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Monday, April 30, 2018

Prom 2018

Girl M. was asked to the Prom this year.  It was also her "first" date!  They grow up too fast!

Boy was a "real" Gentleman and asked her to Prom with a cute sign & rose petals & candles.  Sorry I didn't get a photo because of it being a surprise at the last minute.  Boy also asked Dear Hubby for permission to ask Girl M to Prom.  Dear Hubby was honored to be asked he paid for their dinner.

Boy went all out and bought Girl M. this beautiful corsage and a big bouquet of flowers.

Girl M. found this dress at Ross for only $29.99!  Great deal and the fit is perfect.

Boy was a good sport while taking photos.  He was not feeling well.

People ask them if they are twins.........

I try to make them think of an unusual spot to take pictures.  They came up with a boat dock/fishing pier at the nearby river.  I loved their choice.

Boy LOVES to fish.  So I thought I would have a little fun with it!

Girl M. looks like a fairy in this photo.

This cypress tree behind them was huge.  I love that they were willing to get into the woods to let me take a photo in front of this beautiful tree.

They look so classy!

They are usually always laughing

Now that Prom is over I really have to get started on the Derby Day Dress.  I still have no ideas of what I want to wear.  I also have to get going on a dress for Girl M.  She said she's thinking of polka dots. 

Wish me luck to get these dresses started and finished! AND can you believe that it's May tomorrow?  Where does time go?

Until next time..............


Friday, April 27, 2018

Traveler's Tee by Saf-T-Pockets

I saw Joy from Joyful-Expressions had the Traveler's Tee by Saf-T-Pockets top on in one of her recent vlog post.  I really like the style of her shirt and I splurged and purchased the pattern.  Shipping was very fast and I couldn't wait to get started on this top.

Traveler's Tee by Saf-T-Pockets

Traveler's Tee

I made a muslin from a neon pink jersey knit. I'm wasn't a fan of the color but for a muslin it will be fine.  I also didn't worry about sleeves since I always use my TNT sleeve pattern.

Traveler's Tee by Saf-T-Pockets

There were no finished measurements so I had to measure/guess the best I could.  I started with an XL at the shoulders & bust then graded out to a 2XL at the waist and hips.


Back View

This pattern has turned out a wearable muslin for the ball field.  I did shorten the length by 2".  It was a little too tunic length for me.  Since I don't wear leggings or slim pants I decided a shorter version worked better with my denim type skirts.

Traveler's Tee by Saf-T-Pockets

The color is also growing on me.  This is not a color I would have picked out but it's surprising how a color changes when made into a garment.  I think it's bright & cheery and perfect for Summer.

You know I could not just make this pattern once so I decided to add 10 inches to the bottom and make myself a dress.
Traveler's Tee Dress by Saf-T-Pockets

I used some antique buttons I found in my stash.  They have a flower embossed on them.  They may be too heavy for the jersey fabric but they are cute.


It's a busy print and a lot of the details get lost but it's so comfy!

Traveler's Tee Dress by Saf-T-Pockets
I want to make another top version but I have to get to work on a dress for the Derby party...........UGGGH! I hate deadlines!

Until next time.......................


Monday, April 23, 2018

Formal Gala Night

Dear Hubby and I attend our local State College Annual Fundraising Scholarship Gala.  I had planned on making a evening gown but life gets in the way and then sewing a formal dress just didn't spark an interest to me.  I had a navy gown I had worn before to a wedding that I planned on wearing but I stopped by a local Ross store and there was this navy gown for $17.99.  How could I pass it up?

My bra strap shows through on the top part of the bodice lace.  So I made it work by inserting a nude knit fabric behind the lace.  It worked perfect for my modesty.

I think the nude fabric looks natural.  I stitched along the outer edges of the lace panels and the stitching is almost invisible.  I'm really liking this dress.

We are not great selfie takers so this is as good as it gets.  His picture taking always has me laughing!

