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Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day (Decoration Day) 2016

I live only a few miles away from the Florida National Cemetery, I get to stop by and see the graves decorated before it gets too busy.

This year was no exception.  I get so teary seeing all those beautiful flags waving along the driveways.

The thousands of flags placed on the graves standing at attention  brings all the reality of how the valiant efforts of the hundreds of thousands of men and women who put country before self and gave their lives for our nation.  They  felt a sense of duty, and they dedicated their lives to fulfill that duty.

I Thank You for your service and sacrifice.

Happy Memorial Day!

Until next time..............


A Basic.....Black ITY Knit Cap Sleeve Top

I've been in dire need of basics.  Especially a black top.  Since I bought  yards of black ITY knit fabric why not make a much needed top.

I used my TNT cap sleeve top pattern.  I also did the french method for neck binding.  It made a nice thin binding.  I like the simplicity of it!

Black ITY Knit Cap Sleeve Top

Top for only $3.60
This is the same fabric as the McCall 6844 Short sleeve cardigan I posted earlier.  This top will be a great addition to my wardrobe since you can't go wrong with a black top.

Black ITY Knit Cap Sleeve Top

Maybe something more interesting is in the works for my next sew!

Until next time.................


Friday, May 27, 2016

McCall 6844 Yellow Knit Cardigan

I just LOVE the McCall 6844 cardigan pattern!  It's quick and easy to sew up and you can dress it up or dress it down.

This version I used ITY knit, made elbow length sleeves and no flounce.  I used the burrito method for the collar also.

I can't wait to wear this to Church on Sunday with my Muse Natalie Navy ITY Knit dress, some pearls and white sandals.

McCall 6844 Yellow Knit Cardigan

McCall 6844 Yellow Knit Cardigan $7.98

McCall 6844 Yellow Knit Cardigan

Until next time................


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Purple Maxi Knit Tank Dress & McCall 6844 Black ITY Knit Cardgian

While I'm on a roll of sewing dresses, why not make another tank dress!
Purple Maxi Knit Tank Dress

I made this dress maxi length (54" long), used fold over elastic for the neckline and steam a seam 2 for the armholes, folding over the fabric and topstitching.  I used a small 1/4" hem along the bottom of the dress.

The pattern on the fabric is great for hiding all my trouble spots (tummy, butt, etc).  It's the perfect camouflage!

The dress was easy and fast to sew up using my TNT tank dress pattern.  I've worn this dress twice since sewing it.  I love the ease of slipping it on, adding a cardigan and a little jewelry and off I go!

$10.80 Maxi Dress!

Purple Maxi Knit Tank Dress

I'm going to have to make a few more of these!

I'm thinking that it needs a black cardigan to go with it.................McCall 6844 again?  Of Course!

I made the sleeves above the elbow length.  The perfect length for summer and I can still wear it to Church.

McCall 6844 Black ITY Knit Cardigan

Purple Maxi Dress & McCall 6844 Black Cardigan

McCall 6844 Black ITY Knit Cardigan

McCall 6844 Short Sleeve Cardigan

McCall 6844 Cardigan $7,20

Purple Maxi Dress & McCall 6844 Cardigan

I'm on a cardigan kick again, I must sew another!

Until next time...................


Monday, May 23, 2016

Blue Stripe ITY Knit Dress

Summer is HERE!  It's HOT & HUMID!  It's time to sew some summer dresses.

Shopping at Fabric Mart last week and look what beautiful fabric the UPS man brought me......

I used my TNT tank dress pattern, added short sleeves and finished off the neck with a band.  I did not finish the bottom hem of the dress, you can not tell since it's cut on the blue stripe.  Easy enough!

Blue Stripe ITY Knit Dress
I used a neckband to finish off the neck edge.  It makes it a little more sporty looking.

I also cut the front bodice piece twice.  Making one only waist length.  You really can't see the top layer but fabric was a little thin and it gives a little coverage.  I didn't finish the hem edge of the outer piece.  (Would be a great idea for a nursing top too).

Outer layer on bodice top
Another summer dress for a great price.

