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Monday, June 26, 2017

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me? McCall 7381 Dress

Why didn't anyone tell me about the McCall 7381 Dress?

I think it's the best (woven) dress I've made in years!

I know I'm always complaining about not liking sewing with woven fabrics but I might be coming around.

Image result for mccall 7381
After reading all the reviews for the McCall 7381 I decided to go with the sleeveless version A and added 1-1/2" in length to the bodice front only.  My adjustments were to cut a Large bodice top, adding 1" at side seams for circumference for a large bust.  I graded to an XXL at the waist and added an additional .375" at the waist and 1.375 at the hips.  I added 2" to the length of the skirt.  Easy enough?

I didn't follow the directions to line the bodice since it's just a muslin but I read where a reviewer just used bias binding.  I'll keep that in mind.

After sewing up a muslin of just the bodice, I was really liking what was happening.  I like the pleats at the shoulders and the overall fit.

McCall 7381 Muslin

McCall 7381 Muslin Shoulder Pleats

McCall 7381 Side View

I am worried about the raised waist in the front.  I hope it doesn't make me look pregnant.

I bought this black print fabric from my usual www.fabricmartfabrics.com.  On sale a few months ago for $4.80 for 3 yards.

Polyester Fabric 

McCall 7381 Black Pink Poly Dress

The dress went together pretty quickly.  You really can't see the pleats at the shoulders or at the front of the skirt but the fit..............!

McCall 7381 Black Pink Poly Dress
I removed 1/2" along the front neckline seam allowance, the back neckline and also the armholes.  I cut 1" bias binding from the same fabric and what a wonderful finish.  Next time I may make the bias binding 1-1/2" just to make sewing a little easier.

I serged most of the seams and this dress went together so nice.  The fabric was great to work with too.
McCall 7381 Black Pink Poly Dress

McCall 7381 Black Pink Poly Dress

The raised waistband didn't make me look pregnant at all, if anything is helped camouflage my mid-section.  In truth, the dress looks REALLY REALLY GOOD!

$4.80 Dress!

I just don't know why everyone was keeping this pattern such a secret, it's Wonderful!

Until next time....................


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  1. I'm really glad to know you liked it so much. I ended up with two copies because I bought one from a JoAnn $1 sale a while back and then it also ended up being included in Love Sewing issue #37. http://www.lovesewingmag.co.uk/downloads/item/582-love-sewing-issue-37

    I have been wanting to sew it up because it looks like it would be perfect for me, but I haven't had much time for sewing just lately. Hopefully I'll get around to it very soon.