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Friday, July 29, 2016

Ramblings & Butterick 6061 Shorts

Life ramblings first:

 I am spoiled sewing with knit fabric.  It's very forgiving.  Fitting is easy.  It doesn't usually require ironing.

I thought making Girl M. shorts for school would be a good idea............

Girl M. doesn't like to stand still while I try to fit her.  Even though the shorts are for her, she's impatient.  Her feet hurt, I'm poking her with pins.  She doesn't like where the waistband is, on and on!

 I had an appointment for a hair cut/color and I had Girl M. get a trim.  She only gets a haircut twice a year.  It must be nice, I have to go every 4-6 weeks!  Her hair is almost to her waist.  She needed a trim.  She wanted a straight across cut.  The cut took 3" off.  She almost freaked out.  She'll be ok!

 I've had some allergy troubles.  I don't know what could be blooming since I think Florida is equivalent to living on the surface of the sun!  My Mom suggested Aleve-D.  Oh, it's good medicine.  No more allergy pressure.  Also, no sleep.  This medicine keeps me awake.  I'm not tired the next day, but boy did it give my sewing a huge boost.  I am usually a one project at a time, clean my sewing room, then move to the next project.  But now I have two or three project going, on the computer, have the music playing and cooking dinner at the same time!  My sewing room looks like a bomb went off!

I'm in the recliner, watching my DVR'd shows, typing away on a new blog post and it 3:00AM!

Back to Sewing:

Butterick 6061
Butterick 6061

I'm on muslin #4!

 Muslin #1 was cut as a size 14 straight out of the package. I chose this size because Girl M's hip measurement is 40".  Girl M couldn't hardly get her legs in them.  The waist was way too big.  The back waist didn't even cover her underpants.  The front waist was touching under her bra.

Muslin #2: Size 14 altered to add .75" at each side seam.  Raised the center back waist 1.5" and lowered the center front waist 1".  Still a no fit!

Muslin #3: I started all over. I chose size 16. I took Girl M's hip measurements while she was sitting down.  She measured 44-1/2".  Raised the crotch length 1/2", Raided the center back waist 1.5".  Took in side seams 1/2",  Took in crotch depth 1/2" tapering to nothing at side seams.  Waistband was still too big, took two big darts on both sides of the center back of 1/2" tapering to nothing at waistband/shorts waist seam.
Butterick 6061

Butterick 6061

Butterick 6061

Between the allergy medicine and all these muslins, my sewing room is a disaster!

Disaster Zone

Messy Sewing Room

Where's my scissors?

I'm wondering if spending the day shopping for shorts would have been easier.  Then I could complain the whole time that my feet hurt!

I have decided to put away this pattern for a few day, weeks, months, until I can think a little more clearly where all these fitting issues are coming from.

Love my girl & I'm going to miss her so much when school starts back!

Girl M is having surgery to have her wisdom teeth removed.  I do hope it's painless and she's back to normal quickly.  Then she having braces put on next month.  She's a brave girl, this will be her second surgery this year.

Until next time.............



  1. It is a struggle to sew for someone else. We know our body type, what works and what won't. I also struggle with retail patterns--they require so many adjustments. You may have to develop a custom sloper for her -- or download one from some of the custom pattern sites. I prefer Wild Ginger (www.epatterns.com). You can get a custom pattern for about $5.00. I hate taping those sheets together but I've had much success with their patterns. My sewing room looks like a tornado ran through it also. I'll get around to cleaning it soon--lol.

    1. Thank you so much for the info, I'll hop over to the Wild Ginger site and take a look.
      We did go school shopping and she was unable to find one pair of short to fit her. I will be back to the sewing machine to make her some with less resistance from her this time!!!!
      Thanks for stopping by & the tips!

  2. Maybe it's the pattern. You know from sewing for yourself that not all patterns are created equal. Try a different pattern maker and see if it changes anything. What's another muslin (grimace). I do the same thing with allergy meds. I am hyper for the day of taking it, cant sleep that night, still feel pretty good the next day in spite of lack of sleep, then usually crash the next day. Good for nothing! Hope you have better luck.

    1. I think it is the pattern. I looked the pattern up on pattern review and it had many positive reviews. But I matched it up to another short pattern and the proportions were wayyyyyy off!
      I'm trying to wean myself off the allergy meds but I love the boost to my sewing mojo!
      Thanks for stopping by!