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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

PattyDoo Gloria Dress Peach Daisy Dot ITY Knit

 Sometimes a pattern catches your eye and you just have to search it out and make it up.  The only trouble is that this pattern was in German!  Thank goodness for Google translator!  I never heard of PattyDoo Patterns but they had many style I really liked.  The Gloria dress was my dress of choice and I saw a few versions made up on Facebook so I had to make myself one too.

PattyDoo Gloria Dress Pattern

The first thing I had to do was to try to figure out the seam allowances & the size chart, then translate the directions.  There was a YouTube video that helped a lot even though I could not understand what they were saying.  I fell between two sizes the H & I so I ended up just making the I version.  But it ended up being a little big.  The seam allowances were a 1/4".

PattyDoo Gloria Dress Peach Daisy Dot  ITY Knit

I really should make sure that my undergarments are the proper color.  But I don't plan on re-taking photos today.

Back View

Side View

The twist/crossover in the front is what attracted me to the design of this dress pattern.

PattyDoo Gloria Dress Peach Daisy Dot  ITY Knit

I purchased this fabric a few years back from FabricMartFabrics.com.  I liked their Pre-cut fabric sales.  


Overall I really liked this dress and hope to make another version that fits better and with a better choice of fabric colors.  

I'm off to sew something......................

Until next time.............


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