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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kwik Sew 4013 Floral Tan Jersey Knit Dress

Another Kwik Sew 4013 dress.  I used a jersey knit fabric this time.  It's not my favorite fabric to work with since it's so thin and likes to curl.  I serged 99% of the seams and just need to finish the sleeve hems and bottom hem.

Kwik Sew 4013 Floral Tan Jersey Knit Dress

Back View

Side View

Front View

Kwik Sew 4013 Floral Tan Jersey Knit Dress

$8.99 Dress
I used 1 yard + 6" of the Khaki fabric and 1 yard of the floral fabric.  The floral is very sheer with the burnout but it should be cool during the summer.

I should be painting on the kitchen but I went to Jo-ann's and bought 10 new patterns!  I know I didn't need them, but they were a GREAT price for $1.00 each!

Until next time......................


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kwik Sew 4013 Brown ITY Knit Dress

It sure makes you feel good when you sew up a new pattern and the muslin is a wearable!

I must start by stating the last 6 months or so, I have a hard time following pattern directions.  I glance at them but that's about all.  It seems that I was not able to focus on them, I took it as being impatient.  But since the last two weeks changing up my diet and adding more FAT into it, my concentration and ability to focus while reading has improved drastically.

I have changed my way of eating to a Ketogenic, high fat, low carb diet.  Most morning I start with a Bulletproof Coffee.  It's french press coffee, with a tablespoon of grass fed butter, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 2 tablesppons of heavy cream.  It keeps me full until lunch and no afternoon cravings for my iced coffee!  But the whole reason to try the Bulletproof Coffee was for mental clarity and energy and I think it's working!

Ok, back to sewing.  I decided to try the Kwik Sew 4013 dress.  I could only find one review for the dress and she stated that the pattern runs large.  No pattern has ever run large on me!  I cut out a size XL and ended up having to take it in!  I used a Large on the top to the waist and a XL from the waist down.  I am also going to use the Large elastic length for the front in back next time.

Kwik Sew 4013 Knit Dress

Front View

Back View

With Flash

With Sweater Cardigan

$9.00 Dress!

The dress is a wearable muslin that I'm planning on wearing with this sweater cardigan.  I've had this for many years and have always been limited to what to wear with it.

I will have to sew up another dress soon.  Maybe a print or a colorblock one?

Jo-ann's is having a sale this week on patterns $5/5, I know I don't need more but I have a gift card that's wanting to be used!

Until next time................


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Getting Back Into The Sewing Mood

I made a dress!

A simple tank dress with fold over elastic and bust darts.  Nothing too complicated or fancy.  I couldn't get my cheap Brother to sew the hem with a twin needle so I just settled for a stretch stitch on the bottom hem and the armholes.

This is the same pattern as my favorite purple maxi dress.  I wanted it 40" length (just below my knees).  A little fold over elastic at the neckline, a simple wear anywhere dress.

Pink Black Cream Retro ITY Knit Tank Dress

Neck view

Back view

With my TNT Black cardigan
 I need to make more of these cardigans too.  I wear this black version with so many things in my closet.  Maybe a tan one or even a white eyelet one......

I still have 1 yard of fabric left over, maybe a cowl neck top?  We'll see.

$3.60 tank dress!!!
Between letting my gray hair grow out and starting a ketogenic  diet I should sew slowly.

Until next time.............


Thursday, January 19, 2017


Dear Hubby has returned to work. Night shift for the next three months!  The first night I just messed around in the sewing room.  Put away items, looked at my beautiful fabric, thought about all the things I've missed in there.  The second night I made two skirts!

I made a yoga waist black jersey knit skirt for me and a maxi skirt for Dear Daughter.

Black Jersey Knit Yoga skirt

I also made a cap sleeve knit shirt in a brown and pink jersey knit.  Since these won't be my colors in a few months I might as well wear it now.

This is just my TNT pattern, nothing new here.

Brown Pink Jersey Knit Cap Sleeve Shirt

Brown Pink Jersey Knit Cap Sleeve Shirt

Brown Pink Jersey Knit Cap Sleeve Shirt
 The shirt turned out great.  I will need to size down a little next time.  Maybe it was because there was so much stretch in the knit or I could have lost a pound or two...... Who knows?

Brown Pink Jersey Knit Cap Sleeve Shirt
I think my next project is going to be a knit tank dress, sleeveless, knee length, in a print/color that I won't be able to wear for long...........

Until next time...............


