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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fall Sewing #9 Silhouette Pattern #2913 Nick & Zoe's Skirt Red

My fall sewing is going very slowly but I am sewing.  It's funny how my sewing gets pushed aside when other people need me for their sewing  alterations.  Homecoming was this weekend and I fixed a beautiful dress for our neighbor girl.  Then come to find out she had two dresses in the same exact color as our son's wedding that were both attendants size.....what a coincident! 

Homecoming Dress
One dress is short and one is long.  So there will be more alterations coming.  In exchange for the alterations I got both dresses for $55!  Hope that saves them some money!

Back to me sewing:

I was gifted a beautiful red paisley fabric.  I think it is a moleskin maybe?  It is so soft and drapes beautifully. 

I used the Silhouette Pattern #2913 skirt pattern and added 3" to the length and pieced the three skirt pieces together making one panel.  So the skirt uses 8 of these panels.  I thought that since the pattern was busy that it didn't need all the topstitching and pieces.

I was able to sew the skirt up in about an hour or two.  The zipper was easy as pie to put in and the fabric ironed great.

Silhouette Pattern #2913 Skirt

Silhouette Pattern #2913 Red Skirt

Silhouette Pattern #2913 Skirt
I thought that since I wear the blue denim version of this skirt at least once a week I might as well make more!

I have been wanting a pair of knee high boots for fall/winter.  I looked at a few online stores and was very hesitant because of my calf size.  I thought I should really try them on before I bought them.  Also, did I want brown or black?  Choices are tough!

Dear Daughter and I went shopping this weekend and I found a pair of black boots at Lane Bryant that fit and were on sale!

Lane Bryant Wide Calf Zipper Detail Riding Boot
Dear Daughter and I did our usual Friday Project Runway watching.  This week's challenge was designing for the crew.  REAL people, REAL bodies!  I'm so excited!  I can't believe Ashley is having a meltdown, this should be HER challenge! 

Swapnel is going home!  I will miss him but I think we will see his designs soon!

Ashley & Candice were saved by the hair on their head!  I hope they both can step it up and shine!

I'm off to sew something wonderful!

Until next time..................................



  1. Beautiful fabric for the Silhouette skirt!

    1. Thank you. The skirt is soooo comfy to wear!

  2. Pretty skirt and Great boot purchase. I have the opposite with boots, wherein I have to get them altered to accommodate my small calves. Thankfully the last 2 pair fit perfectly.

    1. Thank you, I can't wait to wear the boots, it has been in the upper 80's here and it still a little too hot for boots. I'd love to have small calves, well, small anything except a bank account!!!!! :)

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