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Monday, February 25, 2019

Sure-Fit Designs Sheath Dress (Woven) Muslin

Using my Sure-Fit Designs since I didn't have a pattern I liked in my stash.  I wanted a sheath style dress with darts in the front and back, back zipper, short sleeves & knee length.  Nothing too complicated except to fit a rectangle piece of fabric on my lumpy, bumpy, curvy self!

The upper chest and bust are a good circumference, the waist is ok too but look at all that extra fabric at the hips.  Wow, where it all that go?  The bust darts are a little high but that's an easy fix.

Muslin #1 Front View
The back isn't bad, definitely workable.

Muslin #1-Back View
After removing over 3" of fabric at the hip side seams, it's starting to look a little better.

Muslin #2
This is a crazy photo shot but it helps me to see if the side seams are hanging straight.

Straight side seams
Still a little pulling at the lower part of the dart.  I'm thinking that curving the dart will help with that.
Also I pinched out the excess fabric at the armhole.

Muslin #2-Front View
I have a piece of purple Faille fabric that I think will make a nice dress for the next version.  

Until next time......................


Friday, February 22, 2019

Simplicity 7103 Princess Seam TNT Magenta Cheetah Print Ponte Knit Dress

I had a 1 yard piece of magenta ponte knit fabric that I thought would work nice with a print fabric for a color block type dress.  After sewing it up I realized it was TOO MUCH!  There was a lot going on with this dress....colorblocking, cheetah print, bell sleeves...too much!

Girl M. said that if I wore this dress to Church I would have to wear a BIG hat to go with it! LOL!

Busy Busy Dress

Back to the sewing machine...........

I removed the solid color panel and remade the sleeves into a short sleeve version.  It's a busier print but a more simple design now.

Simplicity 7103 TNT Ponte Knit Dress

$12.00 Dress
I like that I can wear this dress casual with a sweater or a denim jacket or make it more formal with black tights and heels. 

I'm off to sew something new.................

Until next time......................


Monday, February 18, 2019

Dress for Girl M

A quick dress for Girl M.  I had this ITY Knit fabric in my stash for a few years and now have realized that I can no longer wear these colors.  Perfect choice for Girl M.  I used her TNT T-shirt pattern with 3/4 length sleeves with elastic.

TNT ITY Knit Dress

Back View

$6.30 Dress
I'm off to sew something else.................

Until next time......................


Friday, February 15, 2019

McCall 7254 Black Ponte Knit Cardigan

After purging my closet last month I really needed a black cardigan.  The McCall 7254 kept coming to mind.  It's one of my favorite patterns and I had made a few versions but they were all too big.

I used black ponte knit and Pellon EK130 knit fusible interfacing.  The cardigan went together quickly and I love the fit.

McCall 7254

Back View

McCall 7254 Black Ponte Knit cardigan

$8.00 Cardigan
I'm thinking of making another version in a white ponte knit.  Another basic to for my wardrobe.  Maybe something with some type of 3/4 length bell sleeve.....I'll have to think about it.

Until next time......................


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Butterick 3364 Asymmetrical Floral Stretch Twill Dress

I'm on the fence about this dress.  I like the fit but maybe not on me.  Maybe this isn't my best style for my lumps, bumps & curves but overall I did a good job on the fit.  The print of the fabric does camouflage a lot more than the solid color did. 

I used a stretch twill fabric on this version and the fabric is a little heavier but overall a good match.

Butterick 3364

Back View
I decided to take in the hip area at the side seams an additional 5/8". 

Butterick 3364

Side Buckle view

Butterick 3364

Butterick 3364

Side Buckle view
I did a sway back adjustment on the muslin and may still need an addition little more but overall I'm happy with it.  I think I have uneven hips, maybe it's the way I'm standing too.

Back View

$12.00 Dress
I'm off to sew something new..............

Until next time.............


Monday, February 11, 2019

Butterick 3364 Asymmetrical Dress Muslin

This Butterick 3364 pattern was from the gentleman I purchased my "new" industrial sewing machine from and was one of my favorites.  I like the design of the waist gathered into a belt buckle.

Butterick 3364

The pattern was in a size 12-14-16.  I started with the size 16 and added to the bust/waist/hips for my usual increases. I also made a sway back adjustment.

