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Friday, July 15, 2016

McCall 7160 Full Circle Skirt Pattern Hack

I just love the McCall 7160 skirt.  The drape, the fit and the swirl factor!  Since it's a GOOD thing, I thought that I could hack it into a yoga style skirt.

I've wanted a yoga skirt for a year or so but I knew it was such an easy pattern I couldn't see spending $15 from Silhouette Patterns for it.  I did see a similar skirt at Wal-Mart last week for only $8, and thought maybe I would just buy it, try it on, measure it then return it.

But I thought I would just hack the pattern I already liked and add a yoga style waistband.

First,  I copied the tissue pattern onto my brown kraft paper.

McCall 7180 Skirt Pattern Hack

Next I made four pencil lines from waist to hem.

Slashing pattern

I measured 1-1/4" and marked on either side of the penciled lines.  Cutting the penciled lines from bottom to towards the waist leaving a 1/4" hinge at the top.

Mark and overlap

I overlapped each cut piece matching up the pencil marks.  Tape the overlapped paper.  This significantly made the skirt hem narrower.

Pattern hack

I repeated the steps again and again to make a total of three different skirt flare widths.  Would you call this the slash & shrink method?

Slash & shrink again & again

Three new skirt patterns

Three different skirt pattern flares.

I am excited to have a number of great fitting skirt patterns to choose from now.

I am going to go pick a top from my closet that I like and never wear because I don't have an appropriate proportion skirt to top ration to wear.

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