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Friday, August 12, 2016

How Much Plaid Fabric Do You Need? Simplicity 9074 Robe

My elderly neighbor's daughter gifted me with a box of fabric.  There were 89 yards fabric.  A few are apparel fabrics and a lot of cotton plaids.

89 yards of fabric

Plaids and apparel fabrics

Checks, dots, herringbone and more plaids

Cotton plaids

Lots of fabric

After washing all four loads of fabric and partially drying them, I hung them everywhere in my dining room to finish drying until I could iron them.

It felt like there was over 300 yards of fabric when you have to iron the selvage on both sides of every piece!
To be ironed pile

The cotton is only 33-34" wide!  I've never seen fabric that narrow.  I thought that the fabric could have been cut lengthwise for maybe a window treatment but there is a selvage on both long sides. I'm going to have to be creative.  Most of the cuts are 7+ yards.

My neighbor hinted that she liked the red velvety fabric with the sequin snowflakes.  She mentioned that it would be a nice robe.
Robe pattern choices

Simplicity 9074 
 This pattern had the fewest pattern pieces and the shorter length was perfect for her since she's only 5'4".

Red Robe-Front View

Red Robe-Back View

Red Robe Shoulder/Collar View

Red Robe-Snowflake
 I am thinking of adding a gold frog style closure at the neck.  I do not want to add button holes on this fabric, it sheds everywhere!

Simplicity 9074 Red Robe

I am blessed that she thought of me and will get my sewing machine in high gear!

I thought my violets were in full bloom earlier this month but look at them now!  There are s many blooms on each plant.  They must love this window!

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  1. Lovely fabrics enjoy! Might the narrow cotton fabrics have been woven for tea towels (dish towels)?

  2. What a score! Many happy sewing days ahead...

  3. The African Violets are beautiful. They are my favorite plant. What a haul you have been gifted and so kind of you to sew the robe for your neighbor. I believe a gold frog would be very nice and maybe some gold (colored) snaps down the front. I always use snaps on robes.
    I have to say that I am not a fan of plaid, but I would find a way to use most of it. I recently used a badly printed, uneven plaid on the bias to hide the printing flaw for a woven T with a cut on sleeve. Not only do I really like the top, I discovered that I like bias cut woven tops. Who knew?

    1. Thank you for the kind comments. The violets are so easy to take care of too.
      What a great idea for the plaid fabric, I will look for a bias skirt or top pattern.