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Friday, January 19, 2018

Purple Wardrobe (1)

Looking through my closet I realized that I don't have any purple items.  I really like purple now with my hair coloring.

From my stash of beautiful fabrics, I have this purple solid ITY knit that will make a perfect 1/2 circle skirt.  The purple print sweater knit and a swirl print ITY knit will make nice tops.  The last two fabric I'm still undecided what to make.

Purple Wardrobe fabric inspiration

I love this knit skirt.  It's a TNT self drafted pattern with a 2" elastic waistband.  The pattern is an easy sew, just two seams and the waistband.

Grape ITY Knit Skirt
I like that this skirt only takes 1-1/2 yards of fabric.  It's a great stash-buster.

$5.40 skirt

I used my cowl/drape neck TNT pattern with the swirl print ITY knit.  Two shoulder seams, two side seams and hem and it's done.  I am liking this top with the skirt.  I think that it will go with many other skirts in my wardrobe.

Abstract Print Drape Neck ITY Knit Top

Abstract Print Drape Neck ITY Knit Top with purple skirt

$3.60 top

I used the Butterick 6247 with the purple print sweater knit fabric and I think it was a great match.

Butterick 6247 sweater knit
I am extremely pleased with the purple wardrobe so far.  I hope to stay motivated and keep my sewing mojo going.

Until next time.................


Monday, January 15, 2018

Kwik Sew 3658 Knit Top

I have to admit I don't like to try new patterns.  I don't know why because 99% of the time I end up loving the pattern.  The Kwik Sew 3658 is a GREAT pattern!
Kwik Sew 3658 Knit Top & Dress

Only 3 pattern pieces!  How easy!  I sewed up a quick muslin after making my usual fitting changes.

Kwik Sew 3658 Knit Top

Started with a Large at the shoulders grading to a an XL at the bust and below.  I added my usual to the hip area.  I used my knit armhole and sleeve templates.  Easy enough.

I really am liking this pattern on me.

Classy & simple with enough interest and ease to sew up to make this a TNT pattern!

No alterations needed for the gray animal print version.  I did raise the neck v to the xs dot on the pattern.  I lengthened the pattern as much as I had fabric for.  The dress un-hemmed comes to the top of my knees.  That's pretty short for me so I may just make it into a top.

Gray Animal Print Kwik Sew 3658

I really like that the front piece is doubled so that the front is self lined.  I'm thinking this is a great answer for me not liking solid tops.  A little doubling of fabric eliminates my self conscious feeling of seeing my bra cup line.

I see MANY more of these tops in my future so be warned!

Until next time..................


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Kwik Sew 3915 v2

Kwik Sew 3915 Version #2 is a more casual version to wear as a t-shirt.  I am not a fan of solid knit shirts because I fear seeing my bra seams.  I only wear a certain type of bra and they don't make a t-shirt style so I fear you can see the cup seams.

I also didn't add the button loops and buttons to this version.

Ivory Ponte Knit Kwik Sew 3915
I need to press the dart tip a little.

Bust Dart
I really liked sewing this fabric.  I bought it a few months back for making a t-shirt.  The fabric is thicker than the jersey knit I usually buy.  It has a nice weight and thickness to it.

$7.50 Top
For Christmas Dear Hubby bought me a saddle stool.  Best stool ever!  It's on wheels too!  I don't like a chair with arms and sometimes the back gets in the way too.  Such a wonderful addition to my sewing room.
Saddle Stool

I've mentioned to Girl M that for my birthday I would love to have a new dress form.  My current one is over 14 years old.  She's in great shape but she's too big in the shoulders, bust and waist now.  I now need a Large instead of a Plus Size.  WOW!  But I've also seen reviews for Bootstrap Fashions' dress form that you send them your measurements, you get a pattern, sew up & stuff your own dress form.  Both are great options and I can't decide which one to tell them I want.

Happy Sewing!

Until next time.......................


Monday, January 8, 2018

Kwik Sew 3915 Knit Top Muslin & v1

The Kwik Sew 3915 knit top caught my eye a few years ago.  I really liked the neckline style.  I had such high hopes for this pattern since there were so many great reviews on Pattern Review

Kwik Sew 3915


After measuring myself and comparing my measurements to the pattern, I cut a XL at the shoulders and bust adding my usual increase at the bust and hip area.

Pattern alterations prior to muslin:

  • I used my knit armhole template and sleeve pattern. 
  • Added a 2" bust dart.

Kwik Sew 3915 Muslin
 The shoulders were too wide, the sleeve seam started about 2" down my arm. 

Shoulder view
The bust dart helped with shaping but was above my apex point.

Bust Dart
When sewing up my muslin I didn't like that the fabric loops for the buttons make the collar seam so thick on the front.  Sewing through so many layers of fabric made my machine very unhappy.  The neckband seemed loose and floppy.  Where the crossover meets along the front the collar pulls the shirt fabric, making a diagonal pull line.

Button loops

After sewing up my muslin I still needed further fitting adjustments.
  • Shoulders too wide.  Removed 1" with a dart at the shoulder, tapering to nothing at bust and back area.
  • Removed an additional 1/2" at side seams!
  • Lowered bust dart 2".
  • I had to re-draft my TNT sleeve pattern.  It was huge on me!  I removed 1/2" along the seam line and another 1/4" below the elbow.
  • Cut a Large for the neckband.
  • Didn't use the back/shoulder interfacing piece.
  • Didn't add the button loops.