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I'm Growing Out My Gray!

Sometimes you read someone's post on their blog and a lightbulb comes on and you think "Why not!"  After reading Coco's Loft post here I have decided to grow out my gray hair!  Why not!

I have been going gray since I was in my 20's.  It has never bothered me.  But the last 20+ years I have had it professionally dyed every 6 weeks.

This photo from about 11 years ago shows how much gray I had then.  My hair was much longer and I received a lot of negative comments about the gray stripe but the gray didn't bother me.  I always thought that God gave me something special.  Both of my parents are/were completely gray early.  My Dad in his 50's, my Mother probably in her 50's too (but she dyed it for years too but has since stopped and is now beautiful salt & pepper).


My hair is short, a man's regular haircut length.  I am thinking that giving it 6 months it should be completely grown out gray.  My last coloring was December 1, 2016.  So, the middle of summer June/July I should be rid of all the hair coloring. That's about 30 weeks.

This is one of my favorite pictures from our weekend at the beach for our oldest son's wedding in 2015.
November 2015

I've been watching quiet a few Youtube videos on growing out gray.  There is so much information out there about shampoos, styling, emotional cycles and wardrobe colors.  One of my biggest hurdle has been telling my hairdresser.  She has always done a wonderful job coloring my hair and I do value her opinion but......

  1. She is 10 years younger than me and 
  2. I've tried this before and she did NOT like it. 
 I'm afraid that as much as I love how she cuts my hair, I may have to find someone else, I just hope that she will understand and be supportive.  I did let her know a few days before my appointment that I am planning on growing out my gray hair.  I didn't want to read her response but all she said was "WOW" with some heart emoji.  Maybe giving her some time to think on it won't be such a shock.

Update:  My hairdresser was cautious but she was ok with the not dying my hair.  She warned me that I will have much more gray than I did 10 years ago........duh!  But I think she will come around.  She also agreed that it should all be grown out in about 6 months.  My next appointment in February will show a lot more gray.

Speaking of support, Dear Daughter was not on board of this journey.  She spent most of the first day I told her trying to sway me into JUST coloring it.  I finally had to talk to her about being a little more supportive with MY decision.  I let her know I valued her opinion but it was MY hair and MY decision and that sometimes you have to be supportive even if you don't agree.  Maybe I should have that same talk with my Dear Hubby!

My Mother would probably kill me if she knew I posted this photo!  Both my Mom and my brother have naturally curly/wavy hair.  Mine is straight as a board!  Maybe it will change when I stop coloring it!

Mom's silver locks Christmas 2016
I am very interested in wardrobe colors for my new changing hair color.  I did wear a lot of warm colors like brown, orange, gold and tan.  Now I think I need to look towards more blacks, grays, whites, dark purples, royal blue and jewel tones.

I'm going to have to go through my closet and re-evaluate my tops & dresses.


I 've been warned about people's reaction to growing out my gray hair.  There is a sweet lady at Church who is very vocal about things, her reaction will be priceless I'm sure.  My Mom's and my Aunt's will be to discourage me and I know someone will say I've let myself go.  I will just have to wear a little make-up and smile for the next few months.

I know that my hair color won't change overnight and my perseverance will pay off eventually.  I also think that change is good sometimes too.

The Bible says in  Proverbs 16:31 The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness.  I had to Google hoary head and it means gray, white or silver.  So if it's in the Bible, it must be good!

Here are my before photos.  No glamour shot here!

6 week grow-out (My hair looks red in the sun?!)

Gray is growing out about 1/2" every 6-weeks

It's funny that the camera shows what you can't see!

I didn't know all that was back there!
Wish me luck and please, if you notice I crop my head out of photos for a few months, you will know why but I will keep you updated on my latest journey.

Until next time........


Monday, January 9, 2017

The Honeymoon is Over

Dear Hubby has been released to return to work!  After 14 weeks (that's 98 days!) together, our little honeymoon is ending.  He still has some pain and stiffness in his foot, but he takes Aleve and it's bearable.  I think he's ready to return to work and to his "guys".  I have enjoyed him being home with me and thankful of the time we've had together.  We spent more time together these last few months than our 24+ years of marriage.....!

Last day of Honeymoon!

Dear Hubby had to shave his beard for work.  He worked three months growing it.


No Beard

The past few days I have been thinking  about my sewing room.  Thinking about sewing..... thinking about a dress....I really want to get in there and sew something!  I hope my sewing mojo is returning!

Until next time.............