspirational Picture

Butterick 5778 Pattern

McCall's 5006 Cardigan Pattern
I am so happy with the way the dress turned out.  The black fabric was a dream to work with.  I used my serger and just used a rolled hem on the bottom.  The top of the dress fits perfect (thanks to that muslin last week) and the whole dress went together pretty fast.  I didn't add the ties at the waist to this version but I did remember to add the elastic.  I'm still not sure that it was even necessary.

Butterick 5778 Sleeveless Dress

Butterick 5778 Back View

Butterick 5778-Top Close-up

Butterick 5778-Rolled Hem View

Butterick 5778 & McCall's 5006
 The dress and cardigan took 1.5yards of the ITY knit and the bottom of the dress took 1.5 yards of the black knit. 

Butterick 5778 & McCall's 5006 Fabric Tag

Butterick 5778 Skirt Fabric Tag

$13.49 Butterick 5778 Dress!
  I've been spoiling myself sewing with knits lately and I know I need to use up a lot of my woven stash so I looked through my patterns and found these three dress patterns that have caught my eye.

The Simplicity 7963 looks very Springy and I like the green and the white version with the faux tie front look.  Not too sure of the yellow tie at the waist one though.

The Simplicity 5097 is my most favorite look.  I love all three versions.  The blue one has split sleeves!

The Simplicity 5845 is such a sweet sundress.  I really can't decide which one to sew up first. 

We're thinking of going to Busch Gardens next month for Dear Daughter's birthday, maybe the sundress would be a great choice!

Up Next!
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Friday, February 26, 2016

Butterick 5778

Keeping with my New Year's resolutions of sewing up "new to me" patterns, I thought that this Butterick 5778 looked like a nice dress.

I hesitated because of the raised waist of the dress.  I was afraid it would look too "maternity" for me. 

Butterick 5778

The pattern does NOT have the finished measurements on the pattern.  I had to measure the pieces out and grade accordingly.  I was surprised that I didn't need a large amount added for a full bust adjustment.  I used a 20 for the neck, shoulder and armholes and a size 24 for the skirt.  I also used my knit armhole template for the armholes and used my flutter sleeve pattern for this version.

My Personal Fitting Chart looks like jibber-jabber but it works for me and I've learned to use it for a good fit for me.

Personal Fitting Chart

I found 3 yards of a 1-way stretch fabric in my stash.  It must have been a given to me, I don't think I would have purchased this floral.....!

The patterns called for two-way stretch but I wasn't thinking too clear and I chose a one-way stretch fabric for this muslin.

Sometimes stretch confuses me but finding this definition helps:

One-way: stretch on the crossgrain, no recovery (no lycra)
Two way: stretch and recover on the crossgrain (contains lycra)
Four-way: Stretch and recover on both the crossgrain and lengthwise grains (contains lycra)

Dear Hubby said the floral print reminded him of Mama from the show Mama's Family!  I just need some knee highs rolled down and white shoes and my pearls!

Mama's Family

Thelma Harper

The directions were very easy and well explained.  The only mistake I made was when I attached the bodice to the skirt, I serged them together, I should have stitched them together so that you can add elastic to the waist seam allowance later.  It didn't effect the fit of the dress.  I will try using elastic in the waist for the next version.

Butterick 5778

Butterick 5778 Dress

Butterick 5778

Butterick 5778-Back View
Flutter sleeves were pretty.  It makes the dress have a kimono look to me.

Butterick 5778-Flutter Sleeve

Butterick 5778-Flutter Sleeve
The cowl is a little low for my liking but it gives me a great excuse to wear my new modesty panel I made.  I have a wearable muslin and a great pattern to work with.

Butterick 5778 Floral Dress

Overall, I really like this pattern.  I can see making it in a solid and even another print.  I love the fit and the high waist is very flattering on my shape.  I think a sleeveless for the summer and a straight sleeve for Church will be in the works soon!

Until next time.................


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Butterick 5416 Maroon Double Knit Knot Dress

After realizing that adding a lining to my previous dress made it too heavy, I decided to eliminate it.

This version went together pretty quick.  I was able to sew it up in an afternoon.  I had this maroon double knit fabric for over a year.  I wasn't sure it was something I would ever use.  But once I got to sewing with it, I LOVED IT!  It sewed like a charm and the floral texture was nice.

Butterick 5416 Maroon Double Knit Dress

Butterick 5416 Knit Knot Front Dress

Butterick 5416-Back view
The sides of the knot need sewn a little closer to the knot itself.  Easy fix.

Butterick 5416 Knot
Pretty good looking knot.