Pattern alterations
I received many compliments when I wore Version #1.  I really love how modest the neck line is.  Classy but not revealing.

Kwik Sew 3915 Black floral ITY knit top

Shoulder fixed

Bust dart

$7.20 Top

I really like how this floral print top goes with many of the TNT knit skirts I have in my closet.  I think that this top will be a wardrobe staple.

Kwik Sew 3915 Black floral ITY knit top with tan skirt

with Gray skirt

With white skirt
With brown half circle skirt

Necklace borrowed from Girl M.

I am thinking I have one more fitting alteration to do.  And it just came to me last night after I cut out Version #2.  I need to make a round back adjustment.  My cowl/drape neck tops slip to the back while wearing.  I always thought it was from the cowl/drape in the front but now I think it's because I need a little more length at my upper back.  

My hair looks almost completely white!

Until next time.......................


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January Sewing Plans

I am going to try to keep myself on track with a monthly sewing plan.  For the month of January I hope to sew:

1)  Black yoga style knit skirt from TNT pattern.  Maybe from a black jersey brushed knit.

2) Kwik Sew 3658 Top or Dress

3) Kwik Sew 3915 Top

Burda 2952 Jacket:  I've had this jacket cut and made a muslin during the Summer.  It's an UFO that I really need to finish up.  I will re-evaluate and re-fit the muslin and work on finishing this jacket.

Burda 2952

I would also like to work more on my Sure-Fit Designs dress muslin.  

4 items seems reasonable and will lot me time for muslins in between too.

I also plan on cleaning out my closet again and re-evaluate many items that are too big but I wear anyways.  Dear Daughter is always making me go change my tops because I choose for comfort and I do admit they are usually wayyyyy to big.

Happy Sewing.................

Until next time................................


Monday, January 1, 2018

Time Suckers

Since Dear Hubby has gone to a "normal" 8-5 shift I am at home ALONE ALL day.  I've done well with getting on a schedule. But I have many things during my day that are "time suckers".

LIFETIME CHRISTMAS MOVIES (I'm glad these are over!)

Are you seeing a pattern here?

There seems to be no time left for sewing........

I'm thinking I need to do a little housekeeping on my daily web browsing time.  Maybe trying to allow myself a certain amount of time in the morning then again in the evening for browsing the internet would help.

I do love my blog time.  I feel that I do it efficiently and I usually have a set time every week to catch-up and blog.  I think that this is the one area in my life that is organized and I am doing well in.

My day is usually scheduled like this:

8-9am-General Housekeeping/dishes, start laundry, etc.
9am-Bible study/prayer
10am-12pm Sewing free time (here's where I waste it on the internet)
12-1:00pm lunch while browsing the internet!
1-3pm free time (I should be sewing but I think of something to browse on the internet!)
3pm-exercise then browse the internet, check e-mails.
4pm- start dinner/pick up Girl M from the bus stop
6-9pm time with hubby watching Jeopardy and Football (I browse the internet)
9pm start final clean-up & getting ready for bed.

Ok so that is almost 7+ hours browsing the internet.........it's really sad to think how much time I waste.  I really need to get my act together!

I am thinking I want to start doing some bullet style journaling.  I am a list maker type person.  I like list, I like things in order.  I've always had a calendar on my refrigerator and if it's not on the calendar it's not happening.  Since I have a new refrigerator, I didn't put the calendar back on it.  I think a desk calendar is going to be in the works for 2018.

If you have any journal ideas, please let me know.

I don't think that I will have any exciting New Years Resolutions.  Just the usual eat right, exercise and be thankful every day.  I do hope to loose 40lbs within the next year.  I think I'm on a pretty good track so far but as Boy F likes to say to me, "There's always room for improvement!"

Happy New Year!

Until next time....................


Friday, December 29, 2017

December Mini-Vacation

Girl M. is home with me until school starts back on January 10th.  Sewing will probably be limited since we bought her a "new to her" car for Christmas.  She's going to want to drive and spend all her Christmas money and gift cards before school returns.

Girl M's Christmas Present for the next 25 years!

I couldn't get her to dress up for anything that morning!
We spent the week of Christmas to New Years in Georgia.  It was cloudy and cold but one day we did go on an adventure.  Dear Hubby took Girl M and myself to Andersonville to the National Prisioner of War Museum, Prison Site & National Cemetery.  It was a very nice day to tour the Prison site & Cemetery and I was glad to be able to go into the POW museum in the heated rooms.  It's a sad place to visit too but I tried to be thankful for their service.

Andersonville, Ga

Andersonville National Cemetery


Unknown soldier grave

Girl M & Myself

Our adventure continued to Plains, Ga.  The hometown of President Jimmy Carter.  I enjoyed the tour of Plains High School and the Jimmy Carter Museum.  Dear Hubby had his picture taken at his White House desk and rug.  That was pretty cool.  Dear Daughter took our picture in front of President Carter's formal photo.

He looks like he could be President!

Jimmy Carter Museum

Our last visit was to President Jimmy Carter's boyhood home & farm.  I really enjoyed this.  I didn't take photos of his home but it would be my dream home.  Wood walls, wood floors, white painted house with big porches.

We did take a few photos on the near by train tracks.

Girl M

Plains, Ga

Dear Hubby took this photo in Georgia of the sky one evening.  It's such a beautiful photo that I had it put on canvas for his new office.  I do hope to surprise him next week.

Lumpkin, Ga

Here's to a Happy New Year & Happy Sewing

Until next time..................