Dear Hubby looked so handsome in his suit.  It's not everyday do I get him to dress up.

We are only told so much information prior to these type of events.  The event did have a theme of Havana Nights.  Our entire table was dressed black tie for this event but many others were dressed a lot more casual in Cuban style dress.  The ladies dresses with full skirts and lots of polka dots and florals were beautiful.  Many guys were dressed in khakis and casual Cuban style shirts.  I think dressing with the theme could have been a lot more fun!

We had a photo taken while there.  Not my favorite but a memory photo.

Formal Photo

The Administrative Department.  Dear Hubby & I on the left, Major & his beautiful wife in the center and Chief & his wife on the right.

Our Sheriff and his wife.  He reminds me of my Grandpa so much. 

I'm getting things together to work on dresses for the upcoming Kentucky Derby Gala.

Wish me luck..............

Until next time.............


Friday, April 20, 2018

Simplicity 7103 Grape Jersey Knit Midi-Dress

Another version of the Simplicity 7103 for me.  I thought a midi-length dress in a jersey knit would be nice.  Short sleeve, mid calf length.

Simplicity 7103

This grape jersey knit had a lot of lycra/spandex in it.  It's a heavy dress but lot's of stretch.

Simplicity 7103 Grape Jersey Dress
This fabric did not photograph well but  it's a deep purple color.  I think the lighting reflects the spandex in the fabric.

I'm off to sew something else............

Until next time.............


Monday, April 16, 2018

Ponte Knit Half Circle Skirts

I've used my TNT knit half circle skirt pattern before with ITY knits, this time I decided a ponte knit would be good and I shortened the shirt to 25" and used a 5/8" hem.  I bought 1" elastic by the roll last month from WAWAK for skirt making and it's perfect with this type of fabric.

I thought two basic colors black and blue would be a good start for Spring/Summer skirts.  I like that I don't have to wear a skip if I don't want since the fabric has some thickness to it.

Black Ponte Knit Half circle skirt

Navy ponte knit half circle skirt

I'm excited to have two new skirts so now I'm going to go through my closet of skirts and weed out the ones that "just don't fit right".  Mostly woven ones.

I really need to re-draft my denim skirt pattern, I would like a dark denim, a medium colored denim and a white denim.  I have a white one from QVC 10+ years ago, it's pretty stained now but I love the fit!

Until next time.................


Friday, April 13, 2018

McCall 4617 Knit Tops

I need a few casual tops to wear to the ball field.  My wardrobe is mostly Church attire since that is about the only place I leave the house to go to.  I have used this pattern before but it's now too big so I had to go back to the original pattern and re-draft another version.

I like that the top has cap sleeves and a center back seam.  When re-drafting the pattern I used a size 16 at the neck to the waist then added my usual at the hips.

McCall 4617
McCall 4617 Purple Knit Top

$5.00 Top

 It has been a while since I've sewn up a knit neckband and I made it the same size as the neck.  I don't know what I was thinking not subtracting 20% .  Maybe it will lay ok but I may have to fix it.

McCall 4617 Fuchsia Knit Top

$4.00 Top
I think a skirt or two will be in the works next.

Until next time...............


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sometimes Sewing Makes Me Cry

Our oldest son is almost done with his one-on-one training with the Police Department and will soon be in his own car and on his own.  He asked me to sew patches on his jacket for him.  Not a problem until I started..........then I started to cry.  Usually I'm honored to sew patches on for "new" hires and for newly promoted.  I'm so proud of them and thankful how they serve our community.  But with your own child you get flooded with memories of how when he was three years old he would dress up like a cop, arrest his Dad and hang his handcuffs off his underwear.  Tears flow thinking how dangerous being a cop has become.  I worry did he get enough training or was there something his Dad could have told him?  He is loving his job and I pray for him daily.

Add caption

I was thankful that there were only two patches to sew, I don't think my heart could have taken any more.

I need to sew something "happy"

Until next time................