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Thursday, October 15, 2015

She LOVED the Skirt!

The dear lady that asked me to make her a skirt, took the muslin home & she LOVED it!  So back she came with $$$.  Prepayment for skirt making is a wonderful thing!

RTW Skirt to be copied

RTW Skirt
 This was an easy skirt to copy.  There are 5 panels, pockets and a kick pleat in the back.  The waist is flat in the front with elastic from the side front around to the back. 

I found this lovely cotton floral print fabric in my stash that I'm sure I will never use.  Perfect for a muslin!  I'm just afraid that the lady will like it and wear it..... She is elderly...........I did my best to finish it well just in case she wants to wear it.

Copied skirt
The pictures make the fabric look much better than in person!  I'm so honored she asked for more skirts and I'm thinking about hacking the pattern for myself now!

Since I have such a hard time with pricing my sewing I made her an invoice when I made the muslin.  I charged $10 to make the skirt pattern, and $10 for the muslin, I also gave her an estimate of $10 per skirt plus the price of fabric.  I can sew the skirt together, including cutting, in less than an hour.  She didn't hesitate with the pricing and offered more money if I needed it.  Not too bad !

On the other hand, I am almost done with the quilt.  It went together pretty quickly and I'm glad I didn't have any issues with the assembling. 

 I've kept up with my hours for making this quilt and so far up to 6 hours.  That includes washing the fabric & ironing, cutting and sewing.  $10 per hour and maybe another hour when I get it back from the quilter to add the bias binding I have already made.

I'm off to sew something wonderful.................

Until next time...............



  1. I think you're giving this person a *great* deal. At least you're not getting the "Will you make this for me? I'll totally pay for the fabric!" response that seems to go around. You should definitely value your time *and* your skills.

    1. Thank you for the encouraging words. I must admit it has taken a LONG time for me to be able to tell people "it's my time PLUS fabric" for making something. Something that bothers me more is when people say, "I could make/fix/alter that but I don't have time/will let you do it". Since altering is NOT my favorite thing, but usually it's quick, it's where I make a little money!
      Thanks for commenting & stopping by!