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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where does the time go?

I apologizes for my lack of posting.  Life has gotten in the way!  I have done minimum sewing projects lately.  I made Girl M a top last week.  Deer in the woods print top with fluorescent orange bodice.  She wore it to a party over Labor Day weekend with a brown skirt.  She was looking ready to hunt!

Boy T.  has started corrections academy.  He has made squad leader and something else but when he gets home at 11pm I've been asleep for two hours and I can't quite remember what he tells me.  He looks so handsome in his uniform.
Boy T in corrections uniform.

Dear hubby Corrections 1990!
While on vacation our new puppy broke his leg.  He weighed only 17 oz when we got him and he was a whole 2lbs 1 oz when we went to the Animal Hospital in St. Augustine.  He's better now and has since had his cast removed. 
Bojangles with his broken leg

Cast #3, broke leg

Bojangles and Boy F. resting.  No Cast!
Now that the kids are back in school I am going to get going on my sewing again.  I am planning on starting a quilt for Girl M for Christmas.  I bought 12 pug picture squares for the base and I think I will just use strips to frame the fabric squares. 
Until next time.....