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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tan Twill Skirt & Joann's Gift Card

Another skirt.  Nothing exciting to report.  It's my TNT Yvette skirt.  I lengthen it by 7" and added an enclosed kick pleat at the back.  I saw a tutorial on It's Sew Easy I had DVR'd.  Easy & quick!

Tan Twill Skirt

Tan Twill Skirt-Back View

Tan Twill Skirt-Kick Pleat
 Oldest Son & his wife gave me a Joann's gift card for Christmas.  How did they know????  I have held it until a coupon came out.  Pretty good haul if I may say so. 
  1. Homespun fabric for our bathroom. 5yards
  2. Grey knit for a top 1 yard
  3. Grey/White dot knit for a top 1 yard
  4. White stretch denim 3 yards
  5. 1/2" elastic
  6. Purple thread
  7. Frog closure
Joann's Gift Card Haul

I plan on getting to work on the bathroom curtains and getting some pictures when the bathroom is cleaned!

Until next time......................


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Flutter Sleeve Top A Wearable Easter Egg Muslin

My wanting this flutter sleeve top got me digging through my stash of patterns.  After a day full of looking at patterns I couldn't find one I thought looked like the style of the top pictured in the magazine.  Taking a closer look at the top I realized it was just a tank top pattern with flutter sleeves added.

I then remember my Easter dress from 2013 The Butterick 5030 dress had flutter sleeves!  I just matched that sleeve pattern to my tank pattern and I think it came out pretty good. 

Inspiration Version-Polka Dot Flutter Sleeve Top
I had a yard of this purple knit fabric.  It has a strange texture, like kid's pajama fabric. Felty feeling.  But it was perfect for a muslin.

The print reminds me of a decorated Easter egg................

Flutter Sleeve Top-Wearable Muslin
I rocked this neckline!  How come when you don't care, it comes out perfect?  I just made a usual neck band then serged it to the neck and topstitched.


Flutter sleeve

Flutter sleeve

Flutter sleeve
The back isn't lined up perfect but it's behind me so who cares. 

Back view
I have matched this top up with both my purple McCall 7254 Cardigan and also my Butterick 5760 .  I am thinking that I will wear this top often.  Even if I look like an Easter Egg!
McCall 7254

Butterick 5760 Cardigan
Now I'm just looing for a polka dot print in an ITY knit.  I'll keep my eyes out!
All good new with Son's cardiologist appointment! All test came back negative and nothing to be concerned about.  God is GREAT! 
Until next time.....................

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Our Church school has three Senior's graduating this year.  One will be graduating with Honors.  They asked if I could make her a scarf to wear with her gown.  The scarf itself is an easy job but since I don't have an embroidery machine I have to send it out to be embroidered.

Our closest Joann's is over an hour away, Dear Hubby drove me to Joann's Thursday night in a dash.   He is such a trooper.  Knowing that I have to get the scarf made Friday morning and get it to town to the embroiderer so they can get the piece back to me by Thursday, so that I can finish it up and return it to the graduate on Friday and she can have her pictures taken on Saturday morning.......

Well, here comes God's amazing plan............The company I took the scarf to to be embroidered, I've know one of the ladies that works there for over 20 years. (General acquaintance).  She asked would I be interested in a job! And learn the long arm quilt.

A job!  Working with sewing! Working part time!  Working with sewing!

I am in between giddy with excitement and beyond nervous!  I'm not sure what Dear Hubby will say, since he really likes me being here, home, with him.

They would like to teach me not only to long-arm quilt, but also embroidery and offer me the alterations I would like to do on the side.

My first instinct is to jump for joy!  How could I turn down this offer?  Money for my fabric addiction and my hair appointments AND learning something new too!

Ok, back to the beginning of this crazy day.  I know I've mentioned before that I do not like to leave the house.  I'm a homebody.  Home is my safe place.  My place.  But I knew I needed to go to town to see the Embroiderer.  Dread the whole drive (12 miles) to town.  Dread while I sat in my car at their front door, BUT!  They were warm and very welcoming, happy to see me. 

They will be able to get the piece back to me by Thursday.  What a relief on that front.

So all in all, God had the church ask me to sew something, I had to ask for help finishing it, they are in need of help, ISN'T GOD'S PLAN AMAZING!

I ordered this pattern from Etsy for the graduation scarf.  I know I could have made this on my own, but I always doubt myself.  The pattern is easy and I really like how the pattern version lays so nice.  I paid $6 for the pattern but maybe it will come in handy in the future. (You never know).

