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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Simplicity 4003 Finished

The vintage Simplicity 4003 dress pattern came to me pre-cut!  I love that.  Cutting pattern pieces is one of my least favorite jobs to do.  A lot of vintage patterns have already been cut and that makes me smile a little more!
Vintage Simplicity 4003 dress pattern Plus Size sewplus.blogspot.com
I made view #3 with #2 sleeves.  The bodice fitting went pretty smoothly and I only had to make the muslin once.  The skirt was pretty easy too, I did end up shortening it by about 3".  It was about mid calf on me and I think below knee is the best for a summer fit.
sewing buttonhole Simplicity 4003 shirt dress sewplus.blogspot.com

Marking the buttonholes

sewing buttonhole Simplicity 4003 shirt dress sewplus.blogspot.com

 I had to get the manual out to re-read the instructions.  I didn't want to make a mistake.

 Finished buttonhole
Vintage Simplicity 4003 dress pattern top plus size sewplus.blogspot.com
Buttonholes all done.

Vintage Simplicity 4003 dress pattern top plus size sewplus.blogspot.com
 Bodice fitted and done
Vintage Simplicity 4003 dress pattern plus size sewplus.blogspot.com
Simplicity 4003 Finished.  I added a fabric tie belt.

I liked the cuffed sleeves and the button front, it does have a side zipper but I don't need to use it to get in and out of the dress.  Next time I won't waste the time to put one in.

Off to take the kids to an Elvis Festival!

Until next time.......


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just A Little Teaser.....

I have ironed all my pattern pieces for the Simplicity 4003.  I only had enough time last night to cut out the fabric and iron all the pieces nice and neat.  I had hoped to get to sewing today but it looks like kids, dogs to groomers, dinner, and laundry beat it all out.

I lost my job in January and it was a big adjustment time with feeling lost.  The kids were in school and hubby was on night shift so it was just me, at home, sitting on the sofa feeling lost for quiet a while.  Finally I got a routine down and started to do me things.

Before I lost my job I would have panic attacks when I took off work.  I had worked there for 13 years and financially I was able to cut back on my time and work part time.  But every minute I was away from work I would feel anxious, and nervous.  I had constant heartburn, and I finally told my doctor thinking I was having a heart attack.  I had sever anxiety.   She gave me a prescription and I did take it for a while but I didn't like the way it made me act, super chatty, scatter brained and so so tired.  I weaned myself off of the medicine and tried to stay busy on my days off.

I was sad to see my job go but now almost five months later..... I LOVE BEING A STAY HOME WIFE & MOTHER!  I do not know how I had time to do all the things I do in a day while I was working but I guess I managed.  I no longer have anxiety, or heartburn.  My kids are older, 19, 13 & 11 but I feel that I am closer than ever to them because when they get home, I'm here, I'm happy to see them, I not anxious, or tired or too busy.  I'm just here waiting for them to tell me about their day.

Sorry to get sidetracked and off of the sewing but I guess that was the PLUS of Sew PLUS!

Simplicity 4003 Shirt dress pattern Sheet fabric
 Paisley fabric for the Simplicity 4003 shirt dress.

Simplicity 4003 Shirt dress pattern cutting out fabric
 Cutting out pattern pieces.  I use larger washers for weights.  So much easier than pinning!

fabric storage organization sewplus.blogspot.com
This is my fabric storage.  I just recently re-organized it.  I tried to sort by color on the shelf and the bins have sheet sets in them.  One for pillowcases, One for misc. sheets, One for complete sets, etc.  It's funny how I look at this stack of fabric and I think I have nothing to sew with.  I love www.FabricMartFabrics.com and I'm always a sucker for a good sale but I try to use what I have for at least a muslin.

I love making clothing out of recycled sheets.  I feel that living in Florida and it's always so humid here, I like the feel of cotton on my skin.

I am hoping to get to the sewing machine some time tonight.

Until next time.....


Monday, April 22, 2013

Simplicity 1797 &A Delightful Interruption!

I made a muslin of the Simplicity 1797 after adjusting the pattern to my fluffy size.  I did pretty good this time around.  I'm really getting the hang of it now.  I know that there are some things that pattern fitting just can't do but I have really gotten good at bodice fitting for a full bust.

Simplicity 1797 Dress Pattern
 Simplicity 1797

Simplicity 1797 Dress cutting pattern fabricmart.com floral print
 Green floral cotton broadcloth from Fabric Mart.

I'm a mess.  Boy F took my picture without me knowing.  I don't like it but I am busy concentrating!

 Then THIS interruption came in the mail!  I was so E-X-C-I-T-E-D!!!!

I have been looking for the Simplicity 4003 for some time.  E-bay had a lot of 45 patterns with Simplicity 4003 in it.  I contacted the seller knowing there was almost no possibility that it was in my size.  Guess What!!! It was!  So off I was for a Buy-It-Now for $22 with free shipping!  What luck did I have!

lot of sewing patterns sewplus.blogspot.com

 Of the lot of Patterns I ended up keeping a little more over half.  Many were my size and you know how I love retro/vintage patterns.  I have listed the 16-1/2 and 18-1/2 sized on my Etsy store to share with my fellow sewers.

Now back to the Simplicity 1797 dress.

Simplicity 1797 Princess seam dress finished front view
 Dress finished.  Love the style.  Girl M says it looks like a Little House on the Prairie dress.  Sometimes the kids are too brutally honest.

I like the trim and the little cap sleeves.  I did lengthen it a little more.  I like my dresses mid knee or a little lower.
Simplicity 1797 Princess seam dress finished side view
Side view of Simplicity 1797

I have already started on the vintage Simplicity 4003 shirt-dress   I made a muslin of the top and it fit perfect on my first try!  I am pretty good!  I have  the beautiful brown/tan/olive paisley fabric that I'm going to be using.  I hope to get the fabric cut out tonight (since Dear Hubby has gone back to night shift for the next 3 months I don't have to hubby sit him in the evenings!).

Until next time.....


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

McCall's 5787 Top

I have this problem

 If I make a pattern and it's not good enough or good at all, I can't leave it alone, I have to MASTER the pattern.  It will sit in the drawer and mock me until I get it out and re-size  refit, refine it until I get it right.  This McCall's 5787 pattern I made back in 2011 was ok, a little to big in the shoulders and a little to tight around my hips.  So I decided it needed to be redone and fit for ME!
McCall's Stitch & Save 5787 Top Pattern
McCall's 5787 Pattern 

 Too big in the shoulders, tight across  the chest, hips a little snug.

McCall's Stitch & Save 5787 Top Pattern first try
 The top looks a lot better on my dress form.

McCall's Stitch & Save 5787 Top Pattern second attempt patriotic front view

McCall's Stitch & Save 5787 Top Pattern second attempt patriotic back view
Back view

Remade the pattern in this fabric I had laying around.  I really like it now, the fit is perfect!  The only problem is that the kids say this top looks like a mugged it from a CLOWN!

I am working on a dress now, I am using Simplicity 1797.  I am using a orange floral print sheet as a muslin, I found a beautiful floral print drape set.  I am thinking this is going to be sooooooo cute.  More soon.

Until next time.....