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Friday, November 29, 2019

McCall 7803 Charmeuse Raglan Tie Front Peplum Top

Dear Hubby and I had an event to attend for his work.  After planning to wear this outfit we were informed that the event was un-air conditioned and the daytime temperature that day was 90 degrees!  Wardrobe change!

I used 2 yards of 100% polyester charmeuse fabric from FabricMartFabrics.com for this version of the McCall 7803 top.  The fabric sewed up beautifully and pressed like a dream with a pressing cloth and medium/high heat.  I was able to make a size 16 at the shoulders, bust & sleeve and tapering to a size 22 at the waist & hips.  I'm still a little hippie!

McCall 7803 Charmeuse Raglan Tie Front Peplum Top

Back View

I didn't want a visible hem seam along the hem so I serged the hem, turned up and used a blind stitch hem for both the bottom and the sleeve hems.  Just hidden enough in the print and not much of a visible hem line.

Blind stitch hem

McCall 7803 Charmeuse Raglan Tie Front Peplum Top
I'm off to sew something new!

Until next time............


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a day to reflect on what all you are Thankful for.  I try my best to be Thankful EVERY day.  Our Thanksgiving is very non-traditional, but a tradition to "US".

This year is no exception.  We travel to Georgia for Thanksgiving week.  Hunting.  Getting up at 5:15am every morning.  Lots of soups for dinner.  Family visits between hunting times.  Making Memories.

This year we got to spend the first half of the week with Boy T and Lady K.  I enjoy their company so much.  I'm usually the camp cook and I like soup because it's one pot cooking , easy, warms your belly and can feed a crowd.

Since the kids had to leave on Wednesday before Thanksgiving to go back to Florida (uggh jobs!), we decided to have Thanksgiving with them on Monday afternoon.  We took our non-traditional meal up a notch and decided to have a low country boil.  We've never cooked one and Dear Hubby has just recently decided he likes shrimp!

Low country boil Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving sides

Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving week selfie

Sunset over a cotton field

Girl M & Dear Hubby
Boy F. and his girlfriend will be coming up on Thursday evening to spend the last half of the week with us.  We plan on another non-traditional Thanksgiving meal with them on Saturday.  We'll see what I can come up with.

I miss my sewing room, my fabrics, and my routine.  I've caught up on YouTube videos, sewing blogs & now I have a million new sewing ideas to try. 

I hope that you get to spend time with the people you Love,

Happy Thanksgiving


Wednesday, November 27, 2019

White & Gray Leopard Print Hacchi Sweater Knit Duster & Graduation

I have always like animal print and red together and I finally founds a good animal print to wear with my hair color (not too brown).  Another Hacchi Sweater knit fabric from FabricMartFabrics. com.  

I use a Sure-Fit Designs cardigan pattern from long ago and lengthen it to use up all the fabric.  I also etch out a belt.  It's an easy sew and the fabric is so soft.

White & Gray Leopard Print Hacchi Sweater Duster

Back View
I sewed up a TNT princess shoulder seam sheath dress in a Tomato red ponte knit fabric also from FabricMartFabrics.com.  I really need to adjust my paper pattern so I don't have to keep taking in the dress after basting it together.  Maybe one day!

TNT Ponte Knit Princess Seam Dress

Animal Print & Red

Side split
I had a teal/aqua/blue-green ponte knit dress in my closet and liked the color with the white & gray leopard print duster too!

Wardrobe Versatility!

White & Gray Leopard Print Hacchi Sweater Knit Duster

Our Nephew graduation from Corrections Academy and Girl M wore the duster with MY top & skirt!  My whole entire outfit!  Sorry my eyes are closed but the other photo had Boy J's head down.

Boy J's Correction Academy Graduation

Boy J was hired on at the Sheriff's Office to work with his Dad (far right), his Uncle (on his left) and Boy T (far left).  Family tradition!

Family of Officers

I had enough Tomato red ponte knit fabric left over to make an easy pull-on knit skirt.  Easy sew with lots of wardrobe possibilities

Pattern is a Sure-Fit Designs and fabric is from FabricMartFabrics.com.

Ponte knit pull-on skirt
Animal print purchased! top.  I love this combination!

Animal Print & Red

Another purchased top.  I love polka dots too!

Polka Dots & Red
I'm off to sew something new!

Until next time................


Monday, November 25, 2019

Purple & Green Abstract Print Hacchi Sweater Duster & New Toys

I'm really liking sewing up sweater dusters.  I feel they are versatile and fashionable at the same time.  I love the colors of the Hacchi sweater knit I bought from FabricMartFabrics.com and the green TNT dress I had in my closet was a great match.

Sweater Duster
I was afraid the duster looked too Mardi Gras.

$15.75 Sweater Duster

Sunday Photo
My Brother CE7070PRW sewing machine started acting up and I just happened to look on Facebook Marketplace and someone had this Vintage Kenmore sewing machine for sale.  It came with the manual, extra feet & some supplies.  I have been considering an older machine because they are usually metal, made for heavier sewing.

