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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Goodbye March


 I have had a lot going on for the past month!  We moved back into our house after having all new flooring installed and of course that came with a lot of house projects.  Cleaning, painting, re-decorating, more painting........ you get the idea!

I did get my sewing machines set up and ALL my fabric put away.  Of course I had to make a few sewing room décor items.  I made new curtains, machine covers & ironing board cover.  Girl M & I also did a craft project/wall art. 

Sewing room curtains

Sewing Machine Covers

Ironing Board Cover

Wall Art

We are attending Church again!  I have missed Church so much!  It's nice to have a little normalcy returning again.

March 14 Church Selfie

Girl M. had a birthday.  She's 19!  Where does the time go? We took her to a Fallen officer funeral at the National Cemetery then a ride through the forest.  We stopped and took a selfie at the Iron Bridge.  She went to work that evening.  We're so proud of her!

19 Birthdays!

We dog sat the grand-dogs one weekend.  They are very active dogs compared to our two and I finally wore them out being outside ALL day!

Grand-dog sitting

Progress on my hair grow out.  It's very bothersome & in my eyes all the time.

Hair grow out-Mid March

Dear Hubby is still working with the neighbor doing farm work.  He sends me selfies during the day!

Moving the wildflowers

Dear Hubby has learned to send me Bitmojis from his phone!  LOL! He keeps me on my toes!
Dear Hubby loves his coffee!

Hummingbirds have returned for another season

Hummingbird season

We worked in the yard replanting flowerbeds on the West side of the house.  Nothing much grows there so we decided hedges and grasses was our best bet.  

West side flowerbeds

We also had a few trees removed that had some damage from the tornado on Christmas Eve.  I've lived on this piece of property for 43 years and cutting down trees breaks my heart.  But after having them removed and seeing that they were rotten I don't feel as bad.



Rotten trees

I also had a Birthday in March.  It was a quiet one.  Just how I like it!  Dear Hubby took me out for Dinner.

Birthday date night selfie

I have a Dear Friend who made me a robe!  A "made for me" gift!  I love it!  Thank you so much!

"Made for ME!" robe

March 21 Church Selfie

Girl M got me an apron with chickens on it.  So cute!  It's good to have them Birthdays!  Sure beats the alternative!

Chicken apron

I've done my wifely duties and went with Dear Hubby TWICE this year to the auto races!  P.S. I kinda like him!

Auburdale Speedway

Speedway selfie

Sunday selfie:  My hair looks very white here

March 28 Church selfie

Hair grow out: I try to make it behave!

We traded our neighbor property and are fencing around our yard.  Dear Hubby taught me to drive the tractor!  My "new" favorite hobby!

Tractor work!

"New" favorite hobby!

One done, many more to go!

Another cornerpost in!

Working selfie!

I have to get sewing on my Easter dress.  Dear Hubby picked out his shirt & tie and I think I found a fabric that matches/coordinates well with his choice.  I'm thinking a Love Notions Willow Wrap dress.  You never know how hot/cool it will be here for Easter so I'm stressing most about what type of sleeves and skirt length.

Easter plans

I hope that April is as good to us and that I will have a lot to report back about.

Until next time.....................



  1. Hi to you and your hubby. Thanks for sharing a snapshot of your life. I am still waiting for my sewing room do up to be completed but got some ideas looking at yours. Jacqui from New Zealand.

    1. Hello! Thanks so much for the kind words of encouragement! I hope to see photos of your sewing room too! Happy Sewing

  2. Love your curtain/ironing board cover fabric! So cute!

    1. Thank you, I copied a Facebook post for the curtains bought enough fabric for the ironing board cover too. This fabric just spoke to me! I had it in my cart at Fabric.com until they sold out so I purchased it from a seller off Etsy. Great price & fast shipping too!

  3. You look so happy and content. I love your hair, I finally stopped dying mine last year and it has grown out similar to yours - grey on top and darker at the sides and underneath. I am really happy with it, and wouldn't have thought to do it if Covid shutdowns hadn't forced it.
    How did you make your machine covers? Did you use a pattern? They're cute!

    1. Thank you the kind hair comment. I just try to do the best with what Mother Nature gave me. I stopped dying it a few years back and have never regretted it. I usually get a chuckle when I get the Senior discount and Dear Hubby doesn't! (He's older!). Oh well, it's life!
      I just winged it on the machine covers. They're simple & nothing fancy, think I found inspiration off Pinterest. Saw a cute version that just ties on the sides. Almost made that style. Happy Sewing!

  4. WOW, you have been busy. Just moving back in to the house and putting things right would have been enough for me in a month. Now look at you driving a tractor.
    I have been doing the hair grow out thing too with not wanting to go to hair salon for past year. I feel like a shaggy dog and like you, it is always in my face or I have it pulled back with clips and bands, etc. I'm not liking it! But hubs likes it cause its different.

    1. My hair just got long enough that when I brushed it I had a knot! It's been a long time since I've had a knot in my hair! It hurt! Dear Hubby doesn't mind my wild, wacky hair. Some days it behaves but today I had to use 3 clips to keep it out of my eyes! I'm thinking of a bandana or hat will be in the near future. Can't wait to see your hair grow out!

  5. Welcome back! I enjoyed your update, but what I also enjoyed was FINALLY finding your blog (how did I not know??) and reading every single post from the beginning while you were "away." Have fun at Easter services tomorrow. Can't wait to see your new outfit.

    1. What an honor! I've been a stalker of your blog for years! Thank you for the kind comments and I've learned so much from you! New outfit pictures coming soon. Thanks for stopping by & Happy Sewing!