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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall Sewing #8 Drape Neck Tanks & Marfy Fall Patterns

Nothing too exciting here, just more basic drape neck tanks to wear under jackets, cardigans, sweaters, and shirts.

Drape Neck Tank-Blue Jersey Knit

Drape Neck Tank-White Jersey Knit

I made both the white and the blue version from jersey knit.  The fabric is sooooo soft.  I should have stuck to ITY knit but sometimes it can look too dressy. 

The jersey knit was easy to work with.  I made a neck band in the back for both the white and the blue tanks.

The white tank, I just serged the armholes and turned and topstitched.  The blue version I cut arm bands and sewed them on.

Neck Band

Armhole bands

They were easy to whip up in a day and I know they will get worn a lot!

Drape neck blue jersey knit tank $4.50!

Drape neck white jersey knit tank $4.50!
I've had this lovely multi-print skirt for a few years and have only wore it a few times because I didn't have any tops I liked to wear with it.

After making the blue jersey knit top, I HAD to wear it to Church on Wednesday.  It was perfect with my cardigan!

Drape neck tank in action!
I just threw the white tank on with the Butterick 5760 cardigan since they were both hanging in my sewing room.  I don't like the color together but the idea is great!

Drape neck white jersey tank with Butterick 5760 Cardigan
Did you see the ugly skirt muslin peeping out on the first picture?  I made the Silhouette Patter #2913 Nick & Zoe's skirt.  I was very hesitant sewing this up, but the fit was perfect and I can't wait to get to sewing it up!

Sewn So Far:

  • Drape neck tank top in midnight blue ITY knit.
  • Regular tank with neck/arm band in midnight blue ITY knit
  • Drape neck tank top in white jersey knit
  • Drape neck tank top in blue/aqua jersey knit
  • M6844 Cardigan Fuschia Abstract Wavy Stripe ITY Knit
  • M6844 Cardigan Pink Black Chains Pearls Animal ITY Knit 
  • M6844 Cardigan Blue Tropical Floral ITY Knit
  • B5760 Green Floral Ponte Knit Cardigan
  • Drape neck dress in Raspberry matte ITY knit
  • Nightgown in blue rose bouquet cotton sheets

Still Want to Sew:

  • Sweater Wrap Top
  • Denim Skirt (made a muslin........)
  • Sleeveless Button Down Top (made a muslin........ not liking it)
  • Princess Seam Sheath Dress
  • Stripe Vest
  • 3/4 sleeve Maxi Dress-Solid Color
  • Something with fringe
  • Red dress with Animal Print Cardigan
I received an email last week from McCall's about Marfy's new fall pattern collection.  I have never sewn a Marfy pattern.  I don't think I've even ever seen one.  So being a little curious I hopped on over to the website to take a peak.  There were a few patterns I found very elegant and interesting.







Have you sewn a Marfy pattern?  What are your thoughts?

Until next time................



  1. Love the tank tops! I adore that style of top. And they look amazing on you. :)

  2. Nice basic tops. I love the blue outfit! The colors look great together.

  3. Pretty tops! I haven't sewn any Marfy's yet but all the patterns you featured look like they would be great for the wedding.

    1. Thank you! I'm thinking wedding with the Marfy pattern too! It's scary to try something new sometimes but then I think, what have I to loose? I still haven't decided on a pattern yet so maybe I'll look into them.