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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Just an Update & Bathroom Remodel Photos

Dear Hubby is doing well since he broke his leg.  He is finally off the walker and the crutches and is walking around.  He has a limp and his foot and leg swell every day.  We have follow up appointment on Tuesday, November 29th for a leg x-ray to see how it has healed.  He still complains that his foot and ankle hurt all the time.  Never in the same places but something is still not right with the tendons.  I know he's bored at the house with me all day.  I just try to do my usual routine and I feel that I just run circles around him.  He did mention that he didn't know why I'm not a size 0 all the stuff I do all day......That would be nice, but I'm not a 0, and I never will be.

The week before Hubby broke is leg, I started a bathroom remodel project.  It took much longer than what I expected.  7 weeks total and I still have a few minor things I need to get done.  But we are hunting in Georgia this week so maybe next week I will get them finished.  I am so happy to be close to done.  We are getting to use the bathroom again and the shower chair is gone and so is ALL the country decor.

Here's a preview of the before:

Bathroom Before

Bathroom Before
 I am not a professional by any means but I must say I think the ending is beautiful.  I love the calming, elegant look of the finished bathroom.  Dear Hubby says it's a "Grown-up" bathroom and dear daughter says it looks like a bathroom from a hotel.

I'm just glad I'm almost done.  We added it up and I spent less than $300 to redo the bathroom.  Pretty thrifty!

Bathroom After

Bathroom After
I hope to get to some sewing soon.  I need a cold weather nightgown and maybe even a robe would be nice too.

I'm still working on minimizing my house.  It feels so good to have empty cabinet space, a place for everything and making use of minimal stuff.

My next project will be working on redecorating/painting the dining room.  I hope it won't take as long as the Master Bathroom but you never know..........

Until next time.............