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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cleaning Out My UFO and Organizing Zippers & Serger Thread Spools

I needed to take a break from free motion quilting my little nephew's Christmas present. Searching through a box of UFO's (Unfinished Sewing) that I needed to get out of the way I found 4 new tops to wear!

Free Motion Quilting Peanuts Quilt

Peanuts Quilt
Do you have a box of Unfinished Sewing?  I don't know why I put some of these things in there.

Box of UFO's!
The geometric drape neck top needed to be hemmed.  Why I put this top in the Unfinished sewing box, I have no idea!

Drape Neck Knit Top

Drape Neck Knit Top-Back View
I know why I but this poncho in the Unfished Sewing box.....because it's a pain in the butt to work with!  It slides around.   I had the hem rolled edge already so all I had to fix was the neck edge and sewed up the sides for sleeves.  I really like it!  I can just throw it on over a tank top or a dress and go. 


This one is a wadder.  The drape is WAYYYYY toooooo low!  I don't like the way I finished the inside edge either.  The length was all wrong, I just didn't feel like messing with all of that.  Sometimes you just have to let it go!

Wadder-Drape Neck Top-Too low-Too much!
I know that there were three different pieces from this same tropical knit fabric.  I found this bolt of fabric at a thrift store in Alabama last year.  I might have paid $4 for the whole bolt.  It's a Jo-ann fabric. 

I used the fabric to test some muslins I had planned out for different tops.  This long sleeve top has a sleeve with the seam at the top on the length of the arm from shoulder to wrist.  I wasn't sure how the fit would be but I really do like it! 

It makes me laugh to think tropical print and long sleeves.  It's one or the other!  But, I like the fit of the shirt so I'm keeping it!  All I had to do was hem the bottom & the sleeves and it was ready.

Tropical Knit Long Sleeve Top
Cap sleeve version just needed hemmed and the neck edge finished.  Easy enough for another top in the closet.

Tropical Knit Short Sleeve T-shirt

Our house has been very quiet this weekend.  The County Maintenance department mowed the brush along the side of the road and mowed over our telephone box.  No telephones for 4 days!  Very quiet indeed!  I do not have a cell phone so I was allowed to sew, organize and think in peace!

I organized zippers one day.  I spent a day or two staring at Pinterest for ideas.  I decided to combine a few and this is what I cam up with:

I sorted the zippers by regular, invisible and metal teeth.  Then further sorted each by size and color.  I used a safety pin to combine the colors together onto a Joy Mangano Huggable Hanger.  I used this type hanger because they are thin.

Zipper Organize

Invisible Zipper Organize

I really like that that all my zippers are hanging and color/size organized.

I also organized my serger thread.  They were just thrown in a box.  Threads everywhere, cones going every which way.

I bought two Sterlite 3-drawer organizers.  I can fit 12 serger cones per drawer.  I'm so happy that they are visible and organized now.

Serger Cone Thread Organize

Serger Cone Thread Organize
 I also got the hot glue gun heated up and organized my sewing thread by colors.  I used wooden rulers to make dividers in the drawers.  Easy to keep the blues from mixing in with the greens!

Thread Organize

I don't know what's left to organize..............I'll find something

Until next time.....................



  1. I really like how you organized the zippers. I must try that! Mine are everywhere!

  2. Thank you. It's easy to find what size zipper I need now. Let me know how you organize yours.