Blue Stripe ITY Knit Dress for $10.80!
I added short short sleeves to the tank dress.  I am ready to wear this dress!

Blue Stripe ITY Knit Dress

Blue Stripe Dress
I have more fabric in the box to sew up!  I better get to work................

Until next time....................


Friday, May 20, 2016

McCall's M7160 Knit Dress

I fit in a little "ME" sewing while waiting to receive more fabric for the quilt.  I have a mixed review for the McCall M7160 dress.

The pattern is "easy", there were only one skirt piece (cut twice) and two bodice pieces & pocket piece (cut four times). I made view "D" without sleeves.   I was excited that this dress had pockets.  But...................

McCall M7160 Knit Dress
 The good about this pattern are:

  1. I LOVE the circle skirt!  The fullness & the length.
That's all for the good.

The bad things are:
  1. The pockets on the jersey knit are not so good.  Not sure if it's the fabric or the pattern
  2. The bodice has a seam down the front.  It would be ok if I used a stripe fabric on the bias.
I'm going to keep the skirt pattern for future use.  I will just need to use my basic sloper for the top.

Sorry for the fish-eye type view, I was trying out my new camera with a mini tripod.  It's the only photo I have of the dress.

McCall M7160 Blue Jersey Knit Dress

3 yards Jersey Knit Fabric $12.00
 We opened the pool!  The 80 degree water is calling me.  I try to fit in a hour or so here and there to relax and bob in the water.

Pool is Open!
 Fabric arrived and I have finished Dear Hubby's Aunt's quilt.  There is a lot of sentimental blocks that make up this very colorful, one of a kind, piece of art!  Put on your sunglasses!

Brenda Quilt ready to be Quilted!
I have taken the quilt top to the quilter.  He's running about 4-6 weeks behind so with fingers crossed, I'm hoping it will be done close to June 12th.  She's going to cry!

Until next time.................


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I'm A Little Late!

Life gets in the way sometimes so I'm now trying to catch up with my blog postings.

I know I'm a little late but I wanted to show you what a wonderful family I have.  For Mother's Day my Dear Hubby surprised me with a new camera!  I have been "borrowing" his work camera for a year or so.  I don't have a cell phone so I don't have "that" type of camera either.  So it was a PERFECT gift.  It's a Canon SX410 IS.  It takes amazing photos!  So I've been busy snapping pictures of the wildlife around our house.

Mother's Day 2016
 I have a few hummingbirds that zoom by and the camera caught one resting on my garden fence.  It's such a beautiful bird.


A Gopher Turtle
It's turkey mating season and there are two toms and about 10 hens.  This is the first time in many years the Toms have been out strutting.

Tom Turkey
 My little pug was caught smiling!  Look at those faces............they are so sweet to me!

My Fur Babies Lulu & Bojangles
I hope you all had a Blessed Mother's Day and know that every woman is special in her own way!

I can't wait to get sewing for ME!

Until next time....................


Friday, May 6, 2016

More Quilt Blocks, My Violets, & Butterick 5753 Fail

We took a little extended weekend trip last week to Georgia.  It was not any cooler there than here in Florida.  A plus was that there were so many things in bloom while we were there.  Since I am not a native there, I had no idea what trees/bushes/plants they were.  But the smell was just wonderful!

We saw a few (13) deer and a water snake.  Nothing too exciting.  But when we got home we had National Geographic in our back yard.  It's Turkey mating season and the hens are out but this is the first time in my life I saw wild turkey gobblers.  They were gobbling away, calling in the hens.  And then a few acres over there were deer grazing in the pine trees.  On our way home last night there was a 10-foot Alligator on the side of the road.   It was good to be home!

I'm slowly making progress on the quilt for Dear Hubby's Aunt.  I've finished about half of the 108 quilt blocks!

I've called the long arm quilter and he's running 4-6 weeks behind right now.  His Aunt may not get the quilt in time for her birthday June 12th, but that's what happens when you decide at the last minutes to give a handmade gift.

