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Friday, June 23, 2017

We Made It 25 Years!

This past week Dear Hubby and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  That's is a looooooooong time putting up with me!

25 Years Ago

My favorite Picture of "us"
Another One
Most Recent One
I wish I could say we had some grand plan for our Anniversary.  I am such a homebody and since we have Dear Daughter home for the summer and two spoiled little dogs, we just opted to buy steak for all the kids and their "other".  Everyone came over for dinner and there were lots of laughs and a little sibling rivalry.  Dear Hubby and I enjoyed the evening with the kids and it was exactly like we like it!

Here's to 25 more years together.

Until next time................


Monday, June 19, 2017

Simplicity 2660 & Update on Hubby

I often look to Pattern View for tips and hints on sewing up a pattern.  I could only find 3 reviews for the top/dress versions of the Simplicity 2660.  I like the top/dress and also the jacket.

Simplicity 2660

Simplicity 2660

I'm going to start with the top version.  My least favorite job is cutting out the pattern.  But I've started using my rotary cutter and it goes a lot faster.

After looking at this pattern I think I have made similar pattern in the past...........oh well, I'll just carry on.

I had to make a few alteration before even getting started.  Being large busted I realized the pattern top from shoulder to under bust is only 12"!  This 5" too short!  I lengthened the back and front 5", I also had to enlarge the circumference of the sleeve.  15" was NOT enough for me, I enlarged it by 4".
The waist was increased by 1.75" and the hips by 3.875".  I may take the hips in after a fitting.

I used a dusty pink floral cotton fabric that I had in my stash.  I probably won't wear this color anyways.  The cotton was very thin, I think from being 7 years old.  But a good muslin fabric.

Simplicity 2660 Muslin

Simplicity 2660 Muslin

After trying on the muslin, I was very disappointed with top.  It did fit me circumference wise......that was the only good thing.  After a few minutes in front of the mirror I went through Peggy Sager's LCD fitting tips.  The Length was too long from shoulder to empire/waist.  I pinched 1" at the bust all the way around.  It brought up the raised waist seam perfect. The Circumference was fine.  The Depth was ok too.  I could use some type of dart at the shoulder to the sleeve underarm but since it's a kimono sleeve I decided to just leave it.  Overall the top is growing on me.

I thought that this navy blue print woven fabric would make a nice summer dress.  So I lengthened the skirt part.
Simplicity 2660 Blue Dress

Simplicity 2660

Simplicity 2660

This pattern is growing on me.  I like how easy it was to sew up.  The fit isn't bad either.  I just am not a fan of woven fabric.  I'm going to wear this dress as a housedress since a few of my other ones are looking pretty bad.  I'll let you know how much I like it after a few wears.


Ok I have to admit, I've worn this dress two times this past week and I really like it.  It's so comfy and very light.  I think on the next version I may just gather instead of pleat at the center front.  But this is a keeper!

Update on Dear Hubby:

Last Friday we had an appointment with his Orthopaedic Doctor.  They took the usual x-ray and said all was looking good.  They cut his cast from knee to toe in 5 sections but left it attached and sent us to a Prosthetics office to get a walking boot.  BUT..................the office was closed.  After calling another office they said we had to get pre-autorization from our insurance before our appointment.  It was now late Friday afternoon and Dear hubby was MAD!

Cut cast
The cast kept pinching his leg and ankle so he had Dear Daughter to cut it off.  Either way with or without a cast he was immobile until he had something on his leg/foot.

Post Cast Foot (a little scaly)
He was glad to get to soak his foot.  It has been two months since it has seen water!  His scar on top of his foot looks good.  A lot of dry skin but it all came off after a few soaks.

Letting his foot breath!
Monday came and still nothing from the insurance company, they told us it could be another 48-72 hours.  Then wait for an appointment from prosthetic office..............No way was he waiting!

I called my Mother who lives close to Orlando and sure enough she found an Air Walk Boot.  After picking it up and meeting us halfway, Dear Hubby is up and about!

He said that the bottom of his foot feels like walking on needles.  A little extra padding on his heel and some on top of his foot at his incision site and he is off and walking again.  I can't keep him down now.

The Prosthetic office called Wednesday to fit him for his "prescription" boot so we went ahead and went to see if there was any difference.  No money out of our pocket so it was pretty much a learning class.  But I'm glad we went because the boot is a high one.  Almost to his knee.  We learned a lot, and now he has two to get around with.

He has 8 weeks of wearing the walking boot, then hopefully he'll get released to return to work.  Maybe now that he's mobile, he won't be as bored around the house.

I'm going to try to sew up something.................

Until next time................


Friday, June 16, 2017

I Can't Believe IT!

Dear Daughter has taken over my sewing machine!

She wanted a new skirt or two.......

It's was funny how hard it was for her to get her idea from her head into words.  I ended up having her show me photos from Pinterest of skirts she liked.

Simple A line, above knee skirt.  Easy enough.


She's liking her new skirt

Skirt good enough to wear out!

Off she was sewing it up.  She wasn't a big fan of the elastic waist but she ended up loving the skirt.

The second version was a regular waistband, slimmer A-line skirt with a invisible side zipper.

8 photos later, I got a photo of her smiling!

Good fit

Mom's rose fabric

I think she's proud of her work

She loved them both

I may never get my machine back

I've waited forever for this day!

Until next time....................