Kenmore 1302

It was a tight squeeze but I made it fit in my sewing room!  The Kenmore is similar to the one my Mother had when I was growing up.  Girl M. helped me clean it up and oil it and this machines runs beautifully!

Cozy Sewing

The seller had this 2000 Janome beauty for sale too.  They made me an offer I could NOT refuse.  Both machines for $55!  I could not bring them home quick enough.  The Janome fit down into my sewing table perfect.  My Brother didn't fit there.  It was a match made in Heaven!

Janome L392
I ordered a new bobbin case for my Brother machine and it helped.  I just think that since I sew A LOT that I need a heavy duty machine.  But my Brother machine makes beautiful buttonholes and blind hem stitch for hemming.  I'll just keep it working to use for sewing them.

Creative Heaven
I'm off to play with my "NEW TO ME" toys!

Until next time..............


Friday, November 22, 2019

Kwik Sew 3915 Pewter Sweater Knit Top & Christmas Decor Sewing

Having such success with the purple sweater knit top I had to make a second top from this super soft pewter rayon/poly/lycra  sweater knit fabric.  It feels like cashmere. 

Kwik Sew 3915

Neck View
The fabric was purchased at Fabric Mart Fabrics a few months back.  I used buttons from my stash and could only find three so I made it work.

Kwik Sew 3915 Pewter Sweater Knit Top

I made a few Christmas decor items. This year is black & white buffalo plaid Christmas.

 I purchased this quilt panel from Annie's Attic.  I added the black & white buffalo check border and the red binding.  I remember why I don't like quilting.  I love the finished product but HATED the quilting process!

Quilt panel wall hanging
New family stockings with the Brookshier #07739 pattern in my stash.  Buffalo plaid fabric from Fabric.com!  Can you believe I shopped somewhere else?  I didn't have names embroidered on the cuffs in case I changed the theme next year.  The white cuff fabric was velour knit-Better Spa Wear Manufacturer from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  The velour knit was easy to work with and feels so soft.


I purchased the table runners and pillow covers from Amazon.

Tablecloth made my me with fabric from Fabric.com. 

Growing up my Mom had a stuffed Christmas tree we displayed every year.  This is my version from the McCall 4693 pattern in my stash.  It was an easy sew and soooo cute!

McCall 4693 Stuffed Christmas Tree

Buffalo plaid Christmas

Funny thing about living in Florida is that your plants don't always know when to bloom.  My violets just bloom whenever and I like it like that!

African Violets

My few herbs I try to keep alive with another African Violet plant.

Cilantro, Basil & African Violet
I'm off to sew something new..............

Until next time...............


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Kwik Sew 3915 Purple Sweater Top

Winter may not be much here in Florida but when you only own sleeveless tops and open toe shoes, you may need a wardrobe overhaul soon.  We've had a few cool days and a sweater is just what's needed.

I dug through my TNT favorite patterns and made up another version of Kwik Sew 3915 top View A.

Kwik Sew 3915

Kwik Sew 3915 Purple Sweater Top

I used a 3/4" sleeve length and finished the hems with fusible interfacing then stitched.

I also made the loops and added the buttons. The buttons & loops turned out very nice and I think that this top will be a Fall wardrobe staple.

Buttons & loops

Back View


I really like this top but I don't have a skirt to go with it!

I'm off to sew something new!

Until next time.................


Monday, November 18, 2019

Animal Print Sweater Knit Duster

I used a cardigan pattern and lengthened the pattern for a sweater duster.  I used 3 yards of sweater knit I had in my stash forever. I made belt carriers and a belt for the duster.  I hope when wearing it won't look too much like a bathrobe.

Animal Print Sweater Knit Duster
What are your opinions of dusters?

Until next time................


Friday, November 15, 2019

McCall 7803 Watercolor Floral Liverpool Double Knit Top with Peplum

I went outside of my comfort zone and sewed up something new.  I wanted another top to wear with the medallion yellow ponte knit long skirt.  

I worked up a quick muslin for View A and decided to use a double knit fabric so I eliminated the invisible back zipper, the center back seam and cut the back & peplum on the fold.  I raised the front split 2-1/2" for my modesty sake!  I cut out a straight 16 and still took in the sides seams at the waist an additional 1/2".  

This is an easy top to sew up once I made the muslin.  All notches matched up and I am really liking this pattern.

McCall 7803

View A

I used 2 yards of a watercolor floral Liverpool double knit I purchased from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  The fabric sewed up beautifully, didn't need much pressing and feels wonderful on the skin.  

McCall 7803 Watercolor Floral Liverpool Double Knit Top with Peplum
 I love the way the raglan sleeves hang.  They feel fancy!  I was worried that this style would look a little over the top on me but it makes my waist look very small.  I really like the design & style of this pattern.

Back View

Sunday Selfie

I really am liking this top.  It was very comfortable and I may make another version, maybe a solid color and a size smaller too!

Until time........................