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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Style 2885 Mesh Knit Cardigan

I'm thinking my next organizing project will be to make a sewing journal.  I currently use a Pattern Fitting chart from my Sewing Finesse Book by Nancy Zieman and then I use a little tablet of paper to make notes of my sewing projects.  I'm thinking of combining both to make a two page sewing journal that I can keep in a three ring binder.........just thinking out loud today!

Back to sewing.  I bought the Style 2885 pattern a earlier this year.  The pattern has a dress with a sheer overlay.  Of course I had to fit the pattern to me and all my lumps and bumps. 

Pattern fitting on my dress form
The pattern for the sleeves were a little 1990's.  They were very wide at the hem.  I don't think that was the look I was going for so I altered the pattern a little.

Sleeve pattern redrafted
I don't know what I was thinking, but I made the sleeve pattern to my size, then remembered that I have a woven sleeve template.  Look how close the pattern to the template were. 

Compare template to pattern
Pattern pieces laid out ready to be cut.  The fabric didn't shift too much and I used my Gingher knife edge scissors to cut out the mesh fabric.

Cutting out fabric
I am really liking this little cardigan/cover up.  It looks pretty good with the green dress too.  Maybe even a black tank or a purple dress.......

Style 2885 Mesh Knit Cardigan

Style 2885 Side View

Style 2885 Bust darts

Style 2885 Back view
$2.99 for a wardrobe change up for the green RTW dress!  That's a pretty good deal!  I can't to wear it out. 

$2.99 Mesh Knit Cardigan
I'm off to sew something else wonderful!

Until next time..........................