Butterick 5426 Knot-Fixed
$9.00 for this dress wasn't too bad.  Another fabric from my stash out too!

Butterick 5416 $9.00 Dress
I have got to unsubscribe to Fabric Mart.  All of their great deals is filling up my fabric bins and empting my pockets!

Knit Fabric Stash

Woven Fabric/Lace Stash

Fabric Stash

Darn you Fabric Mart, why do you have so many great sales?

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Butterick 5416 Orange Knit Knot Dress-Muslin

Ok, I promised I would try new patterns this year.  Well why not start out with a BIG challenge?

I purchased this pattern the first of the year.  I don't know why except that the waist knot intrigued me.  I can't find a review on Patternreview.com nor a blog that may have reviewed it. 

What was I thinking?

I'm going to just have to take it step by step.  Slow, methodical, step by step......

Butterick 5416
 Just to add a little more stress to a NEW pattern, this one is suggested for wovens.  I'm going to make it in a knit!

How wild am I?

Those are some wonky pattern pieces.

Butterick 5416 Pattern

Of course I had to add a little here and take a little away there.  But all in all it wasn't too bad.  I had to lay out the pattern pieces to visualize what pieces when where.

Butterick 5416 Pattern pieces

I like to use a drying rack to keep cut pieces sorted.  I used blue painters tape to let me know what side was the "right" side of the fabric.  Sometimes the tape stays stuck but most of the time it comes off!

Butterick 5416

I had to mark pieces with painter's tape to keep things straight.  It's coming together, slowly!

Butterick 5416 Orange Knit Dress

Starting to look more like a dress.  With the lining and the dress it is VERY heavy.  I may have to rethink the lining part.

Butterick 5416 Orange Knit Dress

I used fabric from my stash, I must have had it for a while.  Nothing I'm going to cry about if it doesn't work out.

Stash fabric used
Well, the dress turned out pretty good.  There are a few things I plan on doing differently.  I'm not sure if I will finished this version.  The dress is sooooo heavy!  It must weigh about 5lbs. 

Butterick 5416 Orange Knit Dress

The lining didn't stretch as much as the dress it's self so the fit is a little snug.  Definitely need some spanx! 

Butterick 5416 Orange Knit Dress

I really like the silhouette and the style of the dress.  I can't say if it's a favorite since I haven't worn it except to try it on and peel it back off.

Butterick 5416 Orange Knit Dress-Back View

 Oh, by the way, I met my Mother for lunch and stopped by a thrift store and look at these beauties I picked up for $.25 each.

Thrift store finds
Some things I plan on changing for the next version of the Butterick 5416 dress.
  1. Twill tape on shoulders instead of clear elastic
  2. Making the darts look a little better
  3. Serge more seams
  4. No lining
  5. Decide on neckline finish
I hope to get started on another version soon.
Until next time................

Friday, February 19, 2016

Grey Nick & Zoe Skirt & Nightgown

I know, I know another TNT pattern make.  But I like them.  They make me feel safe.

I've had this grey/blue twill fabric for a while and I've wanted a skirt.  I finally decided to make my favorite Silhouette Pattern Nick & Zoe Skirt.

The skirt goes together very easy,  there is a considerable amount of topstitching involved.  I just take a panel at a time and topstitch all of one section, then add the next section, topstitch, and so on.


I serged all my seams, ironed them the way they needed to lay, then topstitched.

Serging my seams

Serging more seams
I add 3/8" elastic with an invisible zipper.  I like the feel of this pattern.  Cool, comfy and easily can be dressed up or down.

Silhouette Pattern Nick & Zoe's Skirt

Topstitched panels

I have also been in need of new nightgowns.  Here in Florida it's always HOT & HUMID.  I had this mesh knit in my bin for a about a year.  I think it's just thin enough for sleepwear here.

I used my tank top TNT pattern.  I slit the neckline in 5 places, from the neckline to the waist.  Opening up the slit to 1" each.  I could either make them into pleats or I just gathered the neckline.

I lengthened the tank top to use up the whole length of fabric.  Mine ended up being 38" in length.

Mesh Knit Nightgown
Gathered neckline.

Mesh Knit Nightgown
This is the first time I have used fold over elastic FOA.  It sewed easily.  I then turned the elastic to the inside.  Using a zig-zag stitch to topstitch.

Mesh Knit Nightgown-Fold Over Elastic

Fold Over Elastic
I'm going to need a robe now!

Mesh Knit Nightgown-Back View
I'm going to have to look at Fabric Mart Fabrics for some more of this.

$4.80 Nightgown!
Until next time.............