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Saturday, September 12, 2015

What To Sew To Wear To A November Beach Wedding in Florida?

My oldest son is getting married!

In November, on the beach here in Florida, at 8:30 in the morning!  How do you plan on an outfit with all these contrast?  November in Florida can be hot, warm, cool or cold!  The beach can be calm, breezy or almost gale force winds!  8:30 in the morning can be damp, wet, dry or in between! 

So, my dilemma is what am I going to wear?  When I think beach, I think gauze, chiffon, flowy, breezy fabric.  (Which is also thin..........).  I don't think that cotton, corduroy, velvet or denim will be an option.

Maybe something long and flowy .  Some type of  jacket.  Maxi length to help with any breezy winds that may want to blow up a dress!

Their colors are Tiffany blue and yellow.  Now that's beachy colors!  The guys are wearing khaki pants.  That's all I know.  My daughter is a bridesmaid, no dress as of yet. 

I bought a few yards of stretch lace in Tiffany blue from www.fabric.com in February & also found a few fabrics in their color scheme that I think may work.

ITY Knits in Blue

Mesh Knit

Damask Poly Chiffon

Stretch Lace-It's sooooo soft!

Maybe shorts and a fur coat............ (ha ha ha!) me in shorts!  NEVER! Fur at the beach.... Never!

The only good thing is that I don't have to wear shoes!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. It depends on what pattern you pick. Maybe a sleveless dress wth a jacket? I like the Demask

    1. I'm digging through my pattern now, I have about 10 picked out. I'll have to narrow them down soon & get to sewing!

  2. Well, that sure is a challenge! A think that a long dress with a jacket is a good idea. I love the stretch lace and think it would look pretty over one of the solid fabrics, maybe for the bodice? It will be fun to see what you pick.

    1. I'm thinking we are on the same page, I do love the stretch lace too. It's so soft! I'm digging through patterns now. I'll let you know when I narrow them down.

  3. Oh My.... What we will do for our children..lol
    I love the lace.. So beautiful.. Love the blue colors.. maybe a combination of the blue with the stretch lace.. ????
    such a hard decision... Best wishes to your son..

    1. Yes, what we do for our children! I should just show up in my pajamas and a full length mink coat! I am liking the stretch lace, it's so soft! I am going through patterns now, I'll update as soon as I narrow them down.

  4. That is a great post. I am very confused too about what to wear on my sister’s wedding. She is having a beach wedding at one of beachside wedding venues Los Angeles. Looking for some elegant but beach friendly party outfits!

  5. Just expect the unexpected! No matter what you plan for the weather changes so fast that you have to make do. Believe it or not, I love the ITY dress I made. I've shortened it at the reception since the sandspurs ate it up. But it's still lower knee length and I love it. Can't wait to see what you come up with!