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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Another Birthday and Simplicity 8016 Top

Well, it's that time of year again.  Another birthday.  I thought that this selfie looks like I'm wearing a party hat! 15 weeks of no hair color.  I'm shining!

15 weeks no hair color
 Wearable muslin on the Simplicity 8016 is a good thing!  I thought that this remnant piece of jersey knit fabric was perfect for the front of the top. I just used black jersey for the back piece.

Simplicity 8016 Top

Simplicity 8016 Side View

Simplicity 8016 Back View
 I also made a sleeveless green ITY knit version to match Dear Daughter's softball team.  It reminds me of a top my grandmother wore in the 80's.

Simplicity 8016 Green Sleeveless

I finally sewed the buttons and buttonholes onto the two McCall 6076 shirts I made last month.

Dear Daughter thought red buttons looked best with the paisley shirt.

McCall 6076 Shirt
 I went for a basic brown button with the denim shirt.  Just to keep things simple.

McCall 6076 Shirt
My next sewing project is going to be super boring!  I have to make drapery liners for the front of our house.  Since we've cut trees down the sun coming in the front windows is crazy HOT!  I have bought room darkening curtains but I still need more.  I purchased thermal lining to sew onto some of them and I think I'll just make curtains that will hang onto tension rods that can be removed during the spring/fall.  Just boring rectangle sewing.

Until next time............


Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

My sweet Mom bought me something for my birthday!  It's BIG!  It's Brown!  It's a buffet!

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!  It's just what I wanted!  I have been looking on online yard sale sites and Craigslist for something to put on this wall in the dining room/entry way.  She found the perfect piece on her side of the state and brought it over to me last week.

I can't wait to add some accessories to it!

Birthday Buffet
 I usually take the worse pictures but Dear Daughter took this at oldest son's graduation last week and I just love it!

It's a two for one photo because I can see my gray growing out, 3 months now and I can see that my hair color will end up being pretty close to my Mom's.

Mom & I
I've been wearing my QVC Denim & Co. hack skirts and the more I wear them, the more I love them!  They are so comfy!  I really want a printed one now but the problem I have is I usually don't wear solid color T-shirts.  I don't like the way they show bra seams and nipples.  Any suggestions for wearing solid color t-shirts?  Wearing a tank under will not work since it's so hot here in Florida.  Maybe there's a tip my Mom didn't tell me growing up..............

Dear Daughter is turning 15 this week!  Where has the time gone?  She's such a sweet girl.  Maybe she'll let me take a photo of her.

Until next time.............


Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Skirts

My skirt hack from my favorite QVC Denim & Co. skirt I wear so much has four new friends to share my closet with!

The pattern is four pieces: skirt front, skirt back, waistband and pocket.  I can sew up this skirt in about an hour if I don't get distracted.

Denim hack shirt

pocket view

Khaki skirt

Khaki skirt up close
The black skirt is by far my MOST favorite.  I've worn it 4 times already!  It does have a little more stretch in it than the other two, the fabric is thinner and so comfortable!

Black stretch denim skirt
I also made a marbled blue denim skirt, but I must have forgot to take a photo!  Maybe I'll update when I wear it.

I am thinking a new top pattern will be in the works soon.

I don't know if I mentioned that Dear Hubby and I have changed our way of eating.  We have ate a low carb diet in the past and have been able to control our weight.  We started a Keto way of eating (WOE) back in January and as of today, 9 weeks, I have lost 15.5lbs!  No exercise either!  I am so excited!

Until next time.....................


Friday, March 3, 2017

Growing Out My Gray 90 Day Update & Haircut

It's been three months since my last color.  I am slightly amused by how fast my hair grows but also aggravated at how my hair looks.  Some days I just HATE it and I refuse to look in the mirror.  Some days I am amused at all the colors and what's really under all the colored hair.

I tried the no poo method (no shampoo, just conditioner to wash your hair)  that was NOT for me!  My hair was so oily and it had flakes all in it!  YUCK!  My Dear Daughter doesn't use shampoo on her waist length blond hair and doesn't have any trouble with it but maybe because my hair is darker and shorter I was not happy after trying it for a month.

No poo not for me!
The gray is getting harder and harder to hide when I style my hair.

72 days

Top of my head

I have a lot of white over my right eye.  I haven't been brave enough to wear it showing to Church yet.  I can still part it on the opposite side to cover the white a little bit.

Parted hair on right side

For years I have used a styling product called Dry Icing by Samy on my hair and I LOVE it!  Unfortunately, like everything else, it's no longer available.  I am trying a product called Dry Wax by En Joy.  It's ok, but it's not my Dry Icing.  I'll just have to make it work.

The hairdresser said that two more cuts and all the color should be out.  That's about 12 weeks.  So probably June I will be all transitioned.

82 days

White patch showing

I tried to hold off getting a haircut this time so that I would be able to get a lot of the color cut off.  Boy what a shock!  I couldn't get as much cut off the top but she cut the back and sides and it's complete sparkle!

