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Friday, May 29, 2020

Butterick 6567 The "SAD" Dress

I was inspired by Following the Thread  to sew up the Butterick 6567 Dress.  Curves, pockets, kimono style sleeves, what's not to love? 
Butterick 6567

Line Drawing
Fabric suggestions were a pique.  Little did I realize it is different than pique knit.  Thanks Cheryl!  The pink pique knit was fine for a muslin though.  But I don't think it will be a wearable muslin.
I sewed up a size 18 and the dress ended up being quiet large on me.
Pique or Pique Knit?

Pink Pique Knit closeup
Nightgown? House dress? Around the pool dress?  Nope, donate pile!

Sad pink pique knit dress

Too big?
The pockets seemed way too low on my hips.

I think the curved seams at the sides to the lower hip pockets make the dress look sad. I'm also not a fan of that center front pleat at my belly button.  Uggh!

Sad, Sad, Sad
I did some altering of the pattern with suggestions from my Mom.  Hi MOM!  I made a sway back adjustment and removed length from the waist, helping to bring the pockets up a little more.  Much better but still not a fan.

A little better but still not happy

Kinda reminds me of a maid suit from The Help.

Maid's uniform?


I added a little lace trim to the neckline and pearl buttons in hoping I would like the dress more.  Nope!  Now I look like Thelma Harper from Momma's Family. 

Thelma Harper?

Back View

On the brighter side I loved the sleeve and the sleeve band.  Very nicely done & I think I will use this technique on other tops.

Sleeve band, my favorite part
The curve and pockets on this dress is very similar to Girl M's scrub top pattern Simplicity 1020.  I preferred the Simplicity directions for the pockets and side panels.


I did wear the dress one day but I just didn't care for it at all.  I've donated it to the thrift store in hopes that someone else would love it.

Maternity dress?

Back view

Side view


I know I can"t win them all but I can do better, I've put this pattern in the donate to a friend pile and I hope if she makes it up we'll still be friends!

Until next time................


Wednesday, May 27, 2020

PaperCut Pattern Palisades Shorts

I thought since Girl M liked the PaperCut Pattern Palisades pants that I should make her shorts.  Denim, simple & comfy.  She likes the black version better than the blue denim.  I think it's the topstitching but she said she'd wear them both.

PaperCut Pattern Palisades Black Stretch Denim Shorts

Back View


Side View

PaperCut Pattern Palisades Denim Shorts

Blue denim version:

PaperCut Pattern Palisades Blue Stretch Denim Shorts

Side View


If I had youthful legs like her I might wear shorts, but I'll stick with crop pants.

Until next time..............


Monday, May 25, 2020

McCall's 6473 Scrub Top

Another Scrub Top Pattern.  Girl M liked View C but with a straight hem.  She HATES asymmetrical hems.  Easy Fix!  I like the elastic at the waist in the back, eliminates having to make a sway back adjustment and helps to keep the scrubs from looking too boxy.
McCall 6473 Scrubs

McCall 6473 Scrub set
I cut a size 18 as usual and the fit was great on Girl M.  This is an easy sew but the neckband being woven gave me little trouble but I made it work after the 4th try!

The fabric was another piece from my stash and I also had this for close to 7 years also.  It was hard to photograph since it's so busy.  Girl M. loved the print and can wear it with either red or blue scrub pants.

McCall's 6473 Scrub Top
I love the back of this scrub top.

Back View

Close up of fabric print
Quick photo of her outfit before her early shift.  No head shot since her eyes were puffy.  4:30AM comes early!

McCall 6473 Scrub top

Back View
I wasn't going to let the neckband placket get the best of me.  I've come to realize there is more than one way to sew something up.  So I found a YouTube video on how to sew a V neckband in.  So much easier and it turned out BEAUTIFUL!

Beautiful V- neckband

Back View

McCall 6473 Scrub Top
On this version I used a Navy/White/Seafoam 100% Cotton Ogee Print Lawn from FabricMartFabrics.com.  Girl M. loved the print and received many compliments on her top.