Butterick 3819

I also have to alter two graduation gowns for the guys.  Looks easy enough so I better get to work.

I'm going to really have to pray about the job.  Some days I'm so busy around the house, I don't know if I'll have time for a job.  But then I don't want to pass up on God's blessing.  I probably don't have to let them know anything until Thursday when I pick up the embroidered piece but I want to make sure I'm making the right decision.

Also on Thursday we're taking Dear Son to a Pediatric Cardiologist Specialist.  He's been having episodes with his heart fluttering.  Our general doctors saw a murmur but wanted to have it looked into farther.  Since Dear Hubby has a pacemaker, we always try to be vigilant with any heart issues.

Graduation gown & sash

Graduation sash

The embroiderer did a beautiful job and the sash was easy to sew together.  I steamed the sash a few times but was afraid to add too much heat that is may either scorch or shrink.  I'm just going to tell them to iron on low before pictures and put between her bed mattresses until may to help lay flat.

After a lot of praying and talking to my Dear Husband about the job, I went to see the owner of the embroidery shop.  She assured me that I am welcome to use ANYTHING in the shop (ie, long arm, embroidery, sewing machines, sergers, large cutting tables, an accuquilt cutter, anything!) be on call for the alterations and when things pick up, work. 

I think it was a great compromise, work if I want, try out a few new machines and still only leave the house when I want too.  Sounds like a plan!

I'm going to deliver the gowns and sash tonight ( two days early!), I hope they will be happy with my work.

Until next time.............


Friday, January 15, 2016

McCall 7254 & Plaid Maxi Skirt & Sewing Wishes & Anti Monkey Butt Powder

****Beware it's a Long Post****

Looking at my stash I remembered I had this purple plaid knit fabric.  I have been wanting to make a skirt with this fabric for some time.  I thought  a maxi skirt would be nice with a neutral colored shirt and a purple cardigan.

Trying to stay with my new resolutions of sewing something other than my TNT patterns, using up some of my stash, and taking my time. I did use my TNT pattern for the shirt.  You can't go wrong with a basic shirt pattern. 

The purple ponte knit looks blue in the pictures but trust me it matches the purple in the plaid. 

Purple Outfit Fabrics
I just draped the fabric on the dress form to get a good idea of what I wanted.  I am thinking of trying to make a yoga type maxi skirt.  I wanted to sew up a cowl neck shirt from the nude jersey knit but the fabric was cut wonky from Fabric Mart so there wasn't a true yard.  My next choice was just a cap sleeve t-shirt.  I am going to have to do some digging for a new cardigan pattern.

Purple Fabric Idea

There wasn't much of the fabric remaining after cutting out  my shirt pattern.  This fabric was very thin.  I found a few tips after I made up the shirts.  Sewing with tissue paper under the fabric helps prevent waves in the seams. (Now I know for next time!)

Nude Jersey Knit Fabric

$5.00 Shirt
 Simple nude cap sleeve shirt.  I know it's a TNT but it's a basic, so you can't go wrong.

Nude Cap Sleeve Shirt

This purple "eggplant" knit fabric is so soft.  It has a lot of stretch and drapes beautifully. 

Purple Plaid Knit Fabric
I didn't use a pattern for the skirt. I just kinda winged it.  It turned out pretty good if I must say so myself! 

Top & Skirt

Purple Plaid Knit Fabric Yoga Maxi Skirt
***I've worn this skirt 3 times already, I love it!***
One of my worst habits is sewing only my TNT's.  I like when a pattern fits and I can just whip it up.  But I decided that I would stick to my resolution of sewing new patterns.  This McCall 7254 came to mind.  View E was calling my name. 
McCall 7254 Cardigan
I had to adjust my pattern to fit my girls and my hips.  I added 3" to the waist/hip area. 

McCall 7254 Pattern adjustment

Purple McCall 7254 Cardigan
After wearing the jacket, my next version I will remove about an inch from the shoulder/sleeve cap.  The sleeves start a little low on my shoulder.  I also will take the jacket in about an inch at the waist/hip area and also remove about an inch from the center back where the flounce meets.

But the Jacket is very wearable and I'm so happy I do have a little wiggle room in it so that I can wear a sweater under.

McCall 7254 Cardigan-Back View
$4.00 McCall 7254 Purple Cardigan

Some new items on my mind for upcoming sewing are:

I can make this top!  It looks like a tank style top with flutter sleeves.  Easy Peasy!

