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Saturday, July 29, 2017

No Sewing.........Life Update

I really miss sewing.  Since Dear Daughter has been home for the summer, we've started on remodel/redecorating the kitchen.  I would love to show you some before and after photos but I accidentally deleted all the photos on my camera SD card!  So I guess when we are all done, I'll just show you after photos.

Update:  I remembered I send my friend Beverly a before and after photo of one wall of the kitchen!

Kitchen Before


Dear Hubby has finally returned to work since his foot surgery in April.  He was ready to get back to his guys.  I think he was tired of being stuck at the house with us girls!  I'm so glad his foot is better.  It has been a long road to recovery and he still has a long road ahead but he's feeling little to no foot pain so he's headed in the right direction.

Dear Hubby and I eat a Keto style diet.  Last year after his accident, when he returned to work, his uniforms were a little tight.  After his recent surgery he didn't want weight gain again we both stuck to a strict Keto diet and his uniforms were a little too big this time.  I've lost about 32lbs and many inches and Dear Hubby has lost about 25lbs or more.  It was such a relief to not stress over his uniforms fitting this time around.

Even though here in Florida the temps are over 100 degrees, I am ready to do some Fall sewing.  I think that my agenda will be in the colors of grays and blacks and whites....maybe some purples.
I want a gray midi dress with long sleeves, maybe some type of wrap dress and a gray skirt.  I still need to sew up a cowl/drape neck top in white and maybe one in black.  Since loosing a little weight I need slips.  The ones I have fall low on my hips and show at my skirt/dress hems.  I could just trim them........... we'll see.

I found a Craigslist sewing table earlier this month.  It's nothing too fancy and I think I may rework the hardware on the front so it doesn't scream 70's!  But it's in nice condition and it was a great price $40!

I hope to be able to sew soon.  School starts back on the 10th and I will have the house to myself again.  Maybe I can get back to my sewing room and since no one will be home the house will stay clean!

Until next time..............


Monday, July 17, 2017

Pink Black Retro Abstract Print ITY Knit Cardigan

I took the McCall 6844 pattern and redrafted it to be shorter, more rounded at the bottom and pleats at the shoulder, then I added shoulder pleats!  I can't believe it turned out!

Abstract Print Cardigan

I had a yard of this retro abstract print ITY knit fabric left over from a dress.  It made a perfect cardigan for my black ponte knit sheath dress for the summer.


Shoulder Pleats

Side View

Back View

Retro Abstract Print Cardigan

$3.60 Cardigan!
Sewing will be slow the next few weeks since I've decided to start remodel/redecorate the kitchen. Dear daughter is home for the summer I might as well put her to work!  (Truly she's much more flexible and able to do stand in odd positions to paint and stuff!)

I'll keep you updated..............

Until next time...........


Friday, July 14, 2017

Growing Out My Gray-7 Month Update

I try to get Hubby to take Sunday selfies with me.  It keeps me updating my gray hair growth.  Since it's all grown out now, I'm all natural, colored by Mother Nature!

I have my hair parted on the less gray side, It does look darker, my skunk streak isn't showing as much here.
After a haircut

Sunday Selfie
Latest Sunday Selfie
After looking at the most recent selfie, I already need a haircut.  I have an appointment on the 19th, I hope I can make it that long!

I don't have any comments about the gray anymore.  That's a good thing.

I want to go sew something new...............

Until next time...............


Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer Sea Green Floral Print Knit Dress

Simple summer ITY Knit maxi tank dress.  I like the print, it says "summer"!.  Sorry it wasn't anything spectacular or new, it was my usual TNT pattern.

ITY Knit Maxi Tank Dress
I used my usual Steam-A-Seam 2 to fold over the neck edge and the armholes.  I used a simple stitch to finish it off.
Neck edge

$10.80 Summer Dress!

I took the McCall 6844 cardigan pattern and did a little re-drafting.  I added 1-1/2" to the center front, shortened the length to 22", and rounded out the bottom front.  I just used Steam-A-Seam 2 to finish the cardigan along the front, neck and lower back hems.  Easy enough.

