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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Silhouette Pattern #350 Stephanie's Blouse Three Muslins Later!

I am tired of our antenna channel always going out when Fit 2 Stitch comes on, so I purchased the 400 Series DVD set.  I also bought the Silhouette Pattern #350 Stephanie Blouse.  Maybe this is THE blouse for me!

Fit 2 Stitch Series 400 & Silhouette Pattern #350

 I didn't want to cut up my tissue pattern so I traced a copy onto my brown kraft paper.  I don't have a blouse that I like (or a blouse at all) to use for a measurement.  I had to just wing it and pick a size.

Tissue paper Pattern

I started out tracing a 7 and used cup D.  The cup size is WAY too big!  I retraced a "B" cup size.   The hips were 8+" too small.  So off to retrace the pattern again.  I did a sway back adjustment of 1" at 8" from hem at center back, tapering to nothing at the side seams.  I then trued up the center back.  I'm thinking of also lengthening the shirt a few inches too.  The sleeves fit ok, I didn't want a long sleeve version so I just hacked them off.  I am thinking a few inches shorter will be good. 

First Muslin-Lots of Alterations needed

Muslin Alterations pinned

Muslin side/back

Muslin #2: The hips fit now.   The bust is better, still not too my likings.  Now the waist is a little too big.  I'm going to take in 1/3" at the seams.  Total of 3".  I'm thinking of lengthening the shirt about 2".

Muslin #2
I not too sure about the kimono style sleeve for the top.  It's a little tricky to match up and have the point look nice.  Just another nagging this about this top.

Muslin #2 Sleeve

Muslin #2 Sleeve

Muslin #2 Back View

Muslin #2 Armpit

As much as I dread making a third muslin, I think it is a must.  After all the alterations and making the third muslin, I don't know if I like this blouse or not.  It reminds me of a bowling shirt.......maybe it the green sides, but I've had enough of this blouse for a while.

Muslin #3!
I have decided to put the blouse away for a few days to see if it speaks to me.  Why is it so hard to find a TNT button up shirt pattern? 

I'm going to rest a bit, and take an aspirin or two.........

Until next time.............



  1. I know the feeling. For that reason -- fitting and multiple muslins -- I don't do blouses. I do have blouse patterns that are highly recommended - just haven't settled down long enough to do a trial muslin. One is Butterick 5678. The other suggestion is Connie Crawford's plus size blouse patterns. She has a line of regular blouses according to size only and she has a line of tops and blouses according to cup and size. www.fashionpatterns.com

    1. I've had my eye on the Butterick 5678! Let me know if you sew it up. I'd love to see it. Being my fluffy size makes blouses tough to fit. I will have to look into the Connie Crawford patterns, thank you!

  2. Putting it aside for a bit is a smart idea. By the time you pull it back out again, you'll either be ready to attack it with fresh eyes, or you'll realize you are totally over it. Either way is a better option than working on a project you're not feeling right now. Good luck!

  3. You're so close! Number 3 looks good. But I don't blame you for wanting a break. Good luck!

  4. Bonnie - I admire your perseverance!! I can't find/develop a TNT button up shirt pattern either. You are so close in muslin #3. After a few days rest, pull it out again. You are far more than an expert seamstress in fit than I will ever be, so what I see from your photo is not meant to be critical whatsoever.....perhaps a smidgeon little bit more room across the apex area (or could that be unironed fabric?) and I don't know the method, but perhaps a little bit more tweaking of the fabric fold in bend of arm?? Don't give up - once you choose your final fabric without the green side panels I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Keep inspiring me - I appreciate your blog more than you know! Beth in AL

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement! I'm thinking next week I'll pull this blouse back out and look at the suggestions you made. It helps with fresh eyes, mine were bloodshot after three muslins! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. So, I'm not alone. You are doing way better than me. From your pictures, it looks like you're almost there...don't give up.

    1. I have put this top away for a while. I might get back to it soon. I do not like the color blocking style, it reminds me of a bowling shirt! But the fit finally is ok. I'm just not sure I want to waste "good" fabric for this top. Thanks for stopping by & the encouragement!