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Monday, January 11, 2021

Hello From Recovery!

 Thank you for ALL the kind comments & words of encouragement after my recent surgery.  I'm on the road to recovery albeit a slow, winding, road!  But all is good and I hope to be back to my better self soon.

I've done a little straightening up in my sewing room and  by a little I mean little but I do a bit and then go rest for a while.  I'm bored, I'm tired, I want to sew!

I thought making two pillowcases would be a good start.  But it felt like I was sewing drunk.  My mind and hands did not communicate well. And my mind could not comprehend the burrito method of making a pillowcase!  Where have all my brain cells gone?  

Burrito Method Pillowcase cuff & trim

Turning out pretty well

One pillowcase

When I was finished sewing my forearms and hands were sore?! and I was exhausted so I took a half day's rest.  This is my nest.  My favorite recliner, usually with my cute little pug Bobo, belly pillow/back pillow and this enormous sized, truly wonderful heating pad! 

Two pillowcases

I took a shower and fixed at my hair.  I'm in the upright position (for a while) and acting human!

12 days post op

I do have a dress pattern printed, taped together and cut out.  It only took 3 days!  but it's a start.  I hope to get the fabric ironed and the pattern pieces cut out soon.  But there is no rush since I do not plan on going anywhere.

Thank you again for all your support, advise & words of encouragement.

Happy Sewing until next time.....................



  1. So good to see you back! Baby steps are good, keep the pace enjoyable. Very pretty pillow cases.

    1. Thank you, the pillowcases are a start to getting back to sewing, even if it’s just a baby step,

  2. You seem to be doing very well. I think anesthesia takes awhile to leave the system which may account for the brain fog. Nevertheless, you did a fine job on the pillowcases.

    1. Thank you. It’s been 2 weeks and I still have blonde moments......hopefully I will get all my brain cells working soon!

  3. Glad you're doing well! Slow and steady wins the race!

  4. Glad to read that your recovery is going well abet slowly. Take it easy, listen to your body. You'll be back sewing soon!