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Friday, December 28, 2018

Christmas Blessings 2018

I have to brag on my Dear Hubby for a minute.  I went Christmas shopping with him the Wednesday before Christmas.  I tried hard not to look at things in fear that he would think it was something I wanted.  But when we went into Belks looking for our Daughter-In-Law a glass  bowl for her Kitchen-aide mixer, we walked by the handbag department and this beautiful Micheal Kors purse made me stop and look at itself!   Dear Hubby bought me a Micheal Kors purse last year for Christmas that I carry it every day and I didn't need another purse.

Micheal Kors $358
 So Dear Hubby snuck away from work on Christmas eve and went back to Belks for the purse.  After seeing the price tag and almost having a heart attack......He knew I would kill him if he spent $358 on a purse!

So he bought me one he thought I would like and I LOVE it even more.  I didn't have one in a light color and it was PERFECT!  Better than that, he picked me out a wallet that was not only RFID but had a portable power pack for charging my cell phone.  He's the best!
b.o.c $45.00

b.o.c. wallet $20.00

b.o.c. power pack wallet
My Momma drove over for Christmas Eve and we had a very nice time with ALL the kids here.  I didn't remember to take any pictures while everyone was here but I did take a few photos of some of the wonderful presents I received.

Girl M & Boy AJ gave me a shadowbox sign that I've hung in the dining room.  It's perfect!

Blessed & Grateful

My Momma gifted me a nightgown and robe set from Vermont Country Store that's so pretty. It's an  Elieen West Midnight Sonata set in mint green cotton, perfect for summertime.  She also gave me a Pioneer Woman lazy susan and a Olfa 60" rotary cutter and extra blades.

Eileen West Midnight Sonata Nightgown & Robe
Pioneer Woman lazy susan

Olfa rotary cutter with extra blades

Boy T & our DIL gave me the best apron and an essential oil necklace.  Boy F. gave me Bath & Body Works candles.

My favorite scents

Perfect saying apron

Essential Oil necklace

My sweet niece gave Dear Hubby & myself a coffee cup  with our initials and a dish towel that I LOVE the saying.

Dear Hubby received two thin blue line gifts.  Our oldest Son and DIL gave him this mirrored one.  Dear Hubby has already taken it to his office to show it off.  He was so proud.

Thin blue line framed work
Dear Hubby's boss gave him this wooden thin blue line artwork.  A very touching and considerate gift.
Wooden thin blue line artwork
The stars are bullet casings.  A piece of art.

Bullet casings

Sparky the Fat Cat got a cozy house for Christmas.  He did go in a sleep most of the day on Christmas but hasn't looked at it since.

Sparky the Fat Cat
Bojangles was gifted treats from Boy T & Girl K and our grand-dogs.  He laid there staring at the container most of the afternoon.  He knew it was for him.

Bojangles's treats
 Santa Paws brought Bojangles a little something in his stocking.  While I was in the Kitchen making cinnamon rolls this is what he did until the kids got up.  He knew the stocking was for him.  He's so smart!

Guarding his stocking
I am truly Blessed and spoiled!

Until next time...................


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Islander Sewing System #232 Hangin' Out Shirt Christmas Gifts

I made Girl M's boyfriend two shirts for a Christmas gift.  Fabric mart had some cotton fabrics on sale and I thought of him when I saw them.  I'm not sure what he's going to think of the Math fabric but it cracks me up.

Mathematical Print Fabric

$11.00 Shirt

Short sleeve Front View

Back View
Since it's always so hot here in Florida I usually make short sleeve shirts but I had enough fabric to make a long sleeve version in the horse print.  I'm amazed how easy sewing sleeve plackets and cuffs on is and wonder why I don't do it more often.

Poplin Horse Print

Long Sleeve Front View

Back View

$7.50 Shirt
Both shirts sewed up easily and I do hope he likes them.  (I'll update later on)

While sewing I saw a pin in the bottom of my coffee cup!  OMG I'm trying to kill myself!  See how dangerous sewing and drinking can be.  I think I'll start putting a lid on my coffee cup from now on.

Drinking coffee & sewing is dangerous!
I'm off to sew something wonderful.................

Until next time...................


Monday, December 24, 2018

McCall 6074 Christmas Plaid, Party Highlights & Sparky the Fat Cat

Our oldest Son and Daughter in law host a Christmas party every year.  They come up with the most fun theme and usually we have a night of non-stop laughter and lots of food.

This year their theme was Christmas Pajamas and "As Seen On TV" gifts for the gift exchange game.

Well, I don't wear pajamas because I don't wear pants.  I did buy a cheap pair of fleece lounge pants  at Rural King and donated them to Girl M.  I felt like I couldn't breath!  So I made a Christmas dress/gown.  I had planned on just adding my robe and some slippers and call it an outfit!

I used my McCall 6074 TNT pattern.  I was not paying attention and realized after cutting it out and sewing it up that the pattern is angled.  Oh, well......... good enough for a family Christmas party.

McCall 6074 Plaid Brushed Jersey Knit Dress

Plaid brushed jersey knit dress
The fabric purchased at Fabric Mart during their 60% off jersey knit fabric sale back in November.  The brushed jersey fabric feels so baby soft.  The recovery is good and it sewed up great on my sewing machine, but the serger didn't like it???  Not sure why but it did ok if I serged slowly.  Glad there were only a few seams.