I have a white patch on both sides of my head above my ears.  I didn't know that was there!

90 days
 The gray hair behaves differently.  It has a mind of it's own sometimes.

Misbehaving gray hair

The hairdresser has warned me that with the white spot on top of my head that my scalp will get sunburned easily.  I have bought a big black sun hat!

90 days

This has tried my patience but I am glad that my hair is short, I don't think I have the patience to wait out a year or two to transition long hair.  Those women are STRONG!

Wish me patience, I'll update you next month on my progress.

Until next time..............


Monday, February 27, 2017

McCall 6076 Shirt

Believe it or not I have been sewing.  In between alterations of a wedding dress, two bridesmaid dresses, 5 pairs of uniform pants and two shirts, I have worked in a shirt or two.

I liked the McCall 6076 shirt pattern.  It has princess seams that go to the shoulder instead of the armholes.  The shirt is easy to sew up but I do hate collars.  I don't wear them well on ready to wear clothing.  The collar always looks like it pulling to the back on me.  I am hoping that making a shirt that fits my curves will eliminate the pull.

McCall 6076 Shirt
I opted to make short sleeves since it's so hot here in Florida and I would like to wear this shirt more than one day of the year!  I used my armhole template and sleeve template (it fits perfect).

Lightweight chambray type denim fabric I had in my stash was a perfect weight for this top.

M6067 Denim Shirt

Back View

Shoulder princess

My second version was from a stretch cotton paisley/floral print fabric.  I love the colors in this one.

M6067 Stretch Cotton Paisley Floral Shirt

Back View

Both tops are waiting for button holes and buttons to be finished.

About 5 years ago I bought a denim skirt from QVC, I LOVE this skirt.  But I can't see paying $35 for another one.  So I think I'm going to copy it and make my own pattern of one.  Wish me luck!

QVC Denim & Co A97747 Denim Skirt

Until next time...............


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Free is a GOOD Thing!

One of Dear Hubby's Deputy bought a house and the previous owners must have been a sewer.  He asked me if I wanted this sewing table.............

For Free...............

All wood
 The drawers are huge.  My 500+ patterns only took up 5 of them.  I did have to lay them sideways but.........  It works.

6 large drawers for my pattern
 I feel so fancy!
cutting channel for scissors

My machine fits ok in the space.  I'm not sure if it will stay that way.  There is an insert to fill in the spot, but then my machine is a little too high.

Flush machine spot
 I am not sure what this large space behind my machine is for.  I thought maybe for an extension table but there is still a large area with no base.

Without machine
 Maybe some type of basket or something..........?

View from top
With insert

Overall I am thrilled with my new table.  I'm still trying to find a place for my serger and my cheap Brother that I use often for twin needle stitching on knits.  

FREE sewing table!

One of the patterns I bought a Jo-ann's last week was a princess seam, pullover top for woven fabric.  I haven't sewn with woven in forever!  Simplicity 1316.  I'm going to give it a try!

Until next time.................


Friday, February 3, 2017

Two More Dresses

I thought starting back sewing I needed to go with TNT patterns.  No fussy parts, nothing too complicated.  I made a knee length, sleeveless tank dress from ITY Knit.  It's going to be perfect for summer.

Animal Print Tank Dress

ITY Knit Animal Print Tank Dress
This dress did take 2 yards of ITY knit fabric being 42" long (calf-length). $7.20 for a summer dress!

The second dress was my TNT knit dress pattern with a half circle skirt.  I do love this pattern.  The fabric choice is not my favorite but I thought I would just use it up.  It's pretty LOUD!!!  Maybe a black cardigan would tame it down a little.

ITY Knit half circle skirt Dress
 I used fold over elastic at the neck and made short sleeves.  It should be a great dress for the hot humid summers here.
ITY Knit half circle skirt Dress 

$8.97 dress

I need to finish the hems on both dresses but my cheap Brother sewing machine isn't wanting to sew with the twin needle this week.  I may need a new needle, I'll get it ordered today from Ebay.  I am happy to have a few new dresses to wear and that I have finally gotten back into the sewing room.

I still have our kitchen that needs to be re-painted but now I've paused on all that work for a week or so.  Hopefully I'll get motivated soon.

I have to share Dear Daughter's bedroom.  I think my KonMari style of tidying up the rest of the house has rubbed off on her..........no she has rubbed off on me!  She keeps her room so nice and clean.  I love going in there while she is at school and opening her window for fresh air, it's such eye candy for me.  She does want to repaint again and asked for a Queen bed for her birthday.  How can I say no?

Dear Daughter Room KonMari Clean!

Dresser & shelves


Dresser Drawer

Nail Polishes

Make-up brushes

I caught Dear Daughter cleaning her window frame channel.  She took her screen frame out and got a toothbrush and cleaner and was cleaning away.  Then she gets the vacuum from my sewing room and goes around the baseboards vacuuming any dust and dog hair.  It's usually a weekly routine she does when she moves her room around.  Gotta love her!

Until next time...............