I'm thinking it's time to sew something for myself.  Even though I don't go anywhere I like sewing for me!

Until next time.................


Friday, May 22, 2020

Simplicity 1020 Scrub Top

I never thought I would be making scrub tops, much less for Girl M.  New day=new challenge.

The reviews for the Simplicity 1020 scrub top were not great but I liked the style so I went ahead and gave the pattern a shot.  I cut out View C in a size 18 and sewed it up.  I liked that the pattern had princess seams and that the side panels were knit.  A little stretch helps makes uniforms more comfy.

Simplicity 1020 Scrub set

Simplicity 1020
I ran into a few issues with the scrub top.  First the hips were a little tight on Girl M.  I modified the top with a triangle panel at the sides and she asked to shorten the sleeve length.  They hit her almost to her elbows. 

I did like the knit neckband and it sewed in perfect.  The pockets can be a little wonky but I followed the directions and they worked out fine.  Girl M. likes this pocket style.  After all, this ended up being a wearable muslin and also goes with her red scrub pants she already had.

I used a piece of cotton fabric from my stash.  I think it was a free cut from a mystery bundle from FabricMartFabrics.com.  

Red Flame Print Simplicity 1020 Scrub Top
I surprised Girl M with a second version of the Simplicity 1020.  She could wear this one with red scrub pants or navy.  The fabric was gifted from my neighbor who passed away a few years back.  Girl M made a skirt from some of it and she said she thinks of her whenever she sees this fabric.

Floral Navy/Red Simplicity 1020 Scrub Top

Day 2 of Work

When I cut out the fabric for the back piece I ended up being 2" short.  I improvised and added a knit band to the back.  She thought it was genius and thought I did it on purpose!

Back View
Version #3 is Girl M's most favorite.  She likes the print and the fit is great too.  The fabric had been in my stash for probably 7 years so I'm happy to move it along to make room for new stuff.  I like sewing these scrub tops from woven to get rid of some older fabrics.

Simplicity 1020 Scrub Top
Girl M. asked that I not get her head in the photos since they were after work and she was tired after a 12 hour shift.  She's so sweet to let me get a quick set of photos so I can brag!

Day #3 of Work

Side View

Back View
I'm thinking of venturing to a different scrub top pattern,

Until next time................


Monday, May 18, 2020

Papercut Patterns Palisades Scrub Pants

Girl M has started her job at the local Nursing/Rehab home and needed additional scrubs.   She wanted more than the red scrubs set the High School gave her.  What's a Momma to do but whip some up?

First Day at Work
I saw someone review the PaperCut Patterns Palisades pants with the crossover pockets.  Too cute!  Why couldn't they be scrub pants?

Papercut Patterns Palisades Pants

Since it was a PDF pattern I knew I needed to make a muslin.  Well, I must say I was overjoyed with the outcome!  I chose a size XL for the trial run and some Halloween printed Robert Kaufman cotton fabric.  Girl M. loved the fit and those pockets!  The only alteration I had to make was to add 1-1/2" to the length.

This is an easy pattern to sew up and the directions are well written.  I LOVE these pants on her.  I didn't plan on finishing the Halloween pair but she said she would wear them in October.  Ok with me!

Halloween Muslin

Side View
Back View

Side View


Version #2 is from a Black Cotton/Lycra Stretch Poplin Shirting-Famous Dress Designer from FabricMartFabrics.com.  She's happy with the pants, I'm happy she's happy, we're all happy!

Black Palisades Scrub Pants

Side View

Version 3 is from a mystery dark blue stretch woven fabric from my stash.  She's still happy!

Dark Blue Palisades Scrub Pants
There is a version 4 in a sky blue cotton/polyester/spandex stretch shirting-Imported from Spain that I can't seem to get a photo of Girl M in.  She likes them too.

Win for both of us since there isn't a store open and I was unsure of ordering online because of the fit.

I'm asked to make scrub tops now.............

Until next time............