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Monday, April 29, 2019

McCall 6074 Tropical Print Knit Dress

So what happens when you mix your favorite McCall 6074 TNT dress with your new favorite Copy Cat T-shirt pattern?

You get a lovely summer dress!

McCall 6074 meets Copy Cat T-shirt Pattern

MCcall 6074 Tropical Print Knit Dress

Tie split sleeves

V-neck back
This dress just screams Summer!

I'm off to sew something else......................

Until next time.........................


Friday, April 26, 2019

Blue & White Floral Linen Dresses

Girl M is going to KILL me!  I made us matching dresses!  I wanted to make her another shift dress like this one and I thought this beautiful blue & white floral linen fabric would be a good choice.  There was enough fabric leftover that I cut out myself a dress too.

I used my Sure-Fit Designs pattern to make both dresses.  Sleeveless, knee length, bias binding at the neck and armholes.  Simple, cool and classy.  I'm ready to get the pool open!

Linen Floral Sheath Dress

I made the Grand-dogs neck bandannas for Easter.  Aren't they sweet!

 Boy F. has started his new job with the Electrical contractor company.  He seems to really like it.  Really he likes the money but that's why you work isn't it?

Boy F.

Boy T. hit a deer at 2am in his patrol car on Good Friday.  He's alright, the car is pretty bad, the deer didn't make it. 
Boy T.'s patrol car vs. deer

Good News/Bad News

I had my annual appointment with the Eye Doctor this week.  Bad News is my eyesight is getting worse.  Needing a stronger Rx and stronger bi-focal.....uggg, I'm getting old!

Good News, I get to order new glasses.  I may just look at Zenni Optical online again.  I've had good luck with previous glasses I've ordered from them. 

I'm off to sew something new..............

Until next time..................


Monday, April 22, 2019

Resurrection Sunday Outfits

Usually I try to pick a color theme for Easter outfits.  I had that beautiful shantung fabric with the floral print I just loved.  I chose a coordinating jungle green ponte knit fabric for a sheath dress.  The dress is the Simplicity 7103 TNT princess shoulder seam sheath dress.  

Simplicity 7103 TNT Princess Seam Sheath Dress

Back View

Ponte knit dress with McCall 5668 Shantung Jacket
I just happened to get lucky when I stopped by Belk to find Dear Hubby a shirt to match.  Close enough to perfect for me!

Belk Find

Perfect Match
While shopping at Joann's I bought this dish towel.  It's perfect for my kitchen!  I also had to buy one of their vintage umbrellas.  Now do I use it or not???

Joann's Find

I made Girl M. her TNT Simplicity 1612 dress in a watercolor floral ITY knit fabric.  I made her slit sleeves with gathered 3/4 length elastic.  The skirt of the dress was flared and lengthened.  Such a classy look on her.

Simplicity 1612

Split sleeve

Back View
Quick photo when we returned home from Church.  We were exhausted! We had such a wonderful time at Church.

Resurrection Sunday

Resurrection Sunday-Easter

I'm off to sew something wonderful!

Until next time..................


Friday, April 19, 2019

McCall 6074 to the Rescue: Great Gatsby Gala Dress

Dear Hubby informed me at the last minute (Tuesday afternoon prior) that we were attending a Great Gatsby themed Gala event.  The 20's were not a very flattering style on a curvy girl.  What to do?

My McCall 6074 TNT dress to the rescue!

McCall 6074 Great Gatsby Gala Dress
I purchased this fabric early last year from FabricMartFabrics.com thinking of using it for either Christmas/New Years or Girl M Prom dress.  It's a very thin knit fabric but it makes up in the glitz without leaving sparkles everywhere.  The fabric sewed up easy and I used gray/silver thread to topstitch.  I couldn't tell if the fabric was silver or gold so either worked.

$8.00 Gala Dress

I'm excited to show you on my next post our Resurrection Sunday outfit.  I just happen to stop into Belk to try to find Dear Hubby a shirt and tie to match my outfit and I got lucky!

Until next time..............


Monday, April 15, 2019

Copy Cat T-Shirt

Girl M has a cute shirt she wears that I really like.  It's a simple jersey knit top with dolman style split sleeves that tie.  Nothing too fancy so I just copied the shirt for me.

Copy Cat T-Shirt

Sleeve Tie

Side Split

$5.00 shirt
 Sparky the Fat Cat likes to sit in the window and watch me & the bird feeders.  He can be so sweet and evil at the same time!

