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Monday, January 20, 2020

Pattern Interest: Angela Wolf's The Linda Tunic

I have had my eye on The Linda Tunic by Angela Wolf. 

Pattern Interest: Angela Wolf's The Linda Tunic

Reviews on Pattern Review are good and I think that this style works good on me.

Any suggestions?

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Dress Alteration: Jungle Green Ponte Knit

Last year for Easter I made this Jungle Green Ponte Knit Dress and I've worn it a few times since.  But it is way too big, especially the  hips.  Alterations are not my favorite sewing to do.  Most of the time I would rather just make another dress.

Dress Alteration: Jungle Green Ponte Knit

Back View

I lost my hips!
I basted new seams to get the fit correct before I serged all 9 seams!  Why so many seams Bonnie?

Seams basted
I had to remove 2" from the hip seam allowances.  That's 8"  total!  Wow!  From the waist up I removed 1/2" from all seam allowances.

Dress Alteration: Jungle Green Ponte Knit

Lots of seams
I shortened the dress by 1" to make it below the knee length.

Fit is much better

Side View
Overall I'm very happy with this dress alteration.  I love the color & the fit of the dress.  I do hope I'll get to wear a few more times before anymore alterations.

Final Fit
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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Lunch & Thrift Store Finds

I had Lunch with my Mom & Girl M before she started back to school and I remembered to take a photo!

Mom & I

Three generations

Girl M & I stopped into a thrift store before having Lunch and found a few good items.  It's been a long time since I've been to a thrift store. I feel there was a larger selection of clothing size choices.  If I thought it might fit, I tried it on. 

I found these jeans that were a size 14!  I haven't worn a size 14 since about 1992!

Size 14!?!

Not my best side

The pleats caught my eye on this size 12 jacket!  I tried it on and it fit!

Pleated jacket

I found a hounds tooth jacket , size 14!

Houndstooth jacket

I love polka dots and this wide legged knit jumper is sooooooooooo cute!  The fit is perfect and I can't wait to wear it!

Polka Dot Jumpsuit

I also found this "date night dress".  Knit, crossover front.  It sucks in all the right places and makes me look curvy!

Date night dress

Back View

Crossover/wrap  front

I also found a floor standing Ottlite for $5!

I have to get ALL these patterns organized and entered into my computer.  I am a sucker for a pattern sale!

Pattern Sale finds
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Monday, January 13, 2020

Christmas 2019

I felt overwhelmed after the holidays and I'm just now getting the sewing room organized again and cleaning things up.  My family was very thoughtful with gifts this Christmas and I am so amazed at what I received that I don't know where to start.

Dear Hubby got the triple star award for giving me such a wonderful gift.  Him & Girl M didn't wrap the box, but put it in a huge garbage bag with a bow.  He drug the package through the kitchen acting like it weighed 100lbs!  I was curious!  The box was shaped like a vacuum cleaner, I hoped it wasn't!  Then I thought maybe it was a new sewing chair........nope, box was too small!  I was truly puzzled!

It was a size MEDIUM dress form!  My size?  I'm not a medium am I?

Medium Dress Form 

Large next to my new medium

Then Dear Hubby had Boy T & Lady K bring over a HUGE flat box for me.  It was heavy!  It looked like it could have been a new TV.  I didn't need a new TV.  Maybe it was more cubical shelving for fabrics.........but where would I put that.  Once again, I was puzzled.

It was a folding cutting table on wheels!  I used to have one but it was donated a few years ago because it became so unstable.  The screws just wouldn't tighten enough.  I didn't know I needed another one but Dear Hubby said he saw me cutting a large pattern out on the floor one day and thought another table would be helpful

How thoughtful! My aching bones thank him!

Folding table

I'm always curious WHY a gift.  What made the gift giver decide I would like the item.  Did I mention it, would it make my life easier?  Why?  I'm always appreciative, but just curious.

Girl M. and Boy AJ gave me a real tripod for my camera so I can try to take better photos.  Just what I wanted!  It had been in my Amazon  cart forever but I never hit buy!


Boy T. & Lady K gave me the cutest sign.


Boy F & Girl K gave me a vintage Simplicity tin, a camper ornament and devotional guide book for Women.

Vintage Simplicity Tin

My sweet niece gave me a mason jar pin cushion filled with the sewing related pins that you wear.  I can't wait to wear one or ALL of them to Church!

Mason Jar Pin cushion

Fashion Enamel Pins

My Mom gave me a pair of Kia scissors (I've never had a pair!).  They cut beautifully!  A Joann's gift card that I've already bought some patterns with on their Butterick Sale!  Some rotary cutter blades, which you can never have enough and a coffee cup that says "I have an oil for that"!  Too cute!

Oily Mug

I hope to get back to sewing soon.

Until next time!


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Pattern Interest: Made for Mermaids Catherine Top

I have seen a few photos of the Made for Mermaids Catherine Top, Tunic & Dress pattern sewn up and they all have grabbed my attention.  I've never made a Made for Mermaids pattern and PDF patterns are not always my favorite. But, this one keeps grabbing my sewing thoughts and makes me think of ALL the possibilities of using some of my jersey knit fabrics in my stash.

Made for Mermaids Catherine Top

Pattern interest

Inspirational Photo

Pattern Line Drawing
I'm still working on the white button down shirt.  Almost done!   Just hemming, buttonholes & buttons.  The fit is A+! and the fabric is perfect cooler weather weight.  I'm excited to wear it!

Hope you're sewing up a storm!

Until next time.................


Monday, January 6, 2020

What's Up?

Dear Hubby & I are the worse selfie takers!  But at least we continue to try!  He took me out for a date this past weekend. Dinner, a movie & coffee on the way home!  I'm a homebody so going out is a big deal!  

Date Night

I finally got around to wearing the leopard print duster I made here.   Girl M has worn it several times already.  It's nice now that we wear the same size.  Double the closet!

It was a little chilly yesterday morning for Church.  That's my it's cold, hurry up & take the picture smile!  The turquoise sheath dress I made for Easter last year and was huge on me but the duster covered it up enough for morning service.  I'll fix it this week.

Sunday photo
 I bought this skirt for Girl M for Christmas.  I can't wait to wear it too!

Girl M. Sunday photo
I have been working on a white button down shirt for myself.  It's slow sewing.  I've made/re-sewn the collar and collar stand three times.  It just doesn't look good enough.  Are you your worse customer too?  I hope to have pictures soon.

I have a tote bag full of patterns from Joanne's pattern sale & my Ebay purchases that I need to categorize and put photos into my computer but I want to sew.  Better keep my sewing mojo going.

Hope your having a great week & Happy Sewing

Until next time...................


Monday, December 30, 2019

Happy New Year

No sewing going on during the holidays.  I'm sad, but I did get in the sewing room a clean up a little.  It will be ready for sewing when we get back from Georgia.

I like this Sunday photo of Dear Hubby & myself sometime this Month.  I made the red dress........that counts as sewing!  I need to alter it, but I wore it anyway.

Sunday photo

Girl M took a photo on Christmas of us.  Dear Hubby has lost a total of 65 pounds!  I am so proud of him.  His Doctor has reduced some of his medicines and hopefully in the next few months will take him off of some.  I've lost 112 pounds!  I want to loose about 36 more pounds by my Birthday in March.  Sounds like a good goal plan for the upcoming year.

Christmas 2019

I  hope you ALL had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!  I am grateful beyond measures for all my readers and those who comment, keep me motivated, teach me new things and to new friendships! 

Happy New Year!