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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Simplicity 1279 Blouse............Gone to The Dogs!

I just love this Maggie London fabric with the little basset hound dogs on it.  It's a poly, blouse weight fabric with nice drape. 

Maggie London Dog Fabric
I do have a little black pug dog as my sidekick but these little dogs on the fabric just called out to me!
My Precious Pookie Bojangles (Bobo)

Ok, back to sewing!

I used the Simplicity 1279 shirt pattern that I used for the Lace Yoke version here.  The pattern went together easy and I tried to take my time to press, stay-stitch, measure and pin and pin some more.  I was a little worried about the collar but it went together so easy this time.

My only decision was what buttons to use.  I dug through my stash of buttons and found a few I liked.  I took a photo to see from an unbiased view what they would look like.  I'm going to go with the middle button.  I like that is has a little bit of variation to the center of the button.

Simplicity 1279 Button Choices
I left the sleeves long and used a 1/4" elastic at the wrist.  I wanted it so that I can have it 3/4 length or push it up to my elbows.  I love the gathering at the back yoke and the fabric is just so cute!

Simplicity 1279 Front View

Simplicity 1279 Shoulder Yoke View

Simplicity 1279-Sleeve View

Simplicity 1279 Buttons close-up

Simplicity 1279-No Flash
 I think a blouse for $5.49 is pretty good.  I can't wait to wear it!

Simplicity 1279-Fabric Tag

3/4 length sleeve blouse is considered fall sewing right?  I need to get back to working on my princess seam shirt but I keep putting it off.  I've ordered Silhouette Pattern #350 Stepanie's Blouse, I'm thinking that I may like this blouse pattern.  I'll have to make a muslin and see for sure.

Silhouette Pattern #350 Stepanie's Blouse

Florida has some crazy weather sometimes.  This photo was at 2pm today.  It's about 90 degrees with 99% humidity.  It looks pretty but once you step outside you can't even breathe! 

This is my view from my sewing machine.  I'm thinking of putting in a bird feeder.  That is my Muscadine grape vines and behind that is my chicken pen.  Nothing too exciting but in the morning I get to see deer in the pasture beyond  the fence line feeding.  I'm pretty blessed!

View out my Sewing Room window.

Now this view is about 2 hours later.  We received 2-1/2" of rain and a few hundred lightening strikes!  We always say, "If you don't like Florida weather, wait a few hours & it will change".  This evening about 7pm it was a beautiful 76 degrees!  Now that's more like it!

Typical Florida Thunderstorm

 Back to sewing again!

I ran out of navy blue thread and since we live 45+ miles from a Jo-ann's and 15 miles from a Wal-Mart, I made due with my serger thread.  To spool a bobbin I inserted another thread spool into my serger thread cone.  Bobbin was wound with ease and now I do NOT have to run to town! 

Serger cone hack

My serger thread cones seam to break easily.  I thought it was from them being knocked off the sewing table, but they just crumble when I touch them.  They are not that old, probably about a year, year and a half old.  I have a spool of black that the cone is completely gone.  What can I do with it?

Sewn So Far:

  • Drape neck tank top in midnight blue ITY knit.
  • Regular tank with neck/arm band in midnight blue ITY knit
  • Drape neck tank top in white jersey knit
  • Drape neck tank top in blue aqua jersey knit
  • M6844 Cardigan Fuschia Abstract Wavy Stripe ITY Knit
  • M6844 Cardigan Pink Black Chains Pearls Animal ITY Knit 
  • M6844 Cardigan Blue Tropical ITY Knit
  • B5760 Green Floral Ponte Knit Cardigan
  • Drape neck dress in Raspberry matte ITY knit
  • Nightgown in blue rose bouquet cotton sheets
  • Silhouette Pattern #2913 Nick & Zoe’s Black Denim Skirt
  • Silhouette Pattern #2913 Nick & Zoe’s Blue Denim Skirt
  • Simplicity 1297 Lace Yoke Blouse
  • Simplicity 1279 Dog Blouse


Still Want to Sew:

  • Sweater Wrap Top
  • Sleeveless Button Down Top
  • Princess Seam Sheath Dress
  • Stripe Vest
  • 3/4 sleeve Maxi Dress-Solid Color
  • Something with fringe
  • Red dress with Animal Print Cardigan

Dear daughter and I caught up on our Project Runway watching yesterday.  I really enjoyed this episode.  So drama, crying or backstabbing! I loved that they used Neverland as an inspiration  and got to add their own touches to their designs.

I was sure that either Edmond or Kelly would win.  I loved Kelly's green evening gown. 

I was disappointed in Ashley's design and I think that sending Lindsey home was the right choice, I didn't think that she was up to the challenge. 

Can't wait until next week's episode!

Until next time.................


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