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Thursday, July 12, 2012

I did IT!

I remembered how to log back into my blog!  So happy! I only have a little post. 

Girl M. & I cut out the fabric for her New Look 6751 dress last night.  The fabric is so cute for a 10 year old.  When you work, sewing seems to go slowly in the evenings since I only have about an hour to work on items.  By the time I re-read the directions and get set up it's time to quit.

I'm off tomorrow until Tuesday so hopefully I will get it finished and another project started!

Until next time.....


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Sorry it has been a while since my last post.  I had trouble with my login.  Since google did something with their gmail/dishmail/google mail I could not log into my blog.  I hope I can remember how to login again tomorrow. 

I have been sewing Girl M. some school clothes.  I've made her 4 pairs of shorts and I am starting on a dress.  The shorts are her favorite pattern as usual.  Butterick 5022. She asked for an animal print pair and they turned out really cute.

 I am working on New Look 6751 for a dress.  I have a hot pink and brown mod retro style fabric for this.  I'm trying to decide if I want a brown yoke or to make it in the same fabric with some piping added. 

Decisions, decisions!

I am thinking of making her some tops too.  She hasn't said ok yet so I better wait.  I have to catch her in the right mood.

I did make Girl M & I matching pajama gowns out of a vintage sheet.  I love sheets.  They make the softest pajamas.  They are cool and light and breathable. 

Things have been somewhat crazy around our house.  Two weeks ago our A/C broke.  Now we live in central Florida.  It gets HOT here and we have absolutely no breeze!  So for 4 days we lived like neanderthals and toughed it out! (We slept in our RV at night thought!)  I have never been so happy to see the A/C repair man in my life.  We had to end up getting a whole new unit.  Our old unit was only 17 years old!

Girl M. is getting a new puppy this weekend.  A black male pug.  She's thinking of naming it Leo.  He's a tiny little fella.  She sure loves her animals.  I feel sorry for who she marries because they will have to learn to like dog kisses and share a bed with a heard of pets!

Boy T. is counting down the days until his Corrections Academy starts.  He's been working out harder at the gym now.  He's looking so handsome! (I'll try to get a picture of him tonight!)

Boy F. is right at home this summer, sleeping late and staying up late.  He's the worst night owl I have ever seen.  I will have to get him back on schedule a few weeks before school starts or it will be murder!

Dear hubby and I just had our 20th Anniversary!  Nothing too exciting, we went out for dinner and thought about a movie but it was a work night and I hadn't seen the kids all day!  We came home after dinner and watched TV with them!  I must say though that my dear hubby did buy me a 4 ton A/C unit so it's not romantic but I REALLY do love it!

I will try to get more pictures posted soon.

Until next time.....