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Saturday, October 31, 2015

More Skirts & Fall Sewing #10

I did make two more skirts for a lady from our Church.  She was very pleased and they were such an easy piece to sew up! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures!

I ended up liking the skirt and made myself a pattern.  After two muslin attempts I finally had a skirt I liked.  I  had to eliminate the pockets for myself.  Once I added the elastic, the pockets wanted to poke out.....?  Must be my curviness!

I had this brown plaid fabric from my stash since I don't know when and it was screaming to be sewn up as a skirt.  It turned out great!  I know you can't see the blue plaid but it's so subtle that I think this skirt will a staple this fall and winter.

Brown Plaid Skirt

Brown Plaid Skirt-Wardrobe

I also made another of the Silhouette #2913 Nick & Zoe's skirt.  I used a faux suede in a green/grey.  I love how the skirt turned out.  The topstitching made the skirt.   I think I may be ready for Fall even though it's going to be 88 degrees today!

I chose the brown for topstitching.  The faux suede is no really brown but the greens stood out too much.

What color topstitching?

Silhouette #2913 Nick & Zoe's Skirt Faux Suede

Silhouette #2913 Nick & Zoe's Skirt Faux Suede

Silhouette #2913 Nick & Zoe's Skirt Faux Suede

Sewn So Far:

  • Drape neck tank top in midnight blue ITY knit.
  • Regular tank with neck/arm band in midnight blue ITY knit
  • Drape neck tank top in white jersey knit
  • Drape neck tank top in blue aqua jersey knit
  • M6844 Cardigan Fuschia Abstract Wavy Stripe ITY Knit
  • M6844 Cardigan Pink Black Chains Pearls Animal ITY Knit 
  • M6844 Cardigan Blue Tropical ITY Knit
  • B5760 Green Floral Ponte Knit Cardigan
  • Drape neck dress in Raspberry matte ITY knit
  • Nightgown in blue rose bouquet cotton sheets
  • Silhouette Pattern #2913 Nick & Zoe’s Black Denim Skirt
  • Silhouette Pattern #2913 Nick & Zoe’s Blue Denim Skirt
  • Simplicity 1297 Lace Yoke Blouse
  • Simplicity 1279 Dog Blouse
  • Princess Seam Sheath Dress
  • Brown/Blue Plaid wool skirt
  • Silhouette Pattern #2913 Nick & Zoe’s Faux Suede Skirt


Still Want to Sew:

  • Sweater Wrap Top
  • Sleeveless Button Down Top
  • Stripe Vest
  • 3/4 sleeve Maxi Dress-Solid Color
  • Something with fringe
  • Red dress with Animal Print Cardigan

I'm off to sew something wonderful!

Until next time.......................


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  1. You are making nice sewing progress, I especially like your list of accomplishments at the end of your blog