Cardigan & Maxi Dress


I'm thinking of redrafting another cardigan pattern to add pleats at the shoulders.  I'll let you know how that comes out.

Until next time...............


Friday, June 30, 2017

McCall 7381 Hawaiian Print

You know I can never sew a pattern just once.  I have to make another version or style.  The McCall 7381 was no different.

Since I LOVED the black version so much I just had to try another one.

McCall 7381 Hawaiian Print

Shoulder Pleats

Back View
The only change I made was to follow the directions and line the bodice of the dress.  I used an off-white polyester lining.  The directions were great and the dress went together just as easy as my previous version.

I also did a narrow hem for the skirt.  Stitching 1/4" from the edge, turning up the the hem twice and stitching very slowly.  I think this will make a great summer dress.

$9.00 Dress!

Dear Hubby & I were off to the wedding.  I didn't get a photo of me wearing the gray jacket because it's only 1000 degrees here in Florida.  I did wear it at the Church and received many compliments on both the dress and the jacket.

On our way to the wedding

Pink Black Gray Tank Maxi Dress
Until next time...........


Monday, June 26, 2017

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me? McCall 7381 Dress

Why didn't anyone tell me about the McCall 7381 Dress?

I think it's the best (woven) dress I've made in years!

I know I'm always complaining about not liking sewing with woven fabrics but I might be coming around.

Image result for mccall 7381
After reading all the reviews for the McCall 7381 I decided to go with the sleeveless version A and added 1-1/2" in length to the bodice front only.  My adjustments were to cut a Large bodice top, adding 1" at side seams for circumference for a large bust.  I graded to an XXL at the waist and added an additional .375" at the waist and 1.375 at the hips.  I added 2" to the length of the skirt.  Easy enough?

I didn't follow the directions to line the bodice since it's just a muslin but I read where a reviewer just used bias binding.  I'll keep that in mind.

After sewing up a muslin of just the bodice, I was really liking what was happening.  I like the pleats at the shoulders and the overall fit.

McCall 7381 Muslin

McCall 7381 Muslin Shoulder Pleats

McCall 7381 Side View

I am worried about the raised waist in the front.  I hope it doesn't make me look pregnant.

I bought this black print fabric from my usual www.fabricmartfabrics.com.  On sale a few months ago for $4.80 for 3 yards.

Polyester Fabric 

McCall 7381 Black Pink Poly Dress

The dress went together pretty quickly.  You really can't see the pleats at the shoulders or at the front of the skirt but the fit..............!

McCall 7381 Black Pink Poly Dress
I removed 1/2" along the front neckline seam allowance, the back neckline and also the armholes.  I cut 1" bias binding from the same fabric and what a wonderful finish.  Next time I may make the bias binding 1-1/2" just to make sewing a little easier.

I serged most of the seams and this dress went together so nice.  The fabric was great to work with too.
McCall 7381 Black Pink Poly Dress

McCall 7381 Black Pink Poly Dress

The raised waistband didn't make me look pregnant at all, if anything is helped camouflage my mid-section.  In truth, the dress looks REALLY REALLY GOOD!

$4.80 Dress!

I just don't know why everyone was keeping this pattern such a secret, it's Wonderful!

Until next time....................


Friday, June 23, 2017

We Made It 25 Years!

This past week Dear Hubby and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  That's is a looooooooong time putting up with me!

25 Years Ago

My favorite Picture of "us"
Another One
Most Recent One
I wish I could say we had some grand plan for our Anniversary.  I am such a homebody and since we have Dear Daughter home for the summer and two spoiled little dogs, we just opted to buy steak for all the kids and their "other".  Everyone came over for dinner and there were lots of laughs and a little sibling rivalry.  Dear Hubby and I enjoyed the evening with the kids and it was exactly like we like it!

Here's to 25 more years together.

Until next time................