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Friday, July 8, 2016

Always Room For Improvement

I recently purchased Peggy Sagers' book Dressed to Kill Gently.  I found the book very interesting and have learned many things about dressing for my proportion.  Not my width or size but what looks best on my body.
Dressed To Kill Gently

Lots of Information

The body is so fascinating.  Did you know that you are most likely have the same measurements from the top of your head to the bend in your hip/leg as you are from the bend in your hip/leg to the floor.  Isn't that amazing!  Also most women are 13" from shoulder to waist.  Who knew.   I'm normal after all!

When measuring, make sure you have someone help you.  When I measured compared to someone measuring me the difference was inches.

 I am a Type 3, I need to use shoulder pads.  Lots of vertical lines like princess seams, sheath dresses and tucking my tops in (I'm slowly working on that one).

Dressing for proportions is having your clothing at a 1:1, 1:1 1/2; 1:3, 1:4 ratio on your clothing part of your body (shoulder to knee, or mid-calf or ankle).

In my closet are a few Bob Mackie jackets I have bought but never wore because I could never find anything that I thought went with them.  Since I don't wear pants, dresses and skirts were always a challenge to pair.  After measuring the length of the jacket (30") it says that I need a dress or skirt that only show 8-10" below the jacket.  Making this proportion a 1:1-1/2.

I am thinking of a white ponte knit princess seam sheath dress.  40" long, v neck and sleeveless.  I just thought that even a yellow sheath dress........  Now my mind is working!

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  1. I got her book a few years back and I totally did NOT agree with her thinking on proportions so I never looked back. I like my tops to hit at a certain place even if the "proportion" is not correct for me. Comfort is what is proportionally correct for me. BUT in all fairness, I really should make identical items both ways and have hubby photo me to see if I can see the difference. I'm kinda stubborn when it comes to my comfort tho! If I'm not comfortable I won't wear it so what is the point.

  2. I am going to look into this book, it will be an interesting read. Curious now to see how in proportion I am dressing!