Sparky the Fat Cat
 You know if I make one item I have to make another.  I like that this pattern only uses one yard of fabric so I dug through my bin of 1 yard fabrics and found two more I thought would make a great t-shirt.  I have a dress already from both of these fabrics so why not a shirt too.

Copy Cat T-shirt #2
 I wasn't a fan of the split side seams so I made a curved shirt tail style hem.  Much better hem for my curves.

Copy Cat T-shirt #3

I'm off to sew something else.................

Until next time...........


Friday, April 12, 2019

McCall 5668 Green Floral Shantung Jacket

I think green will be our color for Easter this year.  I purchased this floral shantung fabric from FabricMartFabrics.com late last year. 

I used my favorite McCall 5668 jacket pattern.  The pattern sews up so quick and I can start & stop just about anytime without loosing my train of thought.  I did take an additional 1/2" at the side seams and I lined the sleeves in a white polyester lining.

Sleeve Slit
 I fused the Pellon EK130 knit interfacing on all pieces.  I do love this type of interfacing. 


Side Seams

$25.98 Jacket
 Now I have to decided what color ponte knit for a dress.  I'm thinking the last one on the right.  A simply TNT princess seam dress.

Dress choices

McCall 5668 Jacket
I hope to get to the dress this weekend.  It should be an easy sew & nothing too complicated.

Until next time.....................


Monday, April 8, 2019

Simplicity 1612 Animal Print Knit Dress

Ok, this is Girl M's 12th Simplicity 1612 dress! Is a dozen enough?  Right now it is, I've got to sew something for myself!

I had a yard of black ITY knit that I thought would make a great bodice and brown/black animal print ITY knit for the skirt.  I made the skirt of the dress more flared and added 2" to the length.  The dress is fitted through the waist then the skirt has a wonderful flow.  She loved the dress and wore it that night to Church.  She paired it with a denim jacket (no photo) which was very cute.

Simplicity 1612

Side View

Back View

$7.00 Dress

I really need to order some black ITY knit.  I have NONE in my stash!  I can wait for a sale!

I'm still thinking about vacation dresses.  I may try some smocking.  Maybe........just thinking out loud.

Until next time.............


Friday, April 5, 2019

Simplicity 1612 Eggplant Floral ITY Knit Dress

Oh my!  That's about all I can say for this version of Girl M.'s favorite dress.  I made this version sleeveless since she wanted it super-maxi to wear with heels.

Oh my!
Simplicity 1612

Side View 

Back View
Pretty nice for a $9.98 dress!

Ok, one more version of this pattern is in the works.  One a little more casual.

Until next time...................


Monday, April 1, 2019

Simplicity 1612 Green Abstract Knit Dress

It's nice that Girl M. can wear colors that I can no longer wear.  She looks so good in greens, reds, yellows, browns, oranges.  More earth tone colors look best on her.  I do miss those colors and I can wear them as long as they are away from my face.  I now look better in jewel tones, pastels, florescent, white, black & grays.

I had this beautiful green knit fabric in my stash for a few years and laid it out for her to approve.  She liked it so sew it up I did!  Fabric Mart tag said this was Green/Cream Abstract Print Poly/Lycra Jersey Knit-Halston.  It feels more like ITY knit, silky with beautiful drape.  $10.80 Dress!

This version of the Simplicity 1612 I made maxi length and made her a slight flutter sleeve.  I also attempted a full bust adjustment on the bodice front pattern piece and it came out great!  The bodice band now sits a little below her bust (like it should).

Simplicity 1612

Back View

Girl M is on a roll and has requested another version in an eggplant/tan/black floral ITY knit she eyed.  This Momma is on a sewing streak!

We're planning a trip the first of June to Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma & Missouri and I need to think of some dress ideas.  Comfortable for travel, pet hair friendly, easy to pack and possibly woven?  We'll see............!

Girl M. was gifted a pair of shorts for her Birthday.  She asked me to try them on.  There was NO WAY I was going to fit into these size 16 shorts.  After about 20 minutes of us laughing so hard because I was very awkward trying to get my feet into these shorts, I got them on and buttoned.  There are no photos because I would NEVER wear shorts.  I have chunky knees and they are not to my modesty liking.  But it was nice to know that I fit into them.

Until next time...........