I would also like to try to make culotte underliners (culotte slip) being fluffy, your thighs will rub and chafe especially during hotter weather.

 I have a pair of these shorts slip but since my thighs are a little chunky, they seem to want to ride up on my left leg?????  So I've ordered a few yards of Tricot nylon in beige from www.fabric.com this past week and I'll work on a pattern for sewing both them and the longer legged version. 

How's that for venturing out of my comfort zone? 

By the way, I have a little tip to share about thigh chafe.  I use Anti-Monkey Butt Powder on my thighs and under by breast.  I've used it for years and it's the best stuff to help wick away extra moisture.  They make a lady's version (scent?) but I've always used this one.

Anti Monkey Butt Powder
The trouble I have is the only place in our little town that carries it is our local Ace Hardware store.  Now if you know little towns, it's the one place everyone hangs out at!  I usually get a few heckles when I buy it too.  Luckily a bottle last almost a year!

Happy sewing & until next time.............................


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Simplicity 1072 Blue Sequin Top

I know I am suppose to be sewing "new" patterns, but I wanted another one of the Simplicity 1072 tops.  I "improved" the pattern a little to fit me a little better.  I took in at the side seams and the sleeves so the shirt didn't look so big on me.  Believe me I haven't lost any weight.........

Simplicity 1072

The blue sequin fabric was a little bit tricky to sew.  I went through 3 needles on the serger.  It was worth it though.  I REALLY like this version of the top.

Blue Multi Sequin Knit Back Fabric

Simplicity 1072 Blue Sequin Top

Simplicity 1072 Top-Side View
 I did add the band at the waist for this version.  I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but I do....I really do! 

Simplicity 1072 Blue Sequin Top

Simplicity 1072 Top-Back view
I had a few yards of black poly/rayon nylon ponte knit from Fabric Mart left over that I used for the sides, back and sleeves. 

This version of the Simplicity 1072 top was under $10.00!  $9.92 to be exact.  But whose counting?

I am waiting for the cooler weather to get here so that I can "show off" my new top!

Until next time.......................


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Simplicity 1098 Fleece Wrap

I'm still working on sewing outside my usual TNT patterns.  After seeing a few reviews on patternreviews.com I thought this would be an easy sew.

Simplicity 1098 Wrap
 The pattern calls for fleece and I had this beautiful burgundy fleece in my stash.  I think that this will be a nice cover up if winter ever gets here! 

Simplicity 1098 Fleece Wrap
Sorry for the bra on my dress form, I took the photos quick and wasn't really thinking.

Simplicity 1098 Fleece Wrap
 My wrap wraps opposite of the pattern picture but hey, I'm a lefty so it works for me!

Simplicity 1098 Fleece Wrap
I did lengthen the shoulder darts about 1-1/2" since I'm not a size 10!  Maybe next time I will make this from a ponte knit and lengthen one side so that it fits over the "girls". 

I am planning on working on a basic skirt pattern.  Something with darts rather than elastic at the waist.

Oh, by the way, this "New Year" deep cleaning has begun and I've cleaned the master bathroom and now I'm resting with my feet up, heat on my back and a bit a pain meds!  Some things just shouldn't happen...........But I'm going to continue on and work on the Master bedroom next.  It's a pretty easy clean.  Wash the curtains, dust the walls, vacuum and I'm done with this one. 

Until next time....................


Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Resolutions

I'm not one to make personal New Year's Resolutions but I try to "improve" my daily life and reflect on things that I should do.  It seems after the holiday I get into a cleaning mood.  Things need to get cleaned that I've apparently put blinders on during the year. 

This year I'm going to try to get to my DEEP housecleaning but I'm going to go about it a little different. I usually just jump in and try to get the whole house done in a week.  I'm thinking that if I take a room a week and deep clean, I won't get overwhelmed and maybe I won't hurt myself.  Also I will have time for my daily cleaning of the rest of the house and a little sewing time in there too.

This year I'm going to try to make a few "Resolutions" for my sewing too.
                I am not a fan of sewing quilts but I seem to always have great results.  So I'm going to try to quilt just a little more.  Maybe try a few new blocks, make a quilt here or there and learn something new in the meantime.
 I am going to try to get out of my comfort zone to not sew my favorites ALL the time.  I will try a new pattern, use some new fabrics and try new techniques.

               I want to try to sew slower, be a little more accurate, taking my time and enjoying the process. 

I hope that everyone has a Happy New Year and Happy Sewing!

Until next time...................