Their only son passed away 4 years ago and every year on the anniversary of his death, they float fishing bobbers in the river in memory of him.  I thought that one fishing bobber block had to be added to the quilt.
Bobber Quilt Block

They breed pugs and gave us both of ours.  I had these pug quilt blocks for a few years but I think that they are going to a good home.  No picture yet but I did snap one of the pinwheels.  I enjoyed making this quilt block but I'm glad I only had to make 12 of them!

Pinwheel Quilt Block

There was so many extreme different quilt blocks I thought that adding solid color blocks would help with the flow of the quilt.  I have to pick up a few more fat quarters to finish up the solid blocks.  I just didn't have that much in my stash of quilting fabric of purple or orange.

Since this quilt has taken over the sewing room, I have to take Dear Daughter shopping tomorrow for a dress for her 8th grade dance & graduation.  I so wanted to sew her something but I'm afraid time will run out on me..........It makes me sad, but I do get to spend the afternoon with her and my Mother. 

My African Violets are blooming that I repotted a few months ago.  They make me smile!

African Violet
Our garden in full of yellow and green squash.  There are so many bright yellow blooms that it looks like a field of gold coins!

Now to the dreaded news of a sewing fail!

A week or so ago I made the Butterick 5753 Top.  I had seen many reviews and the top looked too cute!
Butterick 5753 Top
 This was one of the most confusing patterns to sew up.  Maybe if my fabric had a right & wrong side it might have helped.   But 6 pieces for a simple t-shirt!  No finished measurements!  I measured, added my usual hip/bust increase.

Well...............  The shirt was about 40 sizes too big.  I could have made a tablecloth out of it!  I didn't take a picture of that disaster.  But I couldn't just put it down.  So I took in from the underarm to the hips.  Shortened the sleeves and finished the neck edge and the hem.

I tried the top on and it fit much better but the sleeves are so wonky that it went into the garbage!  Thank goodness it was a muslin and I used some "given to me" fabric.

Butterk 5753 Top

Butterick 5753 Back View
If anyone would like this pattern, comment to me and I'll be happy to share it with you. (First come,first serve.  US shipping only please).   I hope you'll have better luck than I did with it.  The pattern is sized L-XL-XXL.  It's cut out to the largest size and the only other damage is tear stains of frustration on the instructions!  There are so many top patterns out there I really don't want to fuss with this headache again!

I can't wait to sew something for ME!  I've had to wear the same dress more than twice!  LOL!

Until next time.............................


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

McCall 7359 Top-Purple Stripe Version

I wore the McCall 7359 blue stripe version Saturday to girl M's softball game.  I thought that the top still needed a little more fitting.  It was ok but the chest was a little big and the neck facing was a little wonky.

So off to the sewing room to make another!

I used a purple stripe woven fabric from a mystery bundle from Fabric Mart.  Another top for about $1.50!

I took another 1" dart out from the shoulder tapering to nothing at the waist, going through the yoke.  I also cut the pieces on the bias for the front and back yokes to allow for some eye movement on the fabric.

McCall 7359 Purple Stripe Top
I added a little more interest to the front yoke by laying out the pattern at a 45 degree angle.  Then I didn't have to match the stripes at the yokes!
McCall 7359 Purple Stripe Top-Front Yoke
I also angled the stripes at the back yoke. 

McCall 7359 Purple Stripe Top-Back View

McCall 7359 Purple Stripe Top-Back Yoke

McCall 7359 Purple Stripe Top-Shoulder View

I really like how this version came out, I have already worn it and I am keeping this version.  Maybe another will be in the works soon.  Maybe something in a challis or a drapy fabric.....

I was inspired by Beverly from SewMuchMore.  Her version is so pretty.  You can see her here. 

The baby chicks are getting big, they are almost ready to go to the chick pen outside.  My laundry room is sooooo dusty!  But I love hearing their peeps.

Baby Chicks at 4 weeks old
 I have been asked to make a quilt for Dear Hubby's Aunt.  Her favorite colors are Black/Orange/Purple!  Wish me luck making those colors work.

She loves to canning jars.  This is a sample of my mason jar quilt block.  I'm thinking of using a vegetable print fabric for the jar itself.

Mason Jar Quilt Block

Until next time...............