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Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Birthday Present for My Mother Muse Natalie Dress & McCall 6844 Cardigan

My Mother mentioned back in March that she liked my Navy Blue Muse Natalie Dress.  I measured her all up and down and I thought I would sew her one for her Birthday (Six months later)! 

Muse Natalie Black ITY Knit Dress

So what is a new dress without a cardigan.  So I made her the McCall 6844 in the same black ITY knit. 

McCall 6844 Black ITY Knit Cardigan

McCall 6844 Cardigan-Back View

McCall 6844  Cardigan
I used the burrito method for the cardigan collar band.  The fabric was a little tricky.  It kept wanting to move around.  But it has a lot of stretch and the feel is so luxurious! 

Pretty good deal on a Birthday Present!

The view out my Sewing room window was full of wildlife today.  Two deer eating acorns and three Sandhill cranes cleaning their feathers.  It's such a nice view while I sew!

View out my sewing room window
Here are a few pictures of my serger cone thread.  What a mess.  I've ordered 100 empty bobbins to try to get the thread off of these cones so that I can still use it.  Crazy mess!

Serger cone breaks
Now the black cone is completely gone.  I used and old Gutermann's thread spool to sit this down onto so that I could get some of the thread off of this cone of mess.  There is just no explaining!

Serger cone thread mess

Project Runway watching with my Dear Daughter is the highlight of our Friday evenings now!  I was surprised that Candice didn't pick bombshell for her design.  Ashley's look is really growing on me but I keep thinking about Tim Gunn saying her fabric looks like a hospital gown!

I liked Swapnil's leopard dress from the front only and Kelly's 80's two piece jumpsuit and cookie monster fur idea has me scratching my head.

Edmond winning was great and I think that Ashley's was sooooo close.  Swapnil was a close one!
Laurie going home was just a matter of time.  I believe she was getting overwhelmed. 

Can't wait for next week!

I'm off to sew something wonderful!

Until next time.......................