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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Butterick 5022 School Shorts

I have been holding onto this post for over a month.

 I admit I like to post good stuff.  This is good but there were hurt feelings while sewing.  I don't sew well when I am mad, hurt, hungry, angry or upset.

After all the drama with fitting the Butterick 6061 shorts for Dear Daughter I went back to her TNT shorts pattern.  The Butterick 5022.  She still has a pair of short from this pattern I made her over 4 years ago.  She still wears them too.

Butterick 5022 Shorts
Look at the difference between the Butterick 6061 and the 5022 pattern pieces.  The B6061 altered pattern is the brown paper and the B5022 is the tissue.  That's aLOT of difference.

Butterick 5022 compared to 6061 Pattern piece
For a muslin these look pretty good.  The crotch fits, the waist fits, the butt fits.  What else can go wrong?

Butterick 5022 Muslin
I added elastic into the back waistband to help with the vast difference between her hip & waist measurements.  She wears a belt most days anyways so I know it will cover the elastic.

Butterick 5022 Back View
Look how straight that side seam is.  That's a great fitting pair of shorts.

Butterick 5022 Side view
Overall, I think the fit is perfect & these shorts are a go!

Butterick 5022 Muslin
The first "real" pair of shorts are a stretch twill.  Three simple pieces.  (I changed up the pocket).  Easy enough.

Butterick 5022 Stretch Twill Khaki

$1.00 Pair of Shorts!
This pattern only takes 1 yard of 56+" wide fabric.  Perfect!

I had her try on the shorts before finishing the waistband to make sure she liked them.  She was happy with the fit.  I added belt loops per her request.

Butterick 5022 Khaki Stretch Twill Shorts

Butterick 5022 Side View

Butterick 5022-Back View
After I finished the belt loops Girl M tried on the shorts and was happy with them.

So my next pair were a Dark Indigo denim.  Same pattern, same everything but...........
She HATED them.  She didn't like the length, she didn't like the rear or the waist height.

So what do you do once you've purchased fabric for 6 pairs of shorts from Fabric.com?  I fixed what she didn't like (AGAIN!), sewed up the rest of the fabric and they are now neatly folded on my sewing table until she comes and ask for them.

I refuse to take the shorts to her.  She's seen them sitting on the cutting table but has yet asked for them or taken them to her room.  The spot on the leg is from my camera lens.

Dark Indigo Denim Shorts $6.98

Butterick 5022-Dark Indigo Denim Shorts

Fly topstitching & Jeans style button
I added pockets to the back.  Topstitched a design on the pockets.  (The photo was prior to adding elastic to the waistband.)

Butterick 5022 Back View
Black stretch denim with vintage roses and back pockets. $4.89

Butterick 5022 Black Denim Floral Shorts

Back View
Black cotton twill $5.98.  Classy and a perfect wardrobe staple. Sorry for the smudge on the camera lens.

Butterick 5022 Black Cotton Twill Shorts

The Khaki Pair $1.00.

Butterick 5022 Khaki Shorts
I sewed up a white denim pair $5.08.

Butterick 5022 White Denim Shorts

Back View

Here they all are.........still sitting on the cutting table.

Butterick 5022 Shorts
I'll let you know how long they sit here, waiting for her to wear them.  So as much as I hate to admit it, NO MORE SEWING FOR HER.  It breaks my heart because this year she is in high school and there are no uniforms.  The dress code is pretty lax and she can wear almost anything.

I guess I've learned my lesson.

Until next time.................. (I'm off to sew something for MYSELF)



  1. I've made a few items for my daughters and they loved them--they were out of high school though. I think it's a teenage thing. The shorts are lovely. Could be peer pressure and wanting to fit in with the girls who shop at the mall. My girls wanted the expensive sneakers that 'everyone else' were wearing. I was a single on-a-budget mom. Now that they're grown with their own money, they refuse to buy Nikes. My oldest said 'shoes are shoes--who cares about a label'. Give her time--put them away. One day she'll come looking for them.

  2. Boy does this bring back (not so good)memories. For starters, those shorts are great looking. The topstitching on the indigo...wow. And nice variety of basics to be worn with anything. Great job mom!
    My dtr, now 27 loved my sewing for her when she was younger. When she hit high school, it was nothing but battles. I didn't make things short enough or low cut enough or tight enough, blah blah blah. And the attitude when I wanted to do a fitting, I could have pulled teeth easier. However, she still wanted me to sew for her...what????? I had had enough one day and packed up what I was working on for her and it is still packed up to this day. She went out of state to college and never came home to live again (for which I am very proud, she was very successful with school and finding a job). When she started her professional career she asked me to make pencil skirts for her but because of her shape I have to be able to do fittings. She is tall and slender, broad square shoulders, long waisted with narrow rib cage and a D cup bra. I now sew for the granddaughter (sons) 2YO girl. What frilly fun. But she even requires fitting. She is tall and very thin with very narrow shoulders. But she lives right down the street so that is no problem.
    Good luck...she will be back.

  3. Oh this is hard Bonnie. Yes,she will come around one day. Being a teenager is such an emotional time and having to deal with school and what others are wearing,I don't miss that! Your stitching on the pockets is a cute as can be and the fit looks great. So many evenings I will want to sew, but sewing tired is also a bad idea.

  4. The shorts look great! And the top stitching is so nice. Being a teenager is hard - for her & for you. But I don't blame you for not wanting to sew for her anymore.