$21.58 Dress
At the last minute I didn't wear the robe because it was pouring rain and I just wasn't feeling it.  Everyone commented that the dress looked like something I would wear everyday..........well........ I wouldn't wear this.  I don't know why I'm not liking it.

I did end up cutting the sleeves off and making the dress short sleeves.  You never know about Florida's winter weather and it ended up being too warm for long sleeves and a sweater.

Dear Hubby looked too cute in his lounge pants.  He doesn't wear pajamas but he said he liked the flannel lounge pants and would probably take them to Georgia to hunt camp for the cold nights there.

Going to the Christmas Party
Girl M & Boy AJ were too funny.  He has on a Unicorn onesie.........I don't even want to know!  But he always keeps us on our toes!

Girl M & Boy AJ
But the funniest one was Boy F had on the pink bunny suit from A Christmas Story.  That was a shocking sight!  He's our comedian in the family.

Boy AJ & Boy F

Girl M. & our sweet Daughter-in-law.  They get along great and we are so blessed to have her in our family.
Girl K & Girl M

We enjoyed the As Seen On TV gift game.  We came home with magnetic eyelashes, Lint Lizard (dryer lint remover attachment for a vacuum cleaner) and two hearing enhancers!  What gifts!  I wanted to win "The Clapper".  But no luck!

Next year's plans are The Grinch Christmas Party and the gift must be "green".  I have a whole year to plan this one!

Food For Thought

Do you keep a sewing journal?  I use a spiral binder for TNT & Sure-Fit Designs and I have a three ring binder for things I need to grade sizes with a fill in the blank chart.  But this spiral is almost full with makes from this past year.  I write down any information about sewing the item, the fabric tag, and I staple a swatch of the fabric.

How do you record your sewing?
Sewing Journal

Animal Spotlight

Sparky the Fat Cat has fit right into our family.  After a few weeks of feeding him outside he realized we have a doggy door.  Now he just comes in and out and makes himself at home.  He like to bring me little yard moles, mice and huge grasshoppers.  I think he's sticking around.

Sparky the Fat Cat thinks he's getting warm
We named him Sparky since he found us July 4th week, but I've recently added FAT CAT because he's gained 11 pounds since then.  I think it's fitting.

That attitude!
I wish you ALL a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year

Until next time....................


Friday, December 21, 2018

A-Line Red Crushed Velvet Knit Dress

Girl M. needed a holiday dress.  I used her usual TNT A-line dress with  elastic 3/4 length sleeves.  I estimated the length using all the fabric.  The fabric was cheap and I hope it washes ok after wearing.  If not, no big loss.

A-line Red Crushed Velvet Knit Dress
I added fusible interfacing strips along the neckline and turned and stitched for the neck. I hemmed the dress with a 1" bottom hem.

A-line Red Crushed Velvet Knit Dress

$9.00 dress

The dress looked so much better on Girl M. than my dress form.  She received many compliments at Church.

Girl M.
I am hoping to get to a Vogue cape pattern next..............

Until next time.............


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Simplicity 1067 Navy Fleece Jacket

Girl M didn't have a jacket for our Florida winter that has started early.  So this Momma got to work making her a new jacket.

I used the Simplicity 1067 View C.

Simplicity 1067
The directions are easy to follow and the jacket sewed up quickly.  I surprised her with this jacket so I did not make a muslin and hoped for the best.

I cut out a size 14 for the shoulders, bust and sleeves grading out to a size 18 at the hips. 

Simplicity 1067 Navy Fleece Jacket

Back View
Quick photo before school.  She really liked the jacket and said that it's the warmest jacket she's ever owned.

Girl M. before school

Great sunlight morning photo

Back View
The only thing she asked to change for another jacket was to lengthen the sleeves by about 1-3/4" and lower the pockets about 2".  Easy changes.

$19.50 jacket
I probably could have bought her a fleece jacket for the same price but she's happy, I'm happy all is good in the world!

Until next time......................


Monday, December 17, 2018

McCall 5668 Gray Tweed Jacket

I've had this beautiful grey piece of fabric for a few years and I have finally decided to use it.  I didn't have a tag where I purchased it and was unsure of what it was.  I believe it's a woven tweed fabric.  I started out thinking I wanted to make a long slim skirt.  Then I hesitated because there would have been leftover fabric....So I decided to sew up another McCall 5668 jacket.

After wearing the black boucle version I really, really liked the jacket pattern.  It was very comfortable and made me look slimmer.  Winning both ways!

McCall 6558 Gray Tweed Jacket

Gray Tweed Fabric Close-up

Back View

I interfaced the body pieces with Pellon EK130 knit interfacing and the sleeves are lined with a nylon lining.  Easy to sew up and the fabric has a soft hand.

I think with a simple sheath type dress or any tank and skirt this jacket will become a wardrobe staple in my closet.

Speaking of closets,  I REALLY need to go through my clothes AGAIN.  The clothes are packed in so tight they are starting to wrinkle.  Not good!

I'm off to sew something great...................

Until next time...............