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Friday, November 17, 2017

Black ITY Knit Drape Neck Top

I think I sew up so many of these drape neck knit tops because they flatter my shape and are a true classic.  I have a maxi skirt that I hardly ever wear because I don't have a great top to go with it.

In comes a leftover piece of ITY knit fabric from my stash and out comes a perfect top!

Black ITY Knit Drape Neck Top

Classic wardrobe staple

With my McCall 6844 cardigan
I'm happy to say that I can now wear this skirt more.

Until next time............


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pink Black Jersey Knit Drape Neck Top

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

There are a few ladies of our Church that I really like their style.  Both ladies are older than myself by about 20-30 years.  But they always dress so classy.  "Jan" likes to dress in boxy style jackets with blouse and skirt.  I've always admired her jackets and I do own a jacket that I refer to as my "Jan" jacket.  She always had her accessories matching and I always try to compliment her on her outfit.  A few months ago she had on a pink & black chevron? type print drape neck top under a black jacket and with a black skirt.

I knew I had to make a top similar to hers.  Luckily I found a fabric at my usual online shopping place of www.fabricmartfabrics.com that was similar. 

I do love me a drape neck top so the pattern wasn't even an issue on this make.  The fabric was a jersey knit and of course it would be a thin, rolling to the inside when cut, won't stay on grain and the yard of fabric was cut short.  But I went ahead with a sleeveless version and I can't wait to show it off to "Jan".

Pink Black Jersey Knit Drape Neck Top

Loving this top!

With Black ponte knit slim skirt

With Ponte knit jacket & skirt

$4.00 top!
I think this top will be a wardrobe staple and I will get a lot of wears out of it!

Until next time.................


Monday, November 13, 2017

Navy Blue Jersey Knit Half Circle Skirt

There are so many different types of jersey knit fabrics.  I found this navy blue jersey knit with spandex in my fabric stash and thought that it would be perfect to make a half circle skirt.  The fabric has a nice wight to it and the stretch is perfect.  I used my TNT circle skirt pattern, two seams and added an elastic fold over waistband.

I have been using Pellon EK130 knit iron-on interfacing for years on both knits and wovens.  It's light and doesn't affect the drape of fabric.  I cut the interfacing in 1/2" strips.  I ironed the strips onto the hem of the skirt, turned up the hem and sewed.  It made the hem crisp and neat and sewing so much easier then when I used the Steam-a-seam 2 and didn't gunk up my needle.

I really like how this navy skirt turned out and can't wait for cooler weather to wear it with boots and a sweater.

Navy Blue Jersey Knit Half Circle Skirt

Skirt Hem

With blue stripe jersey knit cardigan

With blue white broken chain drape neck ITY knit top

With green sweater cardigan

Good news about my foot, between all the wonderful advise of my fellow sewers and my continual "hippy" doctoring, my foot is starting to feel much better.  I wear a compression style sock during the night, do foot stretches in the morning before I get out of bed, wear good shoes ALL the time, rub on some essential oils, started some foot stretching exercises on my pool deck stairs, tennis ball rubs on my foot and just being mindful when my foot feels tired and/or sore.  Hopefully in another month or or so I can update that my foot is healed.

I'm off to sew up something wonderful...............

Until next time...............


Friday, November 10, 2017

Tan Princess Seam Peplum Ponte Knit Top

I've been looking at a peplum style top.  Being a busty, lumpy, curvy girl I didn't want the top to accentuate my hips.  I used my TNT Simplicity 7243 princess seam sheath dress as a base.  I shortened the length and added a little width at the bottom hem of the side front and side back pieces.

I only had enough fabric for a short sleeve version.  I'm not a big fan of solid tops since I fear a cold room or just that my bra seam shows.......

Tan Princess Seam Peplum Ponte Knit Top

Back View

With Fall Paisley Skirt

With Plaid sharkbite hem skirt

With Navy Ponte Knit Slim Skirt
I hope to be brave enough to wear this top.  I like the navy ponte knit slim skirt the best.  Maybe a nice scarf too.