Monday, June 12, 2017

Simplicity 7176 Top

I did it!  I used a NEW pattern to sew up something that wasn't a TNT or a knit!  I thought the Simplicity 7176 for woven would be a good place to start.
Simplicity 7176

View A
I started looking at view "B" but changed my mind to view "A".  A little less fuss with no collar.  My muslin worked out well.  I had to add my usual 1" at bust, 3.37" at waist, 5.75" at hip, along with adding 1" to lengthen.

I like the darts in the back.  I didn't add a waist tie, too 1990's for me.

The muslin was a little stiffer fabric than what I planned on using.  Circumference wise, the pattern fits.

Simplicity 7176 Muslin
There are some diagonal wrinkles under the arm to the shoulder blades.  I'm thinking those are because it's a kimono style sleeve and thicker muslin fabric.

Simplicity 7176 Muslin-Back View
The fabric I found to sew this pattern up is so nice.  It doesn't wrinkle, and sewed up beautifully.  I did notice that the front of the top is a little shorter than the back.  Must be because of my bust.  I lengthened the pattern front 1" and the back 1".  I forgot to lengthen the pattern facing piece but I made it work.

Simplicity 7176 Version 1 Leopard Print

Simplicity 7176

Side View

Back View
 The top is wearable and very comfortable.

Since I can not just make a pattern once, I thought a black version would be a wardrobe basic.  But no luck on a solid black woven fabric that I thought would work.  So my next choice would be a white one.  I found a crinkle off-white fabric in my stash.  The fabric has a nice weight to it.  I only had 2 yards and not quite enough for the facing pieces so I used a similar crinkle fabric that was thinner.

I lengthened the front piece another 2" at center front and I remembered to lengthen the facing piece too!

Simplicity 7176 Version 2 Off-White Gauze Top

Back View

Close-up Crinkle Gauze

$13.49 Top

I just happen to find 5 buttons in my button jar that were the same too.

This top should be a wardrobe staple since I didn't even have a white top in my closet and because it's breathable for the HOT summer here in Florida.

I'm going to work on Simplicity 2660 for my next pattern.

Until next time....................


Friday, June 9, 2017

Growing Out My Gray-6 Month Update & Another Cowl Neck Top

It's been 6 months since I was inspired by Coco'sLoft to grow out my gray hair.  I do not regret growing it out.  It was like an adventure to see what beautiful coloring God has given me; It wasn't what I had expected, maybe more.

My coloring is unusual and I have to learn to make the most of it.  My haircut later this month should get the last of the coloring off and I will be 100% uncolored.  I don't get any negative comments as I thought I would have.  But a few people (two gentlemen from Church) surprised me by commenting on my hair.

6 Month update

Back View

Side View

I sewed up one more cowl neck/drape top.  Another wardrobe staple.

Blue Cowl Neck/Drape Top

 I made this skirt back in July last year and have worn it a few times.  The top I have that matches it is not my favorite style but I do wear it on occasion.  So why not sew up a top I feel more comfortable wearing!
Blue ITY knit

Short Sleeves

Cowl/Drape Neck
I sewed Dear Daughter a dress.  She wore it to Church this past Sunday.  She's so pretty.

Dear Daughter Dress
I'm working on a muslin for a woven top pattern I picked out.  Wish me luck................

Until next time...............


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cowl Neck Top and June Sewing Plans

I sewed another cowl neck/drape neck top.  Nothing too exciting.  It's a wardrobe builder piece that I think will get a lot of wear.  I used the same daub print fabric as the half circle elastic waist skirt I made recently.
Daub print cowl neck top

Half circle skirt & Cowl neck top (Looks like a dress)

With black cardigan

$9.97 Top & Skirt

I can wear the pieces together or mix and match with other solid pieces.

I think for June I may pick two or three patterns (that I haven't sewn up yet) in my stash and work on sewing something new.  I am the worse about sewing up my TNT patterns over and over again.  So since it's a new month I will try to expand on my sewing patterns and try something new.

I'm thinking a top pattern, a jacket pattern and maybe a woven summer dress.

Here's what I've picked.
June Pattern choices

I'm off to sew something new.................

Until next time..........


Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Summer Outfit

I went through my closet the other day and remembered how much I LOVED this dress.  I didn't wear it often because the top is a little big and the lower part of the top looks a little funny at the waist.  The fabric print is so pretty to me.

Original Dress

Dress posted here.

I spent an afternoon removing serged thread at the waistband and removed the crossover top from the 1/2 circle skirt.  I added a simple 3/4' elastic to the waistband, turned to the inside and restitched down.  I think that I will be able to get more wear from this skirt now.

Recycled dress to skirt
 I had this brown ITY knit that would look nice as a top and the coral sweater knit as a cardigan.

Fabric choices to match skirt

ITY Knit Cowl neck top $3.99
I used my TNT drape neck pattern for the top.

Brown ITY Knit Drape Neck Top

Side view
 I used the McCall 6844 pattern for the cardigan.  I had this coral sweater knit that matched the skirt.  The only pattern change I made was short sleeves.

Simplicity 6844 Cardigan
 This sweater knit was easy to sew up.  I think the skirt and cardigan would look better with a white top.  Guess the only color ITY knit I DON'T have..........White!

Sweater Knit Cardigan
 I had the urge to sew up a 1/2 circle skirt for summer.  I had this daub print ITY knit in my stash.  I like the way it looks with the brown drape neck top and white eyelet cardigan.

With White Eyelet Cardigan
 I like it even more with my black cardigan.

With Black Cardigan
I'm in the mood to sew up another 1/2 circle skirt.  Or maybe another drape neck top in the left over daub print fabric.

Until next time..............