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Friday, October 15, 2021

Love Notions Breckenridge Henley

 Could this be a new favorite pattern? Possibly! I purchased this on the release sale way back when but there was a nagging pet peeve that bothered me with the pattern.  The buttons!  Specifically the two above the overlap.  They are on the wrong side!  I know when you sew, you can do whatever you want.  but it just bugged me!

Love Notions Breckenridge Henley

I had 1 yard of this light weight waffle weave knit fabric in my stash I purchased from Boho Fabrics.  It's not easy finding a pattern that will only use 1 yard of fabric.  I did have to shorted the sleeve length but I made it work!

Waffle knit Breckenridge Henley

Back view

The waffle weave fabric was so thin and light I thought that tiny buttons were the best choice.  None above the overlap since I had to sew on so many already.

Little Buttons
Overall this is a great pattern, I hope to make a long sleeve version eventually.  But it's still HOT here in Florida so maybe in the next few weeks.

Until next time..................


Monday, October 11, 2021

Love Notions Ballad Dress

 I just had to make the Love Notions Ballad blouse into a dress!  I lengthened the blouse by 14" to make a knee length dress., added a self fabric belt, changed up the sleeve and used the gathered shoulder version.

Love Notions Ballad Blouse/Dress

I had this red & white check fabric in my stash for years and thought that it would make a nice end of summer dress.  My Brother CE7070PRW machine makes great buttonholes.........All 11 of them!  


I also used the Brother CE7070PRW for sewing on all the buttons.  Easy & quick!


The sleeves ended up being huge on me and Girl M. said bows on the sleeves and the belt was just too much.  The fit was good, the style good, just too frilly with so many bows.

Love Notions Ballad "End of Summer" Dress

I removed the sleeves, made bias tape from the check fabric and made the dress sleeveless.


I made the gathered shoulder version.

Gathered Shoulders

I'm not sure what's next on the sewing machine..........my neighbor asked me to hem some jeans......6 pair!  Uggggh!  I hate hemming and alterations.  

Until next time..................


Friday, October 8, 2021

McCall's 7912 Hacked with Silhouette Patterns #915 Hugo's Favorite Cardigan

 I had the McCall's 7912 on my sewing radar for the past few years because I had a fabric similar to what the model was wearing.  Finally, with Fall season coming I decided to sew it up.  But........I didn't have the McCall's 7912 pattern!  800+ patterns and I didn't have this exact one!  So I decided to make do.  After thinking about it, I could have used any robe pattern!  LOL!

McCall 7912 Inspiration

My Fabric stash from how long ago?  It looks pretty similar to me!

The Silhouette Patterns #915 Hugo's Favorite Cardigan was my choice.  I sewed up two sizes larger since I was using a woven fabric and I wanted enough ease to wear either a sweater or thicker shirt underneath.  

Silhouette Patterns #915 Hugo's Favorite Cardigan

My hacked version

Back View

Now all I need is cooler weather and someplace to wear my new jacket to!

Until next time........................


Monday, October 4, 2021

Love Notions Ballad Blouse

 I finally printed out and sewed up the Love Notions Ballad Blouse with the shirring.  Love Notions did not disappoint in this blouse pattern at all!

Love Notions Ballad Blouse

The shirring took a little practice but in the end it worked out better than I expected.  A little YouTube video tutorial and I realized that my elastic thread in the bobbin was not threaded thru my machine tight enough.  A little stretching and pulling and it came out perfect!  


My wearable muslin fabric choice wasn't my favorite.  It reminds me of the 80's!  But it's wearable and finished so I might as well get use out of it.

1980's blouse??

Shoulder shirring

Back View

Love Notions Ballad Blouse

I hope that sewing this blouse up will get my sewing mojo going again.  I would love to sew up Fall style clothing but it's still hot nd humid here in Florida.  No use in sewing something that you can't wear for a few more months.

Until next time....................


Thursday, September 30, 2021

Violette Field Threads Georgia Dress & Ruby Diaper Cover

 I don't think I have ever sewn a baby dress!  This one was a cutie!  So much fun with 1-1/2 yards of cow print fabric from Hobby Lobby.  I used the Violette Field Threads Georgia Dress.  I eliminated the sleeves and just added a ruffle at the armholes.

Violette Field Threads Georgia Dress

Back View

I had just enough fabric left over from the dress to make a diaper cover.  These are so tiny!  

Violette Field Threads Ruby Diaper cover

Look at these ruffles!

Back View

This was a gift for a new baby at Church.  I might just be making more in the near future!

Happy Sewing!

Until next time....................


Friday, September 24, 2021

New Favorite Hacked Dresses (Love Notions Sunday Romper)

 I HAD to make a few new dresses for our trip back in July & August.  A few of my hacked dresses soon became my NEW favorite dresses.  They were cool, comfortable and timeless.  All started with the Love Notions Sunday Romper.  The animal print version has the Sunday Romper bodice lengthened to the hip then two tiers of skirt added.  I used a textured double knit.  This is my most favorite, comfortable dress!

Love Notions Sunday Roper dress bodice with an elastic waist.  I used a rectangle skirt, knee length and simple for this version.  Cotton jersey knit in a wine color for this version.

Love Notions Sunday Romper dress in a denim look jersey knit for this version.  Easy and I can dress them up or down.  Add a sweater or cardigan or just a simple necklace.  True wardrobe staples.

Another dropped waist, tiered skirt Sunday Romper bodice dress.  This fabric has a little more texture to it and with the higher polyester content it isn't my favorite wear in our humid Summer.  I think when the weather cools down it will get more wear.

Until next time....................


Monday, September 20, 2021

Cruella de Vil Anniversary Dress by Designer Stitch -Arianna

 Dear Hubby and I celebrated our 29th Anniversary back in June and I realized after my last post I didn't show you my Anniversary dress I made.  

I sewed the Designer Stitch Arianna dress in a textured double knit fabric from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  I'm not sure how many places I have to wear such a fancy dress but I love it!

Cruella de Vil dress

Back View

Happy 29th Anniversary!

Until next time.......................