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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Chivalry Isn't Dead (Part 2)

Girl M has softball tournaments on Saturday and Sunday.  She asked if  Boy Manners could come with us.

After Boy Manners arrived at our house (on time!), he introduced his Mother to Girl M, and myself.  A few minutes of pleasant conversation we were ready to pack up and leave.  Boy Manners carried out bags for us and holding doors open,

We arrived at the ball field and once again Boy Manners took bags, chairs, etc and carried to the field without hesitation.  The heat was horrible.  It was 97 degrees and there was no wind.  Not one complaint did we hear from Boy Manners.  The start of Girl M's game was delayed for over 3 hours because of scheduling and they were able to sit and chat and joke around.  It was strange to see them sitting there next to each other talking.  He was a gentleman and I noticed he was very attentive to her.  She was a little giggly.

Once games finally got started Boy Manners was stuck with Girl M's family for the next 7 hours.  Not once did I hear him complain.  Either about the heat, how long the games were or that he was bored (which I am sure he was).

My brother-in law came to watch the games and brought my Nephew who is the same age as Boy Manners.  Between games they were going to go grab something to eat and bring it back.  Boy Manners asked Girl M's Dad permission to go with them.  And asked if he could bring anything back for us.

After games wrapped up, Boy Manners put up chairs and grabbed Girl M's softball bag to carry back to the car.  We had planned on going out for dinner but since it was almost 10pm we opted for McDonald's.  What teenager doesn't want to go on a double date with their parents to McDonald's?  We made a memory!

Everyone was so exhausted that dinner was short and quiet.  The ride home was even quieter.  I don't think the two of them said five words to each other the whole hour drive.  Girl M. fell asleep in the car on the way home.  He kidded her about that!

Boy Manners thanked me for allowing him to come & said he had a good time.  He also thanked me for dinner (a whole $2) and said when he gets back from visiting his sister he would love to visit our Church with us.

He did text Girl M the next day to see how she felt and that he enjoyed the day with her & her family.

Overall I think it was a great first time.  I was afraid my first impressions of Boy Manners would be shattered after getting to know him a little better but it was all good.

Dear Hubby even told Girl M that when Boy Manners gets back we'll take them to a movie.  (WOW!  Dear Hubby doesn't EVER  go to the movies!)

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