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Friday, August 30, 2019

Current Situation

We'll it looks like we are in for another Labor Day hurricane!  Two years ago we had Hurricane Irma and now we are dealing with Dorian.

What started out late last week as a tropical storm, no big deal, has turned into a major storm.  Even for us who live 120 miles inland from the expected landfall our biggest fear is rain, wind and tornadoes. 

Girl M. and I will be evacuating to our Son & Daughter In Law's home about 20 miles farther West.  Us Girls and the dogs will have to handle whatever comes because both Sons & Dear Hubby all have to work.  We got this!

Remind me again why we live in Florida!

All sewing has been put on hold while hurricane preparations are being done.  I'm sure when the storm is over we will have many days without power.  We have a generator but rough camping doesn't help the sewing mojo.

Keep us in your prayers

Until next time..................


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

McCall 7193 View A Woven Tropical Print Top

I'm moving on to view A on the McCall 7193 pattern.  I'm not sure about my sizing anymore so I just measured myself and went with a size 18 and added a little to the hips again.  This top did not disappoint at all.  I'm impressed with the wrap not being too low and the armholes fit me.   This was a win-win!

McCall 7193 View A
Side View

Back View

A Woven Top!
I'm off to sew something wonderful!

Until next time...................


Monday, August 26, 2019

McCall 7193 v3 Blue & White Herringbone Shift Dress

I made the McCall 7193 into a dress!  I had enough fabric to lengthen to knee length.    I also made the sleeves 3/4 length.  A simple sew and I can't wait to wear it.

McCall 7193 Blue White Dress

The fabric is polyester woven from FabricMartFabrics.  It was a pre-cut special for $1.00 yard.  It has a nice drape and a little silky feel.

Fabric Close-up

Back View

Side View
Girl M. is finally getting over her "back to school" cooties.  She helped me hem the dress and saw the pattern cover and asked for View B.  Long sleeve crossover version.  I'm thinking about it..............

Until next time.......................


Friday, August 23, 2019

McCall 7193 v2 Hot Pink Floral Crepe de Chine

I really liked the first/muslin version of the McCall 7193 woven top but it was too big.  I tried again using a size 16 tapering to a size 22 at the hips.  The crepe de chine wanted to move around a little when sewing but overall it was nice.  I made short sleeves for this version and made the back piece have a center back seam so I could do a sway back adjustment.

McCall 7193 Top

Side View

Back View

$3.20 Top

It took Lily two lessons to complete her first project.  She made an apron.  She is a very fast learner and very eager.  I enjoy our Monday lessons.  Next week we are going to work on making a rainbow pillow.
Lily's project

Lily's Singer sewing machine
I have an idea in mind for another McCall 7193.

Until next time............................


Monday, August 19, 2019

McCall 7193 Woven Top

Another attempt to sew up a woven top.  This time I looked up the reviews prior to sewing and they were above average.  Nothing negative though so I moved ahead to give this pattern a shot.

McCall 7193

Woven Top
 I chose to start with View "C" for the muslin/trial run. I like all the views and may try them all. 

 I had this soft woven border print in my stash forever and would not be sad if the pattern didn't work out.  I cut out a size 18, tapering to a 22 at the hips and added 1/2" at the hip seam allowance.  I used my own woven sleeve pattern.

The directions are good and the notches match up perfect.  I liked the neck facing details and the neckline laid nicely.  The hem finished beautifully too.

My only disappointment was that the top is too big.  I am thinking of gifting the top to my Mom. 
It's her color & her style. 

McCall 7193 Woven Top

Side View/Sleeve

Back View

McCall 7193 Woven Top
I'm really liking this top so I've decided to try a size 16 and making the sleeve shorter/smaller.  I have a few different versions in mind and I really want this pattern to work.

On Sundays Dear Hubby & I usually try to take a selfie (for my Mom).  This one isn't too bad.

Sunday Selfie
Until next time........................


Friday, August 16, 2019

Oh, How I've Missed You!

School started back this week and things are starting to get back to normal!  I love taking care of everyone but when the last one leaves the house by 8:20 in the morning I just take a deep breath, get my chores done & spend the rest of the day in MY SEWING ROOM!

Girl M. First Day of Senior Year!

I finished the alteration on 5 of the 6 dresses I had on my sewing table.  One dress I decided after about an hour of trying to unpick the hem to just make another dress.  I did a good job stitching the hem.  I feel like I need more light to see small things, I just had an eye exam in April. 

I did finish Boy AJ's Just Hangin' Out Shirt after starting three buttonholes incorrectly.  After unpicking them the rest of the shirt finished up quickly.  No picture because Boy AJ was happy with the shirt and took it home right away!

I ordered a new LED light for near my ironing station.  With my dimming eyesight I needed more lighting.  It's near the fabric storage so I can see colors a little better, see the ironing board better & can move the light if I need too also.

Verilux Original SmartLight LED Floor Lamp Full Spectrum Energy-Efficient Natural Light for Reading, Artists, Crafts Dimmable - Adjustable Gooseneck Task Light

I sewed McCall 7324 top.  Well, I should have read the reviews before I started because I ended up throwing it away.  It was bad, real bad!

What is up with this collar?

Excess fabric above the bust


I wasn't going to let that mess with my sewing mojo so I made a TNT straight skirt.  I had to re-work my Sure-Fit Designs skirt pattern.  I had to remove 2-1/2" from the waist and 3-3/4" from the hips!  An easy fix and the skirt sewed up beautifully. 

I like the skirt with the McCall 5668 Silk Shantung jacket I made for Easter. 

McCall 5668 Silk Shantung Jacket

I wanted a gray skirt and this stretch suiting fabric worked out perfectly.  I have enough left over to make a matching jacket. 

On Mondays I give a young girl from Church sewing lessons.  We've had about 4 lessons so far & she's a great student.  She's so eager to learn.  She started out bringing me a Vogue dress pattern to sew with her.  It was beyond her sewing abilities but we worked on the skirt portion and reading the pattern.  On her own she finished the skirt, added elastic at the waist and wore it to Church this past Wednesday.  She also made herself a purse and a few pillows.  This past week I tried to think of something easier for her and she came up with the idea of an apron.  We almost finished it during her lesson and she wanted to take it home to finish it during the week. 

I hope things are back to normal here and I'll be able to spend hours in my sewing room again.

Until next time................


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Where Had July Gone?

I thought I would be able to sew during July but life gets in the way sometimes.  We went camping at Cape Canaveral with Girl M and then a trip to Hunt Camp in Georgia to do some work.  Between planning, packing & cleaning it didn't leave much time for sewing.  School starts back on August 12th and I am ready to get back into my usual routine.

Jetty Park at Cape Canaveral, FL



Another Selfie

Selfie with Girl M too!


No one is awake yet!
 We spent a few days in Georgia for cleanup and starting on usual camper cleaning & repairs before hunting season starts.  It was a few degrees cooler in Georgia but we had a horrible thunderstorm one night.  We were the only campers here for the weekend and it was very quiet & peaceful.

Georgia Hunt Camp
 Bobo & Lulu love going for a ride in our old hunting truck.  Windows down, just riding around. 
Bobo checking things out
 Girl M had her Senior pictures taken too.  They turned out nice & she's so beautiful!  I can't believe she's our last one in school.  We are ALMOST done! 

Girl M. Senior photo

Girl M.
I have a pile of dresses that need attention and I need to finish Boy AJ's shirt I started months ago.  I hope to be able to get to them this week so that next week my sewing table in clean and I'll be ready to make something new.

Until next time...................