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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Kwik Sew 3915 v2

Kwik Sew 3915 Version #2 is a more casual version to wear as a t-shirt.  I am not a fan of solid knit shirts because I fear seeing my bra seams.  I only wear a certain type of bra and they don't make a t-shirt style so I fear you can see the cup seams.

I also didn't add the button loops and buttons to this version.

Ivory Ponte Knit Kwik Sew 3915
I need to press the dart tip a little.

Bust Dart
I really liked sewing this fabric.  I bought it a few months back for making a t-shirt.  The fabric is thicker than the jersey knit I usually buy.  It has a nice weight and thickness to it.

$7.50 Top
For Christmas Dear Hubby bought me a saddle stool.  Best stool ever!  It's on wheels too!  I don't like a chair with arms and sometimes the back gets in the way too.  Such a wonderful addition to my sewing room.
Saddle Stool

I've mentioned to Girl M that for my birthday I would love to have a new dress form.  My current one is over 14 years old.  She's in great shape but she's too big in the shoulders, bust and waist now.  I now need a Large instead of a Plus Size.  WOW!  But I've also seen reviews for Bootstrap Fashions' dress form that you send them your measurements, you get a pattern, sew up & stuff your own dress form.  Both are great options and I can't decide which one to tell them I want.

Happy Sewing!

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