The front was a little more complex.  Since the pattern piece was not cut on the fold due to the asymmetrical gather at the waist I had to make the adjustments to each side.  I used my armhole template and my own sleeve pattern.

A muslin was a definite for this pattern but I think it will be an easy sew.

The neckline is extremely high, both front and back.  I lowered the front neckline 2-1/2" and the back 1/2".  I narrowed the shoulders 1/2" and widened the neckline 1/2".  The fit is ok, circumference wise but I don't like the drag lines on across the waist and hips.

Butterick 3364 Front view

I like the style of the buckle at the side and the directions were really easier than I thought.  I was pleasantly surprised!

Butterick 3364 Side View-Buckle

The back of the dress fits well. I didn't put in the back zipper and just had Girl M pin me into the dress.  The back darts help with the fit and I'm glad I did the sway back adjustment.

Butterick 3364 Back View

I think this dress may need Spanx under it.  The muslin fabric is a satin backed suiting with a little stretch.  No longer can I wear this beautiful color of orange since my hair is gray is looks very unflattering on me.

I removed the sleeves and took in the side seams 1/2" from underarm to mid hip.  The drag lines are a little less now and the side seam still hangs straight even though the fabric wrinkle is making it look a little off.

Butterick 3364 Muslin

I'm thinking a print fabric for this dress to help with camouflaging with my lumps, bumps and curves.

Until next time......................


Friday, February 8, 2019

Chair Troubles

I'm bad about throwing threads onto the floor while I'm sewing.  Then I run over the threads with my chair and this is the result.  I almost threw myself out of my chair because the wheels quit rolling!

Chair troubles

1 Hour later..........

Thread removal
  Being left-handed I have a habit of throwing the thread on the floor on my left side but I've been working on using my thread catcher bag and my chair has not thrown me out again!

Thread catcher bag
Do you have any thread trash tips or your favorite sewing chair you would like to share?

Until next time....................


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Butterick 4937 Eggshell Faille Top

Butterick 4937 in a solid colored cotton/polyester faille fabric.  Loving this top, classy yet cool for Florida summers.

Butterick 4937

Waist View
I made the inside ties from self fabric.  And used a 1" piece of iron on interfacing behind the button to give it a little strength. 

Back View
This fabric is wonderful to work with and is so soft.  Even though it's a little sheer I'm wearing a nude colored bra with a darker print and I can't see it through the shirt. 

"Live model" view

"Live model" doesn't look happy

Back View
I used a blind hem stitch to attach the facing to the shirt.  I also did not use the sleeve facings and just serged the sleeve hem then blind stitched them.

Butterick 4937

$7.20 Top
 Until next time..............


Monday, February 4, 2019

Butterick 4937 Top Muslin

I've had this Butterick 4937 pattern in my stash for a few years.  I love view A with the button closure and no collar style.  Classy looking. 

Butterick 4937

I made this muslin from a piece of cotton that has been in my stash forever.  The fabric is a little stiff but ironed well and didn't fray too bad.   I lengthened the top by 1" and increased the waist and hips as my usual pattern adjustments.

Butterick 4937 Muslin

Back View
I used a piece of elastic for the loop in place of the called for cording.  I like that it gives a little when you move around.
Waist pleats & button closure
Waist tie made from a length of packaged bias binding.  The facing fit perfectly.

Inside facings & ties
Overall I am very happy with this muslin.  The fit is good, the top lays nice and is very comfortable. 

Live model view

I'm thinking I need a sway back adjustment.

Back View

Making sure the side seams are straight & perpendicular to the floor.

Side View

Front waist view

Inside View
I'm not a fan of the armhole/sleeve facings.  I may eliminate them on the next version.

Sleeve facings

The back hangs a little better with a sway back adjustment.  My usual is 1/2" (1" total) horizontal dart tapering to nothing at the side seams.

Inside Back view with sway back adjustment
I'm trying to take more "live model" photos and to change up my photo scenery a little.

Butterick 4937
I'm thinking a softer, drapier fabric choice for the next version in a solid color so the waist pleats show more.

My helper for the day.  It's a little chilly outside so he's been laying on my cutting table, reading the directions to me, after he brought me a little bird and a ground mole this morning!

My helper; Sparky the Fat Cat
Until next time......................