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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Where Had July Gone?

I thought I would be able to sew during July but life gets in the way sometimes.  We went camping at Cape Canaveral with Girl M and then a trip to Hunt Camp in Georgia to do some work.  Between planning, packing & cleaning it didn't leave much time for sewing.  School starts back on August 12th and I am ready to get back into my usual routine.

Jetty Park at Cape Canaveral, FL



Another Selfie

Selfie with Girl M too!


No one is awake yet!
 We spent a few days in Georgia for cleanup and starting on usual camper cleaning & repairs before hunting season starts.  It was a few degrees cooler in Georgia but we had a horrible thunderstorm one night.  We were the only campers here for the weekend and it was very quiet & peaceful.

Georgia Hunt Camp
 Bobo & Lulu love going for a ride in our old hunting truck.  Windows down, just riding around. 
Bobo checking things out
 Girl M had her Senior pictures taken too.  They turned out nice & she's so beautiful!  I can't believe she's our last one in school.  We are ALMOST done! 

Girl M. Senior photo

Girl M.
I have a pile of dresses that need attention and I need to finish Boy AJ's shirt I started months ago.  I hope to be able to get to them this week so that next week my sewing table in clean and I'll be ready to make something new.

Until next time...................