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Friday, October 30, 2020

Itch to Stitch Celeste Dress v6 Chiffon Floral

 Ok, I had to make one more Itch to Stitch Celest Dress!  This one almost got the best of me.  I had a beautiful piece of floral print chiffon fabric in my stash that was calling my name.  But chiffon usually needs lined and a lined dress is twice as much work. 

Itch to Stitch Celeste Dress v6 Chiffon Floral


Back view

Elastic sleeve

I love the outcome of this dress even though it was a lot of work.  I love the colors and print of the chiffon and the fit is great too.  

A little photo Sunday before Church with my main squeeze!  He's on the countdown to retirement!  Only 4 more working days!  The time has flown by so fast!  His official retirement date is December 1st but he has to take some time off prior.  Sewing will be slowing down since we'll be spending more time in Georgia.  

Sunday Photo
Happy Sewing!

Until next time..............


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Sonia Estep Design Mandy Dress

 I tried another Indy Pattern designer, this time it was Sonia Estep Designs Mandy Dress.  A knit dress with a waist side tie, grown on sleeves and above the knee length. 

I was all over the board with my sizes.  I measured a size 12 top/bust, 18 waist & hips.  That's a BIG difference in sizes.  I cut a straight size 18 for my muslin and the hips fit great, the waist needed an additional 1/2" taken in and everything above the waist was HUGE! The neckline was very open and low.   I had to make my usual sway back adjustment and lengthened the skirt of the dress 3".  That's why we make muslins right?

The muslin fabric was a matte jersey knit in eggplant that felt like I was wearing sandpaper.

I basted a size 12 top and could not get my arms into the armholes!  Those thick biceps I have!

A hot Mess of a dress!

Sway back adjustment needed

Neckline too wide & low

Just huge above the waist

A little better

Getting closer

Almost there!

Raised neckline

My second version is from a plum ITY knit with more drape than the sandpaper jersey.  I wish I had enough fabric to try out making two back pieces but I just could not eek it out.  

So Pretty on my dressform!

I raised the tie that is sewn into the side waist area by 1".  It helps to make the tie look lifted and the front drape a little better across my belly area.

I raised the neckline 2" and added 1" to the shoulders at the inner neckline to give a little more fabric in my chest area.  Modesty!

I cut the back piece on the fold eliminating the center back seam.  

Adding the 3" to the length made the dress hit me at my knee.  Perfect!

Satisfied enough

Need Spanx!

No overly thrilled but happy with from what I started with

Overall I like this dress and think that a print fabric may be a better choice.  I am not a fan of solid colors.  I think prints hide lumps & bumps a little better.

I'm not sure that this dress will get worn, but if I make it in a print I might just wear it.

You can't win them all, right?

Until next time..............


Friday, October 23, 2020

Itch to Stitch Celeste Red & White Floral Cotton Dress v5

 When I’m on a roll with a great pattern, why make only one?  #5 is a great version too!  White & Red cotton fabric from my stash.  I’m sure I bought the fabric at FabricMartFabrics.com as usual.  I was afraid I would have to line this version but it didn’t need a lining after all.  Lucky me!

Itch to Stitch Celeste Red & White Floral Cotton Dress v5

Cotton Dress


Back view

Itch to Stitch Celeste Red & White Floral Cotton Dress

Another quick and easy sew for a cool & comfortable Florida heat Fall dress.  Well, I should really sew something else soon.

Until next time...............


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Pattern Emporium True Romance Top

 I was drawn to the Pattern Emporium True Romance top because of the beautiful bishop sleeves.  The pattern did not disappoint!  I made this wearable muslin from an ITY knit from my stash.  The wave print turned out way better Han I thought it would.  

The only downsize of the pattern is the width of the neckline.  I had to sit “just right” in Church to make sure no bra strap peeked out.  The top is very comfortable & classy looking and I think with a little work on the neckline I will probably have to make another version.  Maybe a solid color!

