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Thursday, October 8, 2015

An Addition To Our Family and Another Muse Natalie Dress

We are proud to announce that we have a GrandDOG!

Look at that sweet face.  I can smell her puppy breath and those sweet eyes.... make me melt!

Our GrandDOG!  Sammi

Ok back to sewing!

I'm thinking Fall colors and I have this rusty orange ITY knit that is calling me to make myself a Muse Natalie dress.....

ITY Knit Fabric

Pattern pieces laid out
This dress is so easy to sew up.  I think there are 7 seams and then the sleeves.  It's elegant, easy and very comfy.  You can't beat that!

Muse Natalie Dress-Back View
I made sure to take my time to sew in the neck band.  It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

Muse Natalie Dress

Muse Natalie Dress
$9.75 Custom Dress!
I can't wait to wear this dress.  Maybe a coordinating cardigan will be in the works soon.  I'm off to sew something wonderful!

Until next time...................



  1. Good job! On both accounts!!!!! :-)

  2. Awww look at your lil munchkin.... Adorable. Congrats on your new addition. Love the color of your dress... its so perfect for Fall

    1. Sammie (the grand-puppy) has got so big, she's doubled in size. But those eyes are still the same, they are soooooo sweet! Thanks for the comment on the dress, it's so comfy to wear and I can just put it on and go. Love that! Thanks for stopping by!