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Monday, August 1, 2016

Simplicity 5097 Blouson Top & Icepacks

I dug and dug through drawers of patterns and came up with three that I thought would work with my inspiration pictures.

Blousson Top Inspirations


I narrowed it down to the Simplicity 5097.  I wasn't sure about the neckline, I was wanting a scoop neck but I would try it and see how I liked it.

I over did the added ease.   I drew a line from the shoulder perpendicular through the waist.  I slid the pattern over 6" (which is 24" more fabric) thinking that the waist would have a nice gather effect.

Simplicity 5097 Top

Simplicity 5097 Top

I added 2" to the length of the bodice and made the peplum part 10-1/4" long.

I used a Rayon Challis that frayed like crazy.  I forgot how much trouble woven fabric can be.  Since I wasn't sure what to do about the fraying, I just pressed open the seams, turned each seam allowance under and stitched.  There were 10 seams to do this too.  The sleeves I just ironed a 5/8" seam and turned under and top stitched.  I had thread and strings everywhere!

Too much fabric under my arm and waist.

The neckline was ok, It was a little wide and my bra strap kept showing.

It's a wearable muslin around the house if my sleeves don't get caught in everything.

Update:  I gifted the top to a neighbor and she loved it!

Simplicity 5097
I use this method of applying and finishing interfacing to facing pieces.

Cut out all facing pieces in fabric and interfacing.

Fabric facing piece
Pin wrong side (non sticky side) of interfacing to right side of fabric.

Interfacing pinned to facing
Sew 1/4" seam along finish (outer) edge of facing.

Interfacing sewn to fabric facing piece
Trim seam. Turn interfacing to wrong side of fabric.  Finger press and pin seam edge down.

Turn interfacing to wrong side of fabric
Iron interfacing to wrong side of fabric.  Edge (outer edge) is now finished.

Press interfacing to wrong side of fabric
Finish the rest of the facing pieces.

Finish the rest of the facing pieces the same way
This method finishes the edges of the facing nicely.

Version #2 I only added 2" at the waist circumference edging out to 3-1/2" at the hemline.

 I shortened the neck width 5/8".

Simplcity 5097 second version

Animal Print Challis

Simplicity 5097 Second Version

Kimono style sleeve

Back View-Need to add a button

I like the length and peplum circumference of the top better than the first, The sleeves are perfect.

After cutting out all the pieces I serged around all sides of each piece.  It helped with fraying and made the assembly less messy.  I stitched with a 1/2" seam allowance since I cut off a little serging.

The neck is a little high in the center front, but it's wearable.

Simplicity 5097

I learned how to make a thread loop for buttons from this tutorial.  It was easier than I thought.

I want to make a knit version.  I am thinking about FALL!

 It's only 100 degree here!

Girl M. had her surgery.  She's well but it took almost 4 days for her to recover.  She's a typical teenager on her phone ALL the time!  She complained that she couldn't text and hold her ice packs on her cheeks at the same time.  I told her to get creative...........

This is what I found!

Headband + icepacks = Happy texter!
 I made her ice packs from sponges with 1/8 cup rubbing alcohol + 1/8 cup water in a ziplock bag.  The freeze but not hard.  They lasted about an hour then she switched them with fresh ones.

Look at those cheeks!
 She was still loopy from the surgery so I snapped a picture at the Oral Surgeon's office.  She'd kill me if she knew!

After surgery!

Until next time...............


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