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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Simplicity 1279 Lace Yoke Shirt

After the McCall 5145 drama this past week I thought I would try a different style shirt.  I am seriously missing sewing up knits!  Woven fabric is a pain in the butt!

I knew I better make a muslin of the McCall 5145 Top.  I liked that the top had a front and back yoke.  I had a million ideas for the yoke.

My muslin was from a thrift store cotton sheet.  I had to make a sway back adjustment.  A horizontal 2" dart at center back, tapering to nothing at the side seams.  The adjustment helped the back of the shirt hang better.

Simplicity 1279 Muslin Sway back View
 The front was fine.  The center fronts matched up!  That's a big plus with chesty, curvy gals!  I don't wear many button up tops for that reason.

I did take in 1/2" at the waist at each side seam to give the shirt a little more shaping.  I don't need to look like a big square box on top!  I also decided to make the sleeves 3/4 length. 

Simplicity 1279 Muslin-Front View
 I backed the lace yoke pieces with a tan colored cotton.  I didn't want my bra straps to show.  I thought the tan was closest to skin color. 

Simplicity 1279 Top-Front View

Simplicity 1279 Top-Back View

Simplicity 1279 Top
 I had these buttons in my stash.  They were in the brown jar, but they look purple here.  Whatever, they match!

Simplicity 1279-Buttons

Simplicity 1279 Shirt-Yoke

 I used my 3/8" hemmer foot on the hem and on the sleeve hem.  After a few restarts, I got the hang of it and the hems came out beautiful.  No burned fingertips trying to turn & press!  I need to use different feet more often!

Simplicity 1279 3/8" Hem Foot
All in all this top turned out much better than the McCall 5145.  I will wear it and see how much I like this design.

Update:  I have worn the Simplicity 1279 and even though the pictures are not my favorites of me wearing the top,  I LOVE IT!  It so was cool and comfortable.  I am in LOVE with this top now.

Simplicity 1279 Lace Yoke Shirt
The button front did NOT gap at all on me.  The neck band didn't bother me (That is a plus since I really don't like wearing collar shirts).  The shirt length and the sleeve length were fine too.

I have a Maggie London soft cotton fabric with little dogs on it that I think will be great for this pattern.  I am thinking about having the sleeves with elastic at the hem to wear them at 3/4 length.

Maggie London Dog Print Fabric
I am still working at the sewing room.  My dear, sweet Mother gave me two filing cabinets for my patterns.  Most of them fit into the four drawers.  Dear daughter's patterns will be going into a bin.  (Since I rarely get to use them)! 

Sewing Patterns jammed into dresser drawer

Filing Cabinet Drawer Ready
That's a lot of dress patterns!  They are sorted by maker & then numerical.  I should be able to find them now and not buy duplicates!

All My Dress Patterns-Nice & Neat
I'm hoping to move the rest of my sewing stuff that's left in the dining room soon.  I only have batting & stabilizers, fat quarters and yard folds left.  That's one large china cabinet yet to be emptied! 

I've had company in the sewing room lately.  Lulu, our pug seems to miss dear daughter while she's at school.


I have been so busy sewing and organizing that I am behind on my Project Runway viewing.  Dear Hubby comes home from work between 3 and 5 in the morning (not so quietly), I can't always go back to sleep.  I caught up on all three Project Runway episodes.

Edmond earned the winner this time.  The guys + Marlene team did a wonderful job.  They were all very nice designs.  They were a team.  No drama, no backstabbing.  (That's the way guys work).

The girls on the other hand were a hot mess!  I felt for Ashley the whole episode.  Girls are mean!  Amanda going home was just inevitable.  I am not a fan of team challenges because I like to see each person's design without influences from the others.

I'm hoping to get back to the fall sewing soon.

Until next time.........................



  1. Blouse looks lovely on you and the lace yoke is a great touch. TNT pattern for sure. I see garnet red with black lace for the holidays!

  2. Thank you for the comment. I'm liking the idea with the red and black, now I'll have to go dig through my stash! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It fits you great & I love the lace yoke!

    1. Thank you. Are you sewing anything exciting over the Labor Day weekend?

  4. Nice fit on your shirt - you look great, and I love the buttons with the print. It's so funny to see your dresser drawer stuffed with patterns - I have 4 drawers just like that to store mine. I keep the envelopes in binders by garment type, in clear page protectors. The pattern sheets and instructions are in zipper top baggies (I buy them from a jewelry/bead supply catalog, in two sizes), labeled by company and filed numerically in the drawers. I STILL occasionally pick up a duplicate pattern when I find them on sale, though. Your sewing room is going to be great!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. Great idea on storing your patterns. I probably would sit and flip though the binders of envelopes for hours! I am loving my sewing room. It's nice to close the door and just start back tomorrow. No clean up, no putting stuff away. I'm spoiled!

  5. I file my patterns the same way. I have way too many--like most sewists. Love the blouse with the lace addition--great fit. Well worth the muslin fitting.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, it was worth making a muslin, I try to make one with a new pattern. Usually the shoulder width is too wide, the hips not big enough and the sleeves are too tight. My usual fitting troubles. But I've about got it down pat. Are you sewing anything exciting over the Labor Day weekend?

  6. I love the file cabinet idea, I need to find a new system

    1. Thanks, I used a 5 drawer dresser for years but in the past year or so I have busing out of it! I looked on Pinterest for ideas.

  7. Love your blouse.. The lace is really pretty on that fabric..

    1. Thank you. I'm hoping that after a few washes the lace will soften a bit. It's a little stiff still and the floral fabric so so drapy and soft.

  8. Great fit and wow you do have a lot of patterns.

    1. A lot of patterns = A LOT of ideas! I like patterns & fabric & pumpkin spice. You have to collect something besides dust!