Until next time..............


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Plum Black Heathered Jersey Knit Skirt

Of course I had to sew up a skirt to go with my maroon and gray striped top. I used my TNT yoga skirt pattern and omitted the yoga style waistband and added 1/2" to the waistband of the skirt.  I then serged 1/2" elastic to the waistband and turned inside and zig-zag stitched down.  Easy!

A tip I learned from Nancy Zieman the other day was to cut strips of knit interfacing ( I cut 1/2" strips) ironed them along the hem of the skirt, turned up the hem and did a zig-zag stitch there too.  Helps to keep the hem crisp, gives you a fold-line and doesn't gum up my machine needle like Steam-a-Seam 2 tape does.

Plum Black Heathered Jersey knit skirt

Plum Black Heathered Jersey knit skirt

1-1/2 yard skirt $3.00!
I think a navy blue version may be next on the sewing table!!!!

Until nest time............


Monday, November 6, 2017

Maroon Gray Striped Jersey Knit Cap Sleeve Top

I sewed up a TNT pattern that USED to fit me.  I really like this cap sleeve knit top.  I've sewn it up many times, just not recently.  It's too big above the bust and the neckline is wonky.  But I'm going to wear it anyways.

I like this pattern because the sleeves are already in the pattern.  But I think it may also alter the fit.

Maroon Gray Striped Jersey Knit Cap Sleeve Top
 This TNT pattern only takes 1 yard of fabric so I have 1/2 yard leftover to make Girl M. a pair of shorts.

$4.00 top
I'm thinking a skirt will be on the cutting table next.

Until next time.................


Friday, November 3, 2017

Baby Blue Striped Jersey Knit Cardigan

I think what I don't like about jersey knit are the types that are paper thin.  They move around a lot, it's hard to get the selvages to line up, they roll on the cut edges and they cling to my lumps & bumps.  Then I find a jersey fabric that is beautiful.  Soft, behaves well, and is a pleasure to work with.  Arrrgh!  Why can't they all be like this?

I thought a simple cardigan would be perfect match for this striped jersey knit fabric.

Baby Blue Striped Jersey Knit Cardigan

Self drafted pattern

Back view

$5.98 Cardigan

Waiting for cooler weather
I'm not sure what will be next on the sewing machine............maybe something in wine colors.........we'll see..............

Until next time.................


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Dark Slate Ponte Knit Slim Skirt

I've been wanting to add a gray ponte knit skirt to my wardrobe.  I've hesitated thinking I didn't have very many tops to wear with a gray skirt............Boy was I wrong!  I think I have enough cardigans and tops that I don't even have to sew anything up!

I used my TNT knit pencil skirt pattern.  I did have to take in the waist 4"!  That's a good thing right?

I also lined the skirt.  I'm really liking the feeling of a lined skirt now.  It does make the skirt a little heavier but it's so nice not worry about a slip showing or twisting while wearing.

Dark Slate Ponte knit slim skirt & Lulu

with argyle sweater I'v had for years
 A few months ago I found someone on eBay selling a lot of Bob Mackie & Dennis Basso cardigans and sweaters.  I bought 7 total for $65!  Best deal ever!!!

I think this leopard print sweater needs a pop of color, like a neon or bright color top under it.

Dennis Basso leopard print cardigan
 A Bob Mackie classic sweater.

Bob Mackie sequin feather cardigan
 This Bob Mackie cardigan and tank set wasn't my favorite until I tried it on.  It has  great fit and the fabric is more of a thicker jersey type knit than a sweater.

Bob Mackie cardigan & tank set
 My all-time favorite and very first Bob Mackie sweater.  It really compliments my hair color.

My favorite Bob Mackie paisley sweater
 I didn't even know this would be suck a great match when I sewed the snakeskin top.  But it's one of my favorites.
New snakeskin print cowl/drape neck top
 Something a little more casual.  Would look nice with high boots.

New blue cheetah print jersey knit top

$6.00 Ponte Knit slim skirt w/lining
Now that was a great addition to my wardrobe!  I can't wait for cooler weather (remember I live in Florida!)

