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Friday, June 9, 2017

Growing Out My Gray-6 Month Update & Another Cowl Neck Top

It's been 6 months since I was inspired by Coco'sLoft to grow out my gray hair.  I do not regret growing it out.  It was like an adventure to see what beautiful coloring God has given me; It wasn't what I had expected, maybe more.

My coloring is unusual and I have to learn to make the most of it.  My haircut later this month should get the last of the coloring off and I will be 100% uncolored.  I don't get any negative comments as I thought I would have.  But a few people (two gentlemen from Church) surprised me by commenting on my hair.

6 Month update

Back View

Side View

I sewed up one more cowl neck/drape top.  Another wardrobe staple.

Blue Cowl Neck/Drape Top

 I made this skirt back in July last year and have worn it a few times.  The top I have that matches it is not my favorite style but I do wear it on occasion.  So why not sew up a top I feel more comfortable wearing!
Blue ITY knit

Short Sleeves

Cowl/Drape Neck
I sewed Dear Daughter a dress.  She wore it to Church this past Sunday.  She's so pretty.

Dear Daughter Dress
I'm working on a muslin for a woven top pattern I picked out.  Wish me luck................

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  1. I think your hair looks great! I'm in the same place with my hair--it's more white in the front, and then mixed dark gray/white in the back. it's nice not to have to keep coloring, isn't it!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by & the kind comments. It's it nice not having to spend a few hours of my sewing time at the beauty parlor! Sometimes when I pass the hall mirror my hair surprises me. I have to take a double take to make sure it's me. (LOL!)

  2. Your hair is beautiful Bonnie! It is the perfect color for your skin coloring. Really like your top and skirt outfit, the blue is so pretty, and love the blue/yellow skirt too. Your daughter is lovely, the dress fits so well, a very classic look. Noticed that you have Anne Whalley on your blog roll. I met her at the Sew Expo in February, and attended one of her classes. Such a nice lady and really inspiring on finding the right color and style to sew for ourselves.