Sleeve love!

Back View

I wan’t sure of the band at the hips but ended up liking it very much.

Sassy View

I made a wine colored half circle skirt to wear with this top but I have lost it!  How can you loose a skirt you wore two days prior?  Maybe I have a skirt thief?!?

With black Palazzo pants

I’m off to sew something new..........!

Until next time...........


Monday, October 19, 2020

Itch to Stitch Celeste Dress v4 Navy

Another version of the Itch to Stitch Celeste Dress in a mystery fabric from my stash.  This navy polyester fabric has a little bit of stretch.  The fabric has a textured stripe that gives the solid fabric some dimension.  

Itch to Stitch Navy Celeste Dress

I lengthened the sleeves to 3/4 length for a more classic dress to wear to Church without having to wear a sweater.

Pocket pose

I just love these pockets!


Back View

Navy Celeste Dress

I’m not sure what’s next on my sewing machine......

Until next time.......


Friday, October 16, 2020

Love Notions Patterns La Bella Donna Tie-Dyed Jersey Knit Top

 I'm going wild here with a Tie-Dyed jersey top!  Very casual!  Not sure where I will wear this to, maybe the Chicken Pen?

Love Notions Patterns La Bella Donna Tie-Dyed Jersey Knit Top

Twin Needle topstitch at neckline

Back View

Sleeve cuff

La Bella Donna Tie-Dyed Jersey Knit Top
$9.00 top

I'm off to sew something new!

Until next time...............


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Simplicity 2372 Jacket

 I started with the Butterick 5467 and made a muslin.  I just wasn't feeling it.  It might have been my fabric or my sewing.  But something wasn't working for me.  So I dug a little more in my pattern stash and found the Simplicity 2372.  I made another muslin.  Much better.

Butterick 5467

Butterick 5467 Muslin

Too much fabric around my neck and above my chest area.  


Two piece sleeve

Overall I like this jacket pattern and I think I may use it in the future but it wasn't what I had in mind.  

I only had to made a few minor fitting adjustments.  Sway back adjustment and add width at the hips.

Center back seam

The Simplicity 2372 jacket seems to be more of what I had in mind.  I like the raglan style sleeves and the one button closure.  

Simplicity 2372

My muslin isn't very flattering but I am really liking this jacket idea.  I only had a few minor alterations to do to this.  

I wasn't sure about the sleeve pleats but I'm really liking them. Between 4 pleats and a shoulder dart the sleeve hangs nicely on the shoulder.

Sleeve pleat

I like the center back pleat.  No sway back adjustment needed here but I am thinking of shortening the jacket by 1"

Center back pleat

After wearing the jacket around the house for a little bit, I decided to lower the armhole 1" to make movement a little easier. 

Center back & sleeve pleats

My inspiration fabric was a recent purchase from FabricMartFabrics.com.  Of course!  Since Fall colors don't look best on me with my hair color I thought the coral, gray, black & white was a good choice.

Simplicity 2372 Jacket 

Sleeve pleats

The fabric sewed together beautifully. Like it was meant to be this jacket.  I serged the seams to prevent from fraying.  

Back pleat

A button from my stash.

Button from stash

Facings always give me a fit, but this one went in perfect, layed flat and looks so nice!  Yeah me!
I interfaced the facing pieces with Pellon EK130 knit interfacing and then serged along the outside edges.

Inside/Front Facing

Inside Back/Facing

Serge hem

Back/Inside facing

Inside/Front Facing

I am thrilled with this jacket.  It's lightweight enough for Florida Fall and easy enough to sew up in a quick minute.  I think this pattern will be a TNT pattern for me.

Sunday Selfie

This is the only picture I took of me wearing the jacket.  Since my Sunday photo taker (Girl M.) works on Sunday, Dear Hubby and I have to try to take our own photos.  We're not good at it at all!

Until next time...............