Until next time...............


Monday, October 30, 2017

Blue Cheetah Jersey Knit Top

A quick sew.  A casual jersey knit top.  I had to lower the bust dart by 1", I used fold over elastic at the neck and long sleeves with elastic to raunch them a little. 

I haven't worked with my Sure-Fit Designs system anymore but I did learn a lot about pattern drafting and truing up darts and side seams.  I'll get back to it soon but I'm loving knits right now.

Blue Cheetah Jersey Knit Top

Fold over elastic

I can not believe that October is almost over!  Where did this year go?  It just flew by and I can hardly remember much of it.

Until next time...............


Friday, October 27, 2017

Stripe Jersey Knit Top

I thought a new casual day to day knit top would be a great sew to keep my mojo going.

I've had this stripe fabric for a few years and I thought a simple t-shirt top would be good.

I used my TNT knit top pattern with 3/4 length sleeves and  fold over elastic at the neck.  Easy sew!

Stripe jersey knit Top

bust dart

Fold Over elastic at neck

Matching stripes
I've been in need of a few more casual type tops to wear around the house and to the grocery store.  Since I've had to start wearing my sketcher shoes every day, I like that these type of tops look good with more casual skirts.

I'm off the some another casual type top.  Wish me luck.

Until next time....................


Monday, October 23, 2017

White Blue Chain Drape/Cowl Neck ITY Knit Top

Three times a charm right?  I knew that this white & blue & black fabric would make a beautiful drape/cowl neck top.

I only had enough fabric to make a short cap style sleeve on this version.  I think this top will be a great addition to my wardrobe.  I have black, blue and a white ponte knit skirts that will go perfect with the top and I have a black and a blue ponte knit jacket to wear with it too.

White Blue Chain Drape/Cowl Neck ITY Knit Top 

$3.60 top!

I think I'm going to work on a TNT pattern for a t-shirt style top.  I have many jersey knit fabrics that I always overlook.  ITY knit & ponte knit are my favorite knits to use!  I need to adventure out a little more!

Until next time.....................


Friday, October 20, 2017

Blue Floral Paisley Print ITY Knit Cowl/Drape Neck Top

Another TNT knit cowl/drape neck top pattern.  I sure hope my sewing doesn't bore you.  I know it's nothing "new" but knowing that it's a great fit with a beautiful fabric, it excites me!

I had a little of this fabric left over from a dress I made Dear Daughter over the summer.  It was I could do to use this fabric for a dress for her.  I'm a greedy fabric stash hog!  But she loved the dress and I'm glad I used it for her, but I'm even happier I had enough fabric left over for me a top!

Blue Floral Paisley Print ITY Knit Cowl/Drape Neck Top

$6.10 Top!

Blue Floral Paisley Print ITY Knit Cowl/Drape Neck Top

I think I will get a lot of wear out of this top.  It goes with so many skirts in my closet.

Another instant gratification sewing project (in knit!).

I've been having foot problems again.  This time it's my heel.  First thing in the mornings I can not put any pressure on my left foot.  A few weeks ago I stood up and had a tearing pain in my heel/arch all of a sudden.  I was sore for a few days and went away.  Now I've noticed that first thing in the morning and if I sit for a long time my left foot feels like I'm walking on my bone, no foot.  But it does improve during the day and with stretching.

After doing a little research I think I have plantar fasciitis.  I've purchased a night foot splint and bought some new Sketcher shoes for everyday wear around the house.  (I usually just wear Nike or Croc flip-flops).  I know that the Sketchers are not very fashionable but I have to do whatever it takes to heal this! 

I also believe that I have a potassium deficiency too.  I've been having chin and calf cramps for about two months.  I also get restless leg at night.  Since we've been on a low-carb/Keto style diet for almost a year now I've and have/or have had most of the potassium deficiency symptoms I am going to start taking a potassium/magnesium supplement. 

I'm going to give myself a until January to improve, if not, I will have to find a